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Top 5 GPS Trackers For Trucks For 2023

Top Rated GPS Truck Trackers

If you are wondering what is the best way how to secretly track a truck the answer is simple: with GPS vehicle tracking. GPS fleet tracking solutions are designed with tons of awesome features that make them ideal for anyone looking to track a truck by cell phone, disable a starter (if a truck is stolen), and determine when a boom lift on a tow truck is up/down. With so many options on the market for truck tracking software, our security experts compiled this buyer’s guide of the top 5 truck tracking systems! Below are the vehicle tracking devices and some popular features for each 4G GPS unit. Now, let’s dive into them all!

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1. Performance -Best Hard-Wired Truck GPS

hardwired GPS tracker

  • Reduce Costly Misuse Of Company Vehicles
  • Get Real-Time Location Data 
  • Hardwired Fleet GPS With Starter Disable


What makes the Performance GPS one of the best truck GPS trackers is that it can be hardwired to any truck. This allows the system to provide continuous tracking without worry the battery will die. With multiple outputs, the truck GPS tracking device can also be programmed to record when a tow truck boom lift is engaged, activate a kill switch, and send out speed alerts. For $199.00 and $14.95 a month it is also affordable for small businesses!

What Customers Are Saying

According to YouTube reviews, this GPS tracker with starter disable has been utilized by limo companies to manage their entire fleet of vehicles. However, we think any person or company wanting to track a vehicle’s location, disable a stolen automobile, or get real-time alerts on any asset will like this GPS fleet product. 

What Is It Good For?

Unlike products such as the Samsara GPS and Lightning GPS that have costly monthly subscription fees, this fleet GPS tracker allows any business (big or small) to boost driver safety and a fleet’s performance. That means anyone in need of an accurate, affordable, real time GPS tracking solution. 



  • 4.5 x 3 x 1.5" (114 x 80 x 39mm)

  • Operating Temp -30° to +50° C 

  • Canada + USA Coverage

  • Starter Disable/Kill Switch

  • Unlimited Updates Every 30 Seconds

  • Rugged & Durable Design For Equipment

2. Plug & Play GPS – Best OBD Truck Tracker


  • OBD Port Realtime GPS With No Monthly Fees
  • Real-Time Tracking Every 3 Seconds
  • GPS Locator Observes Fuel Usage
  • Easy Install Via On Board Diagnostic Port


Designed to meet the live GPS tracking needs of commercial truck drivers, this real-time tracker plugs directly into the OBD2 port of any truck. This allows the GPS device to pull power from the vehicle’s battery and process diagnostic information such as idling, harsh braking, and more. The best feature of this live GPS tracker for trucks is it comes with a year of service so there are no monthly fees!

What Customers Are Saying

Plug and Play GPS tracker stands above other OBD2 vehicle tracking devices such as the Verizon Connect GPS and Vyncs GPS for 3 primary reasons. The first is Plug & Play GPS comes with a full year of car tracking service. That means no subscription fees. The second reason we like the vehicle GPS tracking device over say Verizon Connect is that Plug & Play GPS provides unlimited updates every 3 seconds – the fastest on the market. Lastly, the 4G LTE real-time tracker provides a wealth of data from vehicle diagnostics to idle time that is all accessible via intuitive online fleet tracking software. And, of course, there is free technical support available for the life of the fleet management solution if you ever need assistance. 


Barbara B


November 27, 2020
Tracked Carpet Cleaning Vans
Very pleased with the tracking devices. We wanted to know where all of our carpet cleaning work vans were and this did the job. Tech support helped us view all vans on the screen at the same time.

What Is It Good For?

Plug & Play can be used as a driver coaching tool for parents of teen drivers or a business fleet tracker for reducing fuel consumption, improving route optimization, and safeguarding fleet vehicles from theft. 



  • Dimensions H: 2.50" W: 1.89" D: 0.96"

  • 4G LTE + Satellite OBD2 GPS Tracker

  • Simple Plug & Play Design 

  • No Monthly Fees For One Year

  • 100% Lifetime Historical Playback 

  • Speed & Geofence Alerts

3. SpaceHawk -Best Magnetic Hidden Truck GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse

  • GPS Vehicle Tracker Under $100
  • Real Time Speed Alerts For Viewing Driver Behavior
  • Wireless GPS Makes It Easy To Track And Trace Automobiles


Utilized for a variety of GPS fleet tracking applications, the SpaceHawk Truck GPS is a completely portable solution with an exterior magnetic mount that makes the truck tracking device very easy to hide on a vehicle. The device costs $99.00 and has a monthly subscription requirement of $19.95 a month, but plans are month-to-month. This makes SpaceHawk vehicle GPS very advantageous among seasonal trucking businesses such as snowplow operations or other landscape businesses. Not to mention, the free truck GPS app is very easy to use, and the car GPS tracker manufacturer offers free technical support for the life of the fleet tracker!

What Customers Are Saying

GPS Tracking Review, the online authority on GPS fleet management solutions, rated SpaceHawk as the top overall best GPS tracker with a magnet mount.

What Is It Good For?

SpaceHawk stands above other mini fleet asset trackers such as SpyTec STI and Azuga GPS because of its superior design features. SpaceHawk is 100% waterproof, small, and engineered with a powerful exterior magnet mount. This GPS tracker for vehicle surveillance is perfect for monitoring vehicles, assets, or cheating partners



  • Dimensions | D: 2.275" H: 0.945"

  • Battery Life: 1 to 3 Weeks

  • Built-in Magnet Mount | Yes

  • Wireless Mini Live GPS Tracker

  • Powerful Magnet Mount

  • Free Technical Support 

4. Everlast GPS – Best Truck Tracker With Long Battery 

The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

  • Track Your Trucks For Nearly 6 Months On Single Charge
  • Asset Tracking Device With Longest Battery Life
  • Online Fleet Management Software With Free Tech Support 


Another popular wireless truck GPS tracker, the Everlast is recognized as the live GPS tracker with the longest battery life on the market. For over 5 years this truck tracking device has been used to monitor trucks all over the globe, establishing Everlast as one of the top fleet tracking devices on the market! What makes it such a top-seller for so many years are features that include an ultra-powerful waterproof case, real time GPS tracking as fast as every 10 seconds, the ability to work in all of North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), and free technical support for the life of the product. The only drawback is that it is a little larger than a vehicle tracker such as SpaceHawk, but that is due to the larger extended battery pack. 

What Customers Are Saying

Everlast is one of the best trackers for small fleet operations or anyone in need of a portable telematics solution. Overall, online reviewers state how they liked the tracking system due to its long battery life, but did not like how big the GPS car tracker was as compared to other wireless real time GPS products such as SpaceHawk and SpyTec STI GL300. 



November 16, 2021
Let The Facts Do The Talking
Battery life was solid. I put this device on my wife’s car (now ex-wife) when I went to CES in Vegas for work. I was going to be gone for 3 weeks so I needed something with long battery life. Literally, was on the phone with her and she said she was home with the tracker showed she was lying.


What Is It Good For?

Everlast has the longest battery life of any other wireless GPS fleet tracking systems on the market. That means it can be used for trailer tracking, auto-theft recovery, or any application where someone needs to secretly track a vehicle’s location without entering the automobile. 



  • Dimensions: 6.37" x 4.75" x 2.12"

  • Battery Life: 140 Days GPS Tracking

  • Amp Capacity 3.7 Volt, 17,800 mAh

  • GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life

  • Easy Slap and Track Design 

  • Free Technical Support 

5. Secure Dash Cam – Best With Real Time Video

dash cam

  • Location Tracking & Video Recording
  • Ultimate In Driver Monitoring Tech
  • No Activation Fee Or Monthly Subscription Fees 


One of the most comprehensive commercial truck fleet management systems, the Secure Car dash cam will record video and audio inside and outside of any truck. The dash camera also offers GPS tracking to record every stop a truck driver makes, how long they were at each location, the speeds driven, and so much more. Utilizing AI technology that knows when your drivers are eating, texting, or falling asleep, this dash camera is the solution for anyone who wants to improve driver safety and cut fuel costs. Although this is one of the best overall GPS fleet tracking solutions, the device is a bit pricey at $399.00 with a $39.95 subscription required for data. 

What Customers Are Saying

One limo driver who posted a review on YouTube stated, “It’s a pretty handy device if you need full documentation of your time behind the wheel”. Unfortunately, the device does not offer realtime GPS tracking or live video feed, which most buyers now seek in a front and rear dash cam. 

What Is It Good For?

DriveProof is a solid solution for a business wanting to record driving activity but avoid paying any monthly subscription fees. The dash cam was not designed for vehicle maintenance or real time GPS alerts, but can record activity inside and outside the cab of your truck. Therefore, it can be a valuable tool for observing driver behavior and reduce costly unauthorized trips. 

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Can I Hide My GPS On My Truck?

GPS tracker devices can be hidden in multiple locations on your truck. The most popular places a real time GPS can be hidden on a truck include the front bumper, rear bumper, trailer roof, front dashboard, cab roof, glove box, speaker, under a seat, or even under the truck. Please check out the infographic above showing some of the popular spots a vehicle GPS tracker might be hidden on an automobile if you are worried a GPS device might be hidden on your truck or automobile. 

How Much Does A Truck Tracker Cost?

 The cost of a truck GPS tracking system can range from $18.88 for a basic 4G GPS to $399.00 for more advanced GPS fleet tracking solutions. This does not include the cost of subscription plans which can range from $8.95 to $39.95 per month. A basic hidden magnetic GPS will only give you the device location and some alert systems, whereas a more advanced GPS fleet tracker can offer dual-facing dashcams designed for driver accountability.

Can I Track My Truck With My Phone?

Yes! Simply, attach a magnetic GPS to your dump truck or semi-truck and you can remotely track it from your iPhone or Android device. You will be able to track your trucks using a mobile app that gives you both realtime tracking as well as access to historical driving activity via the online fleet tracking software. In fact, you can program driving alerts, geofencing alerts, and vehicle maintenance alerts to be sent directly to your phone so you know everything about your trucking fleet’s performance!