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Top 5 GPS Trackers For Trucks 2022

Top Rated Truck GPS Tracking Devices

Many consumers and businesses often wonder about the best way how to secretly track a truck and the answer is simple: GPS vehicle tracking. Fleet tracking solutions are designed with tons of awesome features that make them ideal for someone looking to track a truck by cell phone, disable a starter if a truck is stolen, and determine when a boom lift on a tow truck is up/down. With so many different options on the market for truck tracking software, our security experts decided to compile a list of the top 5 truck GPS trackers! Below are the truck tracking systems and some popular features for each unit. Now, let’s dive into them all!

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1. Best Hard-Wired Truck GPS

Performance Truck GPS 

hardwired GPS tracker

  • Reduce Costly Misuse Of Company Vehicles
  • Get Real-Time Location Data 
  • Hardwired Fleet GPS With Starter Disable


What makes the Performance GPS one of the best truck GPS trackers is that it can be hardwired to any truck. This allows the system to provide continuous tracking without worry the battery will die. With multiple outputs, the truck GPS tracking device can also be programmed to record when a tow truck boom lift is engaged, activate a kill switch, and send out speed alerts. For $199.00 and $14.95 a month it is also affordable for small businesses!

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2. Best OBD Truck GPS

Sync Connect Truck GPS Tracker


  • OBD Port Realtime GPS With No Monthly Fees
  • Real-Time Tracking Every 3 Seconds
  • GPS Locator Observes Fuel Usage
  • Easy Install Via On Board Diagnostic Port

Designed to meet the live GPS tracking needs of commercial truck drivers, this real-time tracker plugs directly into the OBD2 port of any truck. This allows the GPS device to pull power from the vehicle’s battery and process diagnostic information such as idling, harsh braking, and more. The best feature of this live GPS tracker for trucks is it comes with a year of service so there are no monthly fees!

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3. Top Rated Hidden Truck GPS Tracker

SpaceHawk Truck GPS

GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse

  • GPS Vehicle Tracker Under $100
  • Real Time Speed Alerts For Viewing Driver Behavior
  • Wireless GPS Makes It Easy To Track And Trace Automobiles

Utilized for a variety of GPS fleet tracking applications, the SpaceHawk Truck GPS is a completely portable solution with an exterior magnetic mount that makes the truck tracking device very easy to hide on a vehicle. The device costs $99.00 and has a monthly subscription requirement of $19.95 a month, but plans are month-to-month. This makes SpaceHawk vehicle GPS very advantageous among seasonal trucking businesses such as snowplow operations or other landscape businesses. Not to mention, the free truck GPS app is very easy to use, and the car GPS tracker manufacturer offers free technical support for the life of the fleet tracker!

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4. Best Truck GPS With Long Battery Life

Everlast GPS Tracking Device

The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

  • Track Your Trucks For Nearly 6 Months On Single Charge
  • Asset Tracking Device With Longest Battery Life
  • Online Fleet Management Software With Free Tech Support 

Another popular wireless truck GPS tracker, the Everlast is recognized as the live GPS tracker with the longest battery life on the market. For over 5 years this truck tracking device has been used to monitor trucks all over the globe, establishing Everlast as one of the top fleet tracking devices on the market! What makes it such a top-seller for so many years are features that include an ultra-powerful waterproof case, real time GPS tracking as fast as every 10 seconds, the ability to work in all of North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), and free technical support for the life of the product. The only drawback is that it is a little larger than a vehicle tracker such as SpaceHawk, but that is due to the larger extended battery pack. 

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5. Best Truck GPS With Real Time Video

DriveProof Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

dash cam

  • Location Tracking & Video Recording
  • Ultimate In Driver Monitoring Tech
  • No Activation Fee Or Monthly Subscription Fees 

One of the most comprehensive commercial truck fleet management systems, the DriveProof dash cam will record video and audio inside and outside of any truck. The dash cam also offers GPS tracking to record every stop a truck driver makes, how long they were at each location, the speeds driven, and so much more. The data is not live (stored on a memory card), but for companies that want to get a better sense of what a truck driver is doing this really is a fantastic option for only $299.00.

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Where Would You Hide a GPS Tracker On a Truck?

Tracker devices can be hidden in multiple locations on any vehicle. That is the reason why we created this infographic below showing some of the popular spots a vehicle GPS tracker might be hidden on a automibile. 

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

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