Using Cell Phones To Track Vehicles

Real-Time GPS Locations From Mobile Phones

Have you ever wanted to know where an employee was at while driving a company truck? How about where your teenage son or daughter is going when they leave the house for some weekend fun with friends? Maybe you even suspect your partner might be cheating on you with some hot person with abs from the gym? Whatever the reason may be there is no denying that GPS tracking technology is becoming part of the everyday norm for both families and businesses. This is because GPS tracking is easy, affordable and reliable. In fact, with the help of GPS vehicle locator hardware people can track a car using their mobile phones, creating the most effortless avenue to monitor a automobile. Here is how it all works:

1. Live GPS Is Equipped On Car 2. GPS Tracking Data Is Housed On Secure Website 3. View GPS Data From Smart Phone

How Do I View GPS Tracking Data

  Once a GPS tracker has been installed upon or placed inside a automobile the GPS device will then transmit locational data. This GPS data includes information such as the addresses the driver visited, how long they were parked at each location, how fast they were driving between locations, vehicle mileage and more detailed information. All of this data is calculated using satellite technology and then sent to remote servers with the assistance of cellular technology. Once the data is moved from device to server it is then housed on a secure network where it can only be viewed with the appropriate credentials that include a pre-set username and passcode. Although it sounds a little complex it’s actually very simple in terms of how everything works for the user. This is because all the user has to do is select the app ok their smart phone and behind viewing their personal GPS tracking which is displayed over a digital mapping program. Detailed reports and other driving information are also accessible.

No Cell Phone No Problem

  GPS tracking data can easily be accessed with a mobile phone, but for those without smart phones the data can also be viewed by tablet or computer. This includes the real-time GPS tracking occurring live as well as access to historical data where a driver was at earlier in the day, week or month. Using cell phones to track vehicles has never been easier thanks to real-time GPS tracking. The results are efficient, accurate and reliable, allowing parents, companies and those in relationships to verify locational data anytime 24/7.

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