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Best Vehicle Management System 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Tracking Company Vehicles!

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Would your employees work harder and be more productive if they knew that company vehicles were being monitored via car tracking technology? Of course, they would! This is because when people know their performance is constantly being evaluated they strive to put and keep their best foot forward. However, GPS trackers for cars and trucks can offer more than simply a way to hold staff accountable while working in the field. They can provide a universal vehicle management solution that can organize fleets, improve internal networking capabilities, and increase mobilization/deployment strategies. If you are considering GPS vehicle trackers for your company fleet consider the following best vehicle tracking systems for 2021.

5 Best Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle management solutions will allow any business, large or small, to be alerted if drivers are speeding, doing side work, falsifying timesheets, or misusing company vehicles in any way. Measuring productivity and monitoring employee success has never been easier than through the use of GPS tracking equipment. When it comes to finding the best vehicle tracking systems there are a lot of manufacturers and resellers who make claims that their products are superior. Unfortunately, in the world of fake news and unverified reviews, finding the best GPS tracker for vehicle management is not as simple as it should be. That is the reason why our surveillance experts decided to put together a list of the best vehicle management devices for small businesses and consumers. Below is our list of the top 5 vehicle tracking systems!

1. SpaceHawk Vehicle Tracker

Why We Like SpaceHawk GPS Tracker: Small, portable, and easy to hide on any vehicle, SpaceHawk is probably the best real time GPS tracker for the money. Why is it a good car tracking device? Simplicity. Simply, place the tracking device on a vehicle and track it from your mobile phone. The best part is data plans are month-to-month so users of this tracker can cancel service anytime without any termination fees. The top 5 features of the SpaceHawk GPS tracker include:

  1. Refresh rates as fast as every few seconds 
  2. Domestic and international data plan options
  3. User-friendly online GPS tracking software 
  4. Magnetic mount for secretly tracking a vehicle 
  5. Lifetime access to historical data

Hidden GPS Tracker

Learn more about SpaceHawk GPS Tracker by   CLICKING HERE!

2. MotoSafety Real Time GPS Tracker

Why We Like MotoSafety GPS: This tracker plugs into the OBD2 port which allows the car tracking device to pull power from the automobile it is connected upon. With intuitive online software designed for teen driving safety, MotoSafety GPS is a proven real time GPS tracking device. The top 5 features of MotoSafety GPS include:

  1. Tracks a teen driver’s location in real time
  2. Lets parents set up authorized hours of use, sending alerts to parents when a vehicle is used outside approved hours
  3. Provides parents the ability to playback the history of past locations
  4. Shows parents exactly where a teen stops and for the length of time of the stop
  5. Displays a teen’s location on the Google Maps interface

moto safety

Learn more about how to track a teenager’s car without her knowing.

3. FlashBack GPS [Discontinued]

Why We Like FlashBack: This GPS tracker is great for the money because it has the longest battery life of any GPS data logger on the market today. All a business needs to do is equip this car tracker on a vehicle, let the device record driving activity, and simply remove the system when they want to review all the information. With no monthly service fees, it is easy to see why this car GPS tracker is considered one of the best for the money.  The top 5 features of FlashBack include:

  1. Longest battery life of any GPS data logger
  2. Global footprint (works anywhere in the world)
  3. Accurate up to 6 feet
  4. Documents driving activity in detail every single second 
  5. Car tracking device with no subscription fees

live gps tracker

4. OBDii GPS LandAirSea Sync

Why We Like Connect OBD2 Car Tracker: This vehicle tracker connects to the OBD2 port of a car, providing continuous power and free real time updates as fast as every 3 minutes. Yes, that is correct, this is a live GPS tracking device with no subscription fees (the first year), making it ideal for auto-theft security or business fleet tracking. The top 5 features of Connect GPS include:

  1. Real time GPS tracking without fees
  2. Simple plug-and-play design
  3. Diagnostic reports such as harsh braking 
  4. Easily hidden underneath the steering column
  5. Track the location of a driver in real time


Learn more about this real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees by    CLICKING HERE!

5. GPS Tracking Key [Discontinued]

Why We Like LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key: This hidden GPS tracker has no monthly fees and tracks every single second. The device is easy to use and backed with free technical support for the life of the product for anyone who has questions regarding how to use the car tracking device. Top 5 features of Driving Activity Reporter include:

  1. No subscription fees 
  2. Tracking every second 
  3. User-friendly online software 
  4. Magnetic mount for covert placement on vehicle 
  5. Compact size 

GPS Car Tracking

How To Manage Vehicle Fleets

Vehicle Management Tips

Businesses all across the world waste money by not reducing excessive fuel consumption, or monitoring dangerous driving habits. How expensive can the problem be? Well, when drivers exceed the speed limit by over 10 mph or more they increase fuel consumption by approximately 20%! The annual unnecessary fuel costs can add up quickly, affecting a company’s bottom line. Excessive speeding not only increases fuel consumption but also increases the likelihood of a driver being involved in an automobile accident. Drivers who are speeding result in approximately 35% of the documented automobile accidents. Therefore, employees who are engaging in dangerous driving habits like speeding are more likely to get in an accident, and more likely to raise a company’s insurance premiums. Companies can also be held liable in a court of law for the actions of drivers, even if those drivers are not adhering to the posted speed limits. This is where vehicle management strategies can help.

A well-developed vehicle management strategy involving the use of GPS trackers can reduce fuel costs and improve the safe driving habits of employees.

best real time GPS tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS vehicle locator technology refers to the combination of a GPS-enabled device on a vehicle or fleet of automobiles that communicate with the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth, and the use of satellite tracking software to gain remote or later access to driving activity and vehicle location(s). This modern form of vehicle tracking allows businesses, consumers, and government agencies to collect data from automobiles or equipment operating in the field that can be evaluated for productivity, safety, accountability, and more. This information is viewed over a digital street mapping program, text report program, or superimposed over a geographical satellite program such as Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth. This information includes:

  • Time a driver departed from a particular area/region/address.
  • Time a driver arrived from a particular area/region/address.
  • Vehicle speeds an employee, teen or another person was driving at.
  • Duration of time en route.
  • Stops a driver made.
  • The maximum speed a driver reached.
  • The exact mileage is driven to the hundredth of a mile.
  • An assortment of vehicle data such as idling time, when maintenance was last performed if the automobile has its lights on, and more.

GPS Vehicle Locator Reviews

Over the past 10 years, there has been a boom in both the GPS navigation and car GPS tracking industries. Today, it is common to see vehicles equipped with navigational devices that offer turn-by-turn directions, but it has been even more common to see businesses grow and reach the pinnacle of their industry due to the help of vehicle tracking devices. Having the ability to access the complete driving activity of employees working in the field gives any business a competitive edge. Businesses can eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption, employee-side work and unauthorized company automobile use all while improving route/vehicle management, employee productivity, safety, and customer service. Here is a short list of some GPS vehicle locator users.

GPS vehicle tracker

GPS Vehicle Locator Users

  • Cities looking to improve urban public transportation.
  • Businesses that are in the need of a tool to reduce excessive idling and fuel consumption.
  • Parents who are concerned about the driving safety of their newly licensed teen drivers.
  • City snowplows looking to make certain every road has been cleared.
  • Companies wanting to eliminate employee moonlighting.
  • Law enforcement agencies looking to conduct surveillance operations.
  • Anybody with a need to document mileage.
  • Anyone with a need to monitor driving activity.

GPS Vehicle Locator App

GPS vehicle tracking system devices that provide real time data are now engineered with online software that allows a person to instantly access where an automobile, asset, or person is located at any time. The best part is that accessing the live GPS tracker data is as simple as pulling out the mobile phone from your pocket and turning on a GPS vehicle locator app. What these GPS vehicle locator apps do is provide both real time updates on driving activity, as well as the historical driving records of what a driver was doing.

Businesses, consumers, and government agencies no longer need to imagine having the ability to access the location of a person, asset, or automobile with the help of vehicle tracking technology.

GPS monitoring technology brings the world to your fingertips!

Route Management Software

Effective route management is something that can increase response times, improve customer service, and reduce fuel consumption. However, everyday businesses let employees leave to enter the field without any way to validate or observe driving behavior. The business has no way to determine whether an employee arrived at a job site on time, took extended breaks, or left early. They have no way to determine whether proper routes are being taken, or if company vehicles are being used without proper authorization.

GPS fleet tracking management systems allow businesses to know everywhere a company vehicle has been, how long they were there for and all the routes traveled.

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