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What Time Of Year Is Worse For Teen Drivers


Teen Driving Danger Up In Summer

One of the things that teenagers love more than anything is summer. Summer means time off school, vacations, hanging out with friends, outdoor adventures, longer days and simply more fun. Summer can be a great time for teens, but for parents it is the time when they should have heightened fears because when the temperature rises so to does the danger. This is because statistics show that the most dangerous month for teen drivers is Summer.

Teen Driving Safety In Summer

There are a number of factors that lead to the spike in teen driving accidents in the summer according to driving experts. Many of these factors are things such as sending/receiving text messages while driving, driving too fast or simply anything that could casual distracted driving like conversation with friends. Basically, many of the same factors that result in the majority of teen driving accidents. However, the care-free attitude many teens exhibit is often amplified in the summer months and this sustained behavior can be a recipe for automotive disaster. This leaves parents asking themselves what options are available to reduce the dangers of teen driving during the summer months.

Monitoring Cell Phone Activity

Cell phone use is now the number one leading cause behind distracted driving among all motorists, but it is even more prevalent among teenagers. Teenagers will use their cell phones for literally hundreds of different applications. These applications include everything from making calls, sending text messages, creating SnapChat stories, posting on Facebook/Instagram and more. Therefore, cell phones are basically one huge distraction and parents need to reduce or eliminate that distraction. Parents can utilize apps that freeze cell phone activity, choose a data plan that doesn’t allow the teen access to the Internet, or have serious conversations regarding cell phone use when driving and check cell phone records against driving activity to be sure teens aren’t using their phones while driving. Whatever option a parent decides, it is critical that cell phone use is monitored and conversations take place regarding cell phone use while driving. Also, setting a good example to teens is important because parents shouldn’t be using their cell phones while driving either!

GPS Car Tracking Devices

Monitoring teen cell phone activity is important and being a good role model is also important, but for parents wanting to take safety to the next level can get help with teen GPS trackers. Live car tracking technology is fantastic for two specific reasons and that is it can notify a parent if a teen is driving too fast or traveling to places they are not supposed to be. Speeding is synonymous with driving danger and when a teen motorist drives fast they put themselves in harm’s way. Therefore, parents who stop their kids from speeding also reduce the likelihood those teens will be involved in a automobile accident.  This is one of the best reasons for any parent to invest in a car tracking device for their teenager. However, there are still other positive benefits of investing in a car tracker and one more is because GPS tracking allows parents to know where their teens are located at all times. Whether it be a friend’s house they are not supposed to go, a bad side of town that should be avoided or some other spot that is off-limits, GPS trackers provide parents with every address a teen arrives and departs. This locational information can be viewed over the Internet or programmed to alert parents via email or text. The GPS tracker will provide non-biased data regarding where a teen is going which can help parents understand if their teen is making good driving decisions. This can be especially good in the summer months when teens travel more frequently with friends.

GPS tracking review websites have the SilverCloud Tag real-time GPS as the best teen driving system as rated by cost and functionality.

When the weather gets warmer teen driving gets more dangerous, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t help reduce those dangers. By understanding that risks go up in the summer, parents must talk with their teen drivers, monitor cell phone activity and consider using GPS car tracking technology to observe how fast a teen is driving their automobile. Safe driving is a learned behavior and so to is poor driving. Parents can help shape these driving behaviors with a little management and hopefully keep their teens safer by doing so.

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