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$500K Worth Of Stolen Wine Recovered With GPS Tracking Device

Most people love to sit back and enjoy a nice bottle of white or red wine. The sound of a cork popping from a good bottle of wine followed by the enchanting scent of bouquet from a glass is a recipe for pure relaxation. Unfortunately, the seductive goodness of wine was apparently too much for one Florida man who made the decision to steal a trailer carrying numerous bottles of wine estimated to be valued over half a million dollars. Although Reinier Hernandez-Orta, the wine thief, may have thought he successfully acquired a lifelong buzz when he drove off with a trailer carrying $500k worth of wine, what he actually caught was the fast track to jail. This is because the trailer he stole was equipped with a real-time GPS device that allowed Florida Highway Patrol authorities to quickly arrest the wine thief. Once the owner of the trailer realized that his vehicle asset and wine cargo were nowhere to be found he went online to view the real-time locational data being sent from the GPS tracker equipped to the trailer.

Realizing within moments of reviewing the GPS tracking device data that he was the victim of theft, the owner contacted Florida Highway Patrol who accessed the data from the tracking system to track down the stolen trailer. With the GPS tracker providing police locational updates as frequent as every minute they were able to find Hernandez-Orta and the trailer where they then began to question the man about the trailer.

Hernandez-Orta initially told police he was the owner of the trailer but once they informed that the property was stolen he requested to speak with legal counsel. Companies that work in the transportation of cargo and goods industries understand the value of having vehicle management oversight. Understanding where drivers and the goods they are shipping is critical in determining arrival times, truck driver safety ad of course boosting of automotive security. This is the reason almost every company that ships goods on a daily basis or moves cargo that is high in value equip their trucks with GPS tracker systems.

The original driver of the trailer came down to the service plaza to claim the trailer, telling the Highway Patrol about the imported wine inside. Hernandez-Orta now faces a charge of first-degree felony grand theft. He was booked into Palm Beach County Jail. He is being held in custody in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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