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Founded on the principles and commitment of providing police enforcement agencies, businesses, and families the absolute best vehicle locator devices the GPS monitoring industry has to offer, GPS Tracker Shop has been the destination for people in search of both cost-effective and technologically remarkable GPS trackers. Specializing in both GPS data loggers and real-time GPS tracking solutions, GPS Tracker Shop assists businesses with boosting fleet management strategies, police agencies conduct surveillance operations while working on a budget, and everyday families in tracking what matters most.

Our proficient and dedicated team of customer service and vehicle tracking experts can help guide you to the GPS monitoring device that was engineered specifically for your needs!

GPS Tracker Shop Values

Everything starts with the ability to bring the customer the best GPS monitoring solutions the vehicle tracking industry has to offer and then the ability to provide that customer with quality customer service and technical care. We are dedicated to teaching the customer how our GPS trackers work and how they can improve safety, security, and overall business efficiency. GPS Tracker Shop was built on a foundation of providing quality products and the principles that every single customer is special and should be treated in such way. We will never deviate from the reason for our success, you!

Customer Service & Satisfaction

GPS Tracker Shop believes that quality customer service and satisfaction begins way before an order is placed, and well after the product is in the customer’s hands. Customers can rest assured that every fleet tracking device will come with a one-year manufacturer’s extended warranty and free domestic-based technical support for life! Our focus is to provide the absolute best and most sophisticated GPS trackers and customer care that will reach far beyond our customer’s expectations, exceeding assumptions, and instilling confidence.

Your positive experience with our GPS tracking devices and customer satisfaction mean everything to us.

Our Vision

GPS Tracker Shop will only showcase the most sophisticated and advanced personal monitoring and GPS vehicle tracking devices. We will continue to evolve and grow along with GPS tracking technology in an effort to always provide the customer with the best monitoring solutions the industry has to offer. People visiting our online store can rest assured that every tracking device featured by the GPS Tracker Shop will be of the highest quality while performing beyond the competition.


GPS Tracker Shop has established a community of caring customer service representatives and vehicle tracking experts that emphasize sharing and exchanging of knowledge to assist anyone with their GPS tracking needs. Recognizing that our greatest strength comes from our motivated staff that always places the customer’s needs first, GPS Tracker Shop nurtures a dynamic work environment focused on teamwork.

Mission Our Promise To You:

GPS Tracker Shop will provide the highest quality of products the GPS monitoring industry has to offer at prices everyday families and small businesses can afford. Consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies can count on us to provide the solution to their GPS tracking needs from the sophisticated to the simple. Whether you are looking for a tracking device to increase safety, profit, or efficiency, GPS Tracker Shop has the solution.

Built on a foundation of integrity, ethics, and innovation, GPS Tracker Shop will always be available to provide you the answers and products required for your vehicle tracking needs. We are here to serve you!

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