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GPS Tracker Shop has been a pioneer in personal and vehicle tracking solutions since 2011. Our exclusive focus on GPS technology has earned us the trust of renowned organizations like the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. With dedicated security experts continuously exploring the latest GPS trackers, we guarantee you the most reliable and affordable tracking solutions on the market today.

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I started attaching trackers to all my cars when a valet at the Monaco hotel in Baltimore literally took my BMW on a 5+ hour joy ride when my wife and I were sleeping. Shitty part was neither the hotel, the company running the garage or Baltimore police would do anything about the situation. Had I owned this car tracker at the time I could have showed them what had happened. The PlayBack provides peace of mind that if this happens again I can sue the bastards.



Device was very small and worked great. Hid tracker behind seat in husband’s F-150. And no the ass was not putting in overtime at his elecrtrical contracting job. He was putting in sex time with some skank he met on Tinder. Would recommend this product for any woman who wants to catch her loser husband.

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Our Mother was showing signs of dementia and her doctor recommended we research a device to monitor her car in case she got lost. Super easy to use. Tech support was lovely helping us get the tracker set up. Now I and my brothers can see where she is at if we ever get worried.



I had a guy who was running late a lot to job sites so we used this tracker on the company truck to find out what the hell the dude was doing. Well, he was stopping for beers when he was supposed to be installing electrical panels. We got rid of him and now rotate the tracking device on an as-needed basis. Really stoked the device has no monthly fees unlike a lot of other units out there.



I mean it was a pretty straight forward case of I thought my husband of 6 years was having an affair with another girl. So I put this tracker under his Chevy and yup. He would tell me he was at jiu jitsu practice with his team but he was at an ex-girlfriend from high school’s apartment. Total loser who wasted my time. Glad I found out when I did so I did not waste another 6 years with him



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With an exclusive line of award-winning tracking devices, GPS Tracker Shop offers the tools to help you catch a cheating spouse without intruding, weed out bad employees BEFORE they ruin your business, and give parents a simple way to make certain a wild teen is driving safely. Utilize the same tech used by the government and law enforcement agencies to discover what someone is really doing!

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