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GPS Tracking Watches For Seniors

Best GPS Tracker Watch For Elderly

Top 8 GPS Tracking Watches For Seniors- What’s The Best GPS Tracker For The Elderly?

The golden years of a person’s life should be filled with peace and independence. Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, degenerative diseases rob the elderly of healthy cognitive patterns. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can present many challenges not only for the elderly persons impacted by the illness but also for the families and caregivers responsible for monitoring those senior citizens. This article will discuss the different GPS tracker watches for seniors to help anyone suffering from memory-related illness live a more safe, independent lifestyle.

GPS Tracking Watches For Seniors

Amazfit Smartwatch – Highest Rated Senior GPS On Amazon


With tens of thousands of rankings on Amazon, the AmazFit breakthrough family of fitness tracker watches marks maker Zepp Health as a strong competitor against popular activity trackers like Fitbit and Apple watches. Sports modes on these models automatically recognize over twenty exercises like indoor walking and cycling and track heart rates, breathing, and blood-oxygen levels. Imagine going to the doctor with all this extra information!

As tracking watches for elderly patients and active seniors, the AmazFit Bip 3 Pro GPS smartwatch cannot be beaten. At a distance, the large lettering and numbering on the watch face help the wearer to review health data and realtime location, making it ideal for those with poor eyesight. Replacing outdated and clunky home care technology, the array of additional features enables your elderly loved ones greater freedom to move about and stay healthy!

What we liked about the AmazFit SmartWatches:

  • Fitness features
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Realtime GPS tracking
  • Large Letters on AmazFit Bip 3 Pro

What we didn’t like:

  • No remote activity tracking
  • Requires a paired phone to update locations
  • No camera


  • Wrist Size Min/Max: 153 – 218 millimeters
  • Width: 22 millimeters
  • Dimensions: 44.1 x 36.5 x 9.6 millimeters
  • Weight: 33.2 grams
  • Battery: 280 mAh, 7 Days (Heavy Usage) to 50 Days (Clock Mode)

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Theora Connect – ALZ Store GPS Watch Recommendation



The Theora Connect GPS watch has received strong recommendations from notable care technology providers like the Alzheimer’s Store. Theora links users directly with their care provider, enabling fast action when help is needed most. An exclusive app provides communication features, receives realtime GPS updates, and notes when users exit safe zones as prescribed by the caregiver.

Theora Care’s significant advantage over other tracking devices is the auto-answer feature for two-way voice calls. Those taking care of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients can easily call in to provide reassurance if patients wander outside safe zones or forget to take their medication.

Other shining examples of why this is an ideal tracking device to protect those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other afflictions affecting memory are the proprietary locking clasps. Similar to the AngelSense GPS tracker, patients can’t remove the Theora Care watch without a specially designed key! Guarantee your loved ones’ safety no matter where they wander with this personal GPS tracker for seniors!

What we liked about Theora Connect

  • Caregiver application
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Auto-answer
  • Live locations
  • No contract

What we didn’t like:

  • High initial cost
  • High monthly fee
  • Low battery life (24 – 30 hours)
  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 56 grams
  • Dimensions: 44.4 x 52.5 x 13.4 millimeters
  • Water resistance: IP67 (safe against splashing, rain, and quick dips)
  • 4G Cellular Connection

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Osmile ED1000 –  Best GPS Watch With SOS



Our favorite feature of this product is the SOS buttons that are built into the real-time GPS tracking device so the user may quickly reach out for help in emergency situations. Having one built into the Osmile ED1000 tracker for the elderly assures the user can contact support if they fall or get lost. A 3MP camera is also included in the watch face to enable voice calls and situational check-ins by those taking care of their patients and loved ones.

Additional features that make this GPS smartwatch ideal for dementia patients and those in memory care are the flashlight, blood pressure monitor, and multi-language translator! In an ever-shrinking world, care recipients may find themselves encountering caregivers who do not speak the same language they do. The incredible translation feature of the Osmile ED1000 changes this dynamic by translating between various languages such as English, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Russian, Italian, and more!

What we like about the Osmile ED1000:

  • Remote camera activation
  • Remote microphone activation
  • Easy-access SOS emergency button
  • Geo-fences
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Multi-language translation
  • Flashlight

What we didn’t like:

  • 3-day battery
  • IP67 splash resistance


  • Battery: 650 mAh
  • Weight: 53 grams
  • Dimensions: 250 x 41 x 15 millimeters

MorePro – Best Senior Watch For Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitoring



The MorePro family of watches are devices for seniors focused on fitness and health tracking more than location tracking. More than 20 sports modes measure blood pressure, heart rate, calorie consumption, and mileage with a few simple clicks. Event reminders also feature 20 icons to remind seniors of specific daily tasks or medications.

Their large and high-resolution screens are ideal for people needing to track their health statistics with poor eyesight. When paired with a smartphone, this large textual display will also show messages from multiple social applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more!

What we like about MorePro tracker watch:

  • 5-10 day battery life
  • Price
  • Hundreds of 5-Star reviews
  • Receives calls and SMS
  • Integrates with WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

What we didn’t like:

  • Only one model with GPS tracking
  • Must pair with a smartphone


  • Battery: 300 mAh
  • 20 sports modes
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0

AirTag – Smallest Personal GPS For Seniors



While the Geozilla GPS tracker is super small, the Apple AirTag is even tinier! Technically, it’s a Bluetooth locator versus your standard GPS tracker, but major benefits like its size and lack of paid subscription service cannot be overlooked. Not only that but there’s no monthly fee! Did I mention that you don’t need to buy a monthly subscription?

Wristbands, belt hooks, and lanyards that match the AirTag are available from many retailers like Amazon. Yes, the GPS SmartSole might be a better fit in a shoe, but there are other things Alzheimer’s and dementia patients aren’t likely to forget, such as their pants, purse, or wallet.

While no monthly service fee sounds excellent, there is a catch: it requires a Bluetooth connection to update its location. However, any passing iPhone with Bluetooth turned on will become your ally in tracking down elderly loved ones. As you get closer, your iPhone will follow the beacon and show you a directional arrow to find what you thought was lost.

What we liked about the AirTag:

  • Long standby battery life
  • Trilling sound to help you locate the smart tag
  • Replaceable battery
  • Low price: $29
  • Personalization features: engraved with initials or emoji

What isn’t as great:

  • Requires iPhones to find it (or a special Android app)
  • No satellite connectivity
  • Not covert – notifies nearby iPhone users if they’re being tracked


  • IP67 environmental resistance
  • Built-in speaker
  • 1.26 inches diameter
  • CR2032 coin cell battery

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Apple Watch Ultra – Most Durable GPS Tracker Watch For Seniors



The Apple Watch Ultra is an astounding medical device, GPS tracker, and smartwatch designed for the active wearer. Its durability was tested against shocks, vibrations, high altitudes, deep water depths, and high and low temperatures, meaning it can keep monitoring health statistics and securing your access to elderly loved ones no matter the environment.

Of the Apple Watch series, the Ultra model is the first to provide specific additional features geared for seniors. Built-in fall detection and an 86-decibel siren were just some of the additional features included in this model, and with the Family Setup app, multiple watches can be paired with one phone to enable remote tracking of fitness and safety features.

Awesome features of the Apple Watch Ultra:

  • Nav menu
  • 4G GPS tracking
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Raised edges to prevent scratching the watch face
  • Improved compass
  • Intense fitness tracking features
  • Crash detection
  • Fall detection

What we didn’t like:

  • High cost
  • Without cellular connectivity, only usable with Apple iPhones
  • Short battery life


  • IP6X dust resistant
  • Always-on retina display
  • SOS button Siren: 86 decibels

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Amazfit GTR 3 – Best Fitness Tracker Watch For Elderly



With over 150 sports modes, automatic detection of eight sports activities, and a trademarked BioTracker array of sensors, the AmazFit GTR 3 is obviously the best fitness tracking watch for elderly persons. With one tap, wearers get a readout of their stress levels, breathing rate, heart rate, and blood-oxygen levels. They put it all on one screen, so there’s no fiddling about and scrolling around to find this vital information.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises for adults, young and old, and the AmazFit GTR 3’s waterproof design keeps its measuring activity down to 50 meters in depth. Pool swimming is one of the eight auto-tracked activities, too!

What’s great about the AmazFit GTR 3:

  • Battery: 21 Days (Average Use) to 35 Days (Battery Saver Mode)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Water Resistance: 50 Meters (5 ATM)
  • Over 150 sports modes
  • Price

What’s not the best:

  • Requires smartphone
  • No locking mechanism


  • High Resolution: 454 x 454
  • Weight: 32 grams (without strap)
  • 450 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Zepp OS

Medical Guardian Freedom Smartwatch – Best With 2-Way Voice Messaging


Reading small text and typing on a tiny keyboard have been the biggest annoyances to many seniors entering the digital age, but the Medical Guardian Freedom Smartwatch has a solution! With superior two-way call features and a unique voice-to-text mode, wearers can record voice messages to contacts in their social circle. Conversely, the GPS smartwatch will read out loud any texts received!

Maintaining contact with elderly loved ones is essential as they age and experience greater risks of falls, mixing medications, forgetting daily tasks, or getting lost. Activating this tracking watch with a subscription service opens up abilities to GPS track locations in realtime, connect with social apps, and share health data with family caregivers.

What we like about the Medical Guardian GPS Watch:

  • Step counting
  • Reminders (available with Social Circle apps package)
  • SOS button
  • Voice-to-Text and Text-to-Voice messaging
  • Magnetic charging station

What we didn’t like:

  • Short battery life: 24 hours
  • Smartphone required for Social Circle apps package
  • IP67 splash resistant


  • Battery life: up to 24 hours
  • Water resistant: IP67
  • Weight: 2 oz

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7 Features To Look For When Buying A Senior GPS Tracking Watch

As our parents age, memory can become frayed; typical behaviors like forgetfulness and frequently getting lost can turn extreme. Wearable GPS trackers are powerful wandering prevention tools that allow caregivers to GPS track the route their patients have taken. But what other features might they look for in a tracker for dementia or memory care patients?

  1. Fall Detection. Another aspect of getting on in years is the potential for a nasty fall, making fall detection a necessity. Some GPS tracking devices, like the AngelSense GPS pendant, can send automatic alerts, while others may require the user to press a call button for help.
  2. SOS Buttons. If a senior should fall, they may not be able to reach their phone to dial 911 or other emergency contacts. Choosing a personal GPS tracking watch may depend on whether it has a built-in button for getting that help. Often, pressing the SOS button on the side of a GPS locator watchface will sound an alarm to draw attention from passing individuals and notify first responders and contacts of an issue.
  3. Geofencing. First-rate tracking devices often have software caregivers can use to draw boundaries of safe zones on a map. An SMS text message is sent out as a memory care or dementia patient wanders across these boundaries. This alert quickly notifies caregivers so they can contact the patient through their phone or onboard call answering features.
  4. Home Monitoring System. Geo-fences marked off on a map may not offer detection tight enough to know when someone leaves the house; they may already be on the street by the time the boundary is crossed. Home alarm systems with door contact sensors and smart locks provide extra levels of safety detection. Alert systems like Bay Alarm Medicals’ GPS tracker for elderly persons are a great and low-cost home monitoring system designed to secure your peace of mind.
  5. Live Locations. How often will the GPS watch update? How far can you walk, run, or drive in five minutes? Realtime location tracking is only as good as the update interval speed; the more frequent the update, the tighter the detection range. Other methods of detection, like Bluetooth tracking on the Apple AirTag, use shorter-wave frequencies to direct users to the exact location of the mini GPS tracker.
  6. Medical Alerts. Fitness trackers like the Apple Watch Ultra or the AmazFit Bip 3 Pro have a built-in medical alert system to notify wearers or those remotely keeping track of potential medical issues like increased stress levels, high blood pressure, and missed medications.
  7. Price. Many of these GPS-tracking watches can be found on multiple sites. You may find them on the manufacturer’s site or places like Amazon, so look around and check price discounts whenever you see them.

Wandering Prevention Tips For Seniors

Portable GPS trackers give concerned family members and caregivers accurate locations of wandering seniors. This is a good thing! However, wandering prevention means more than simply investing in a personal GPS tracker. If your loved one is showing signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia, consider the following  home care tips:

  1. Eliminating opportunities to drive unless it is critical and necessary
  2. Hiding what is known as “trigger items” (shoes, keys, or purses) out of plain sight
  3. Improving home security so electronic alarms can detect any late-night wandering
  4. Safeguarding the outside environment as much as possible

“By inspecting the back, side, and front yards to ensure fencing is secure, and making sure any potential chemicals are put away and water hazards are properly protected, families will have a greater likelihood of keeping their wandering loved ones safe from localized dangers”, explained an expert on senior care for those battling dementia.

Elderly GPS tracking watches are great for senior safety, but being aware of triggers and improving home security is also important when it comes to senior home care.

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Are Elderly GPS Tracking Watches Safe?

Of course! However, safety depends on your available options. Often, you’ll find options protecting against skin sensitivities or resisting water damage. Water resistance is also a key feature for some, and real-time GPS tracking is a major feature for others.

Do All Senior Watches Have Monthly Subscription Fees?

No, not every GPS tracking watch requires a monthly subscription. Still, models like the family of AmazFit devices will require a paired smartphone to be in the area to update locations or track fitness metrics. Any stand-alone GPS-tracking watch, however, needs an activated SIM card to connect to a cellular network.

Can I Monitor My Elderly Parents From A Distance?

Remotely monitoring mini GPS location trackers will normally require activated SIM cards connected to cellular networks to provide location updates. Yes, realtime GPS tracking services need a monthly subscription, but you’ll have access to a web portal or mobile app detailing every movement of the personal GPS tracker.

However, devices like the Apple AirTag operate with Bluetooth rather than cellular service and do not have a monthly fee. If your elderly parent carries an iPhone, you can also hitch this wearable GPS device to their pants or a wristband to track their movements.

Want to learn more about senior safety? If so, we recommend you check out the Alzheimer’s Association, Dementia Society of America, or the California Department of Aging.

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