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GPS Tracking Watches For Alzheimer’s Patients

GPS Tracker Watch Brings Safety To Elderly Communities

The golden years of a person’s life should be filled with moments of peace and tranquility. Spending time with the family, golfing first thing in the morning or just passing the time with good conversation should be the activities. Schedules and stress should be a thing of the past after nearly a lifetime of hard work and pressing through the daily grind. Unfortunately, many senior citizens are not given this gift as when they transition into the retirement years they are left with the burden of degenerative disease. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can present many hurdles and challenges not only for the people impacted with diagnosis’ but also the families and caregivers responsible for monitoring those senior citizens. Although a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can present new challenges, technology is now in place that can help alleviate some of those challenges as well and it’s coming in the form of GPS. More specifically, GPS tracker watches for elderly and seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Dementia And Elderly GPS Tracking Devices

Elderly GPS tracker devices have routinely been used in applications for teen driving safety and asset protection, but the same type of GPS used for tracking vehicles is being utilized now to track people. This can be particularly helpful for those looking to boost senior safety. How a elderly tracking device for a senior works is quite simple:

  1. Senior wears elderly GPS tracker watch 
  2. Elderly GPS tracker watch sends out locational data pinpointing movements of senior
  3. Family or caregivers can view GPS data online to make sure senior is safe

By simply entering in secure credentials of username and passcode, concerned family members or caregivers can instantly see where a senior with dementia is located all with the help of a elderly GPS tracker watch. This real-time GPS tracking data can even be viewed on a mobile phone, giving those on the go the ability to make sure their senior loved ones are safe and secure!

Elderly GPS Tracker Watch Sends Alerts For High Risk Seniors

Those caring for a senior who has shown a frequent or increase in wandering behavior can also rest assured that GPS tracking technology won’t just provide live locational data, but also alert those caregivers the second a senior wanders off. Through a safe zone feature offered by many senior GPS trackers, a virtual geo-fence can be set creating a safe zone. If the senior leaves the set safe zone the elderly GPS tracker watch will alert emergency contacts programmed in the tracking device that the senior is outside of the safe zone. This feature is designed specifically for helping those with Demetria, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases faced by seniors. Devices for tracking seniors are great tools in improving elderly care and can provide significant peace of mind. Those seeking to learn more about personal GPS trackers for seniors should conduct online research, speak with local law enforcement or connect with health care providers to determine what solution is best for their family.

Best GPS Tracking Watch For Adults

Elderly GPS Tracking WatchThe LooK elderly GPS tracking watches offered through the GPS Tracker Shop online store have been one the companies’ most popular and successful personal GPS tracking solutions. This is because the senior GPS tracking watched give any family or healthcare facility the ability to watch over elderly persons impacted with memory related-illness. With the assistance of the LooK elderly GPS tracking watch, users can have real-time access to the location of a senior loved one 24/7. Additional features of this elderly GPS tracker include:

  • Records route, time, speed, stops, and location
  • Shows were you’ve been
  • Provides daily and weekly reports for work report and goal improvement.
  • Collects heart rate data consistently
  • Medicine Reminder
  • Programable SOS emergency number to make call and send SMS with GPS coordinates
  • Mobile Personal Emergency Response Services (mPERS) built-in
  • Will report GPS position, including fall detection in near real-time
  • When enabled, can send real-time alerts to caregivers via text or email if watch is removed

Wandering Elderly Persons

One of the primary concerns among families and caregivers working closely with a loved one battling memory illness is wandering. Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s are known to have a tendency to wander and when a senior wanders it can put the elderly person in serious danger. This is because seniors who wander will often lose cognitive control, forget their names, not know where they are going and leave their homes/community centers without the proper clothing or identification. Sadly, every day news reports surface about a senior who wandered out in a snowstorm without a jacket or simply left in the middle of the night only to turn up dead hours or days later. This is beyond unfortunate and simply should not happen in today’s world where surveillance technologies are now seemingly everywhere.

Wandering is a behavior that can have serious consequences and put people’s lives in jeopardy, but sadly every single day people wander off and become lost. Senior citizens diagnosed with dementia, people suffering from Autism, impulsive children and essentially anyone with cognitive memory challenges are all candidates to engage in wandering behaviors. However, GPS personal tracking technology is providing a new way to offer families an avenue to access the locations of their loved ones in real-time.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices For Senior Safety

For those with known tendencies to engage in wandering, family members can now call upon the latest in satellite technology to help assist them the moment a loved one begins to wander. This is done through real-time GPS tracking bracelets that can not only give families total 24/7 access to their loved ones’ whereabouts, but also will send out an email/text message alert the very instant a person wanders. All that is needed for the application to be successful is the wanderer wear a elderly GPs tracking watch. The GPS tracker bracelet can then be configured to send out alerts to multiple family members or caregivers if that wanderer begins to wander. The real-time locations of the wanderer can easily be viewed from any web-enabled device such as phone, tablet system or computer. All the user needs is the pass-code and username required to view personal tracking data superimposed on the secure online mapping solution and that’s it! “Every year we receive phone calls from worried family members trying to locate a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s who wandered off”, explained a law enforcement official working in the San Diego area. “Being able to quickly find these lost individuals is critical to safety, and if elderly GPS tracking watches can reduce the amount of time it takes to locate missing people than it’s truly a good thing for the community.”

Wandering Prevention Tips

Elderly GPS trackers are one of the latest technologically advanced methods in which family members and caregivers can help quickly locate a person wandering but additional avenues are also recommended to reduce wandering tendencies or the potential for them to occur. These tips include:

  1. Eliminating opportunities to drive unless it is critical and necessary
  2. Hiding what are known as “trigger items” (shoes, keys or purses) out of plain sight
  3. Improving home security so electronic alarms can detect any late-night wandering
  4. Safeguarding the outside environment as much as possible.

“By inspecting the back, side and front yards to ensure fencing is secure, any potential chemicals are put away and water hazards are properly protected, families will have a greater likelihood of keeping their wandering loved ones safe from localized dangers”, explained a expert on senior care for those battling dementia. Elderly GPS tracking watches have risen in popularity as a tool to increase senior safety or safety of any person with wandering behaviors, but people investing in the technology need to take every opportunity to protect loved ones who have wandering tendencies. That includes utilizing all of the above mentioned tips to reduce wandering as well as further research.

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