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    When my teenager borrowed our Honda Odyssey, I got a shocker from the car GPS tracker. My loving son…he was going a whopping 87 mph in a zone where 45 mph was the limit. Yeah. Really! It was a serious talk about road safety that night, thanks to the OBD2 tracker.

    Daniel B.

    Sabía que mi esposa María me estaba mintiendo. Utilicé SpaceHawk para demostrar que tenía razón. Sí, ella estaba durmiendo en la calle. No son buenas noticias para mí, pero agradezco las respuestas.

    Edgar M.

    Jason, one of our HVAC technicians at REE, struggled during our busiest season (Summer). When customer complaints about missed appointments surfaced, we turned to GPS tracking for answers. To our surprise, we found his service van mysteriously parked at a nearby golf course during work hours. After a straightforward discussion, Jason chose to make excuses and lie, so we fired his ass. If you know any skilled HVAC techs, we have an opening!

    Ryan E.

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