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How To Block A GPS Tracker On A Car

Blocking GPS Tracking Signal – FCC Legal Implications

The night was eerily calm as you pulled into your driveway, the quiet disrupted only by the gravel crunching under your car’s tires. There was something not quite right, an unsettling sense that someone was keeping tabs on you – but who? It was then you wondered, “How do I block a GPS tracker on my car?” You’re not alone in this, and this fear isn’t unfounded in our tech-driven world. This article provides a guide to maintaining your vehicular privacy, outlining strategies for outsmarting GPS tracking and safeguarding your peace of mind. Regain control and stay ahead of intrusive technology with our expert advice, effectively putting the brakes on unwarranted surveillance.

How To Block A GPS Tracker On A Car – GPS Detector

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In a world where privacy is becoming increasingly elusive, you might be searching for ways to maintain control over your whereabouts. One concern you may have is how to block a GPS tracker, either on your vehicle or smartphone. In this article, we will guide you through a variety of methods to outsmart GPS tracking, ensuring your location remains secure and private. By understanding these techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to safeguard your personal space and stay one step ahead of prying eyes. Before we discuss how to block a GPS tracker, let’s start by discussing what a GPS jamming device is.

What Is A GPS Jamming Device – A Simple Explanation

A GPS jammer is a device engineered to disrupt the reception and transmission of GPS signals from real-time GPS trackers. Imagine it creating a digital bubble around your vehicle, extending up to 500 meters, which interferes with any GPS tracker’s ability to send or receive signals. Some GPS jammers can even block mobile phone communication (GSM) used for transmitting location data. By using a GPS jammer, you can effectively prevent auto-theft security GPS trackers from functioning properly, which is why they are increasingly popular among car thieves. Employees who want their privacy can also use jammers to stall location tracking devices on their vehicles or phones. However, doing so can have serious legal consequencess, which we will discuss later.

7 Ways How To Confuse A GPS Tracking Device In Your Phone Or Car

  1. Turn on airplane mode to disable GPS on your phone temporarily.
  2. Use a VPN to mask your phone’s IP address and location.
  3. Install GPS spoofing apps to fake your phone’s location.
  4. Disable location services or permissions for specific apps on your phone.
  5. Regularly check your vehicle for hidden GPS trackers. Then disconnect or remove any unauthorized GPS trackers on your vehicle.
  6. Use a GPS signal jammer or blocker to disrupt tracking signals (consider local laws).
  7. Park your vehicle in covered areas to hinder GPS signal reception.

“GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete or metal that is why when vehicles go into underground parking structures they will fall off the digital mapping programs used to observe data from real-time GPS trackers”, a fleet tracking expert at GPS Tracker Shop stated. “This same type of phenomenon is what occurs when a person uses a GPS jamming device, the automobile simply vanishes from the digital mapping program.”

Using GPS jamming equipment is illegal in most places, but purchasing such equipment is still totally legal. Making the situation worse is that accessing such equipment has gotten easier and easier for criminals as the online market is now saturated with GPS jamming devices manufactured overseas in places such as China and Russia. In fact, some Russian-engineered GPS car tracking device jammers are said to be so powerful that they have the ability to block GPS signals as far out as 100 kilometers! The use of GPS jammers among car thieves is still very remote, but it does show that there is a way to trick a GPS tracking device. Unfortunately, there is almost no way to 100% safeguard an automobile from theft, especially when a GPS jammer can block a tracker. However, law enforcement experts still all agree that vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker have a much higher rate of being recovered safely if stolen and in the quickest time possible

Blocking GPS Tracking Signal – FCC Legal Implications

  • Substantial monetary fines: The FCC can impose hefty fines on individuals caught using GPS jammers, sometimes reaching up to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Seizure of the jamming equipment: The authorities can confiscate the illegal GPS jamming devices as part of the penalties.
  • Criminal sanctions including imprisonment: In some cases, using GPS jammers can lead to imprisonment, especially if the device caused significant harm or disruption.

In 2013, the FCC fined a New Jersey truck driver $32,000 for using a GPS jammer to block his employer’s tracking system. The jammer also interfered with the FAA’s air traffic control system at Newark Liberty International Airport, causing significant disruptions and safety concerns.

In 2011, the FCC fined Gary P. Bojczak $31,875 for operating a GPS jammer in his vehicle. Bojczak used the jammer to block his employer’s GPS tracking system, but it also interfered with a GPS-based aircraft navigation system at Newark Liberty International Airport.

In 2012, the FCC fined Jason R. Humphreys $48,000 for using a GPS and cell phone jammer during his daily commute. Humphreys’ jammer disrupted cell phone service and GPS signals along a Florida highway, causing issues for other drivers and law enforcement.

In 2013, the FCC fined CTS Technology, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, $34.9 million for marketing and selling GPS and cell phone jammers to US customers. This case highlights the FCC’s efforts to combat the sale and distribution of illegal jamming devices

How To Block A GPS Tracker On A Car – Frequently Asked Questions

No, GPS jammers are illegal in most countries, including the United States. Using a GPS jammer to block signals from vehicles, GPS devices, or other tracking systems violates local laws and can result in severe penalties. GPS blocking may interfere with critical communications, putting public safety at risk.

Yes, wrapping a GPS device in aluminum foil can disrupt the signal it sends and receives. Aluminum foil acts as a makeshift Faraday cage, preventing the GPS device from communicating with GPS satellites. However, this method is not foolproof, and GPS signals may still get through if the foil isn’t securely wrapped.

You can disable location tracking on your phone by turning on airplane mode or disabling location services in your device’s settings. Both methods will prevent your phone from sending signals to GPS satellites and receiving location data. Remember that using a phone jammer is illegal and can result in penalties.

GPS jamming devices are illegal to use because they intentionally interfere with authorized radio communications, posing risks to public safety and essential services. Jammers can prevent emergency calls, disrupt aviation and maritime navigation, and hinder law enforcement operations. The illegality of GPS jammers aims to protect vital communication systems and maintain public safety.

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