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SpaceHawk Tracker

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Best Selling Hidden Live GPS Tracker For Cars!

SpaceHawk Mini GPS Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker
The Fastest Way To Learn The Truth!

YOU GET ANSWERS. They Get Caught!

  • Track A Teen Driver Before An Accident
  • Find Out If A Partner Is Cheating 
  • See Where Employees Are Driving Company Cars

Be Your Own Private Investigator For Less Than $40

SpaceHawk is the most advanced, nearly undetectable, compact, and secretive real-time GPS on the market today. This waterproof live GPS tracker with a magnet mount is specifically designed to catch cheating spouses, monitor reckless employees, and scare teenage drivers into following the speed limits.

Are you starting to suspect your wife or husband of having an affair? Maybe you have a defiant and rebellious teenager who could be driving dangerously. Do you own a small business and believe your employees are not doing or going where they say? If you want to find out where any vehicle is going there is no better way to discover the truth than with the award-winning SpaceHawk GPS. Locate any vehicle in real time, see how long it was at each address, and get the answers you need instantly!


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Peace-Of Mind: Know what your spouse, employee, or teen driver is doing without them ever knowing. Many of our customers swear they’ve never felt this at ease ever before.

Customer Testimonials

Hide The SpaceHawk GPS Tracker Anywhere!

Introducing the smallest and most easy-to-use mini car tracker on the market: SpaceHawk GPS. With a number of high-tech features typically only seen on high-end fleet systems, SpaceHawk was engineered with a magnetic mount and 100% waterproof case so you can easily (and covertly!) hide the live GPS tracker on any vehicle! No bulky cases, wires, or installation are required! SpaceHawk makes it easy to protect assets, find out where your employees are going, or bust a cheating spouse! If you need to find out what is really going on SpaceHawk will get the job done!

Let our security experts help you quickly set this device up and provide free technical support so you can focus on discovering what a driver is really doing! With our award-winning tech support squad available for the life of every product, literally, anyone can use this live GPS car tracker!

SpaceHawk GPSThe Best Way To Track Any Vehicle or Asset

Rebecca E


February 16, 2020
Caught My Small Penis Cheating Husband
I placed the tracker under the passenger seat. The first time out of the box, I drove to work and found that it tracked within feet from the actual address, it was really accurate. After my “test drive” I placed this little guy under the seat of my husband’s Prius. Well this guy did not disappoint, on day 1 it earned its keep by tracking hubby to an apartment complex when he should have been at work. He said he was going to NY… well I tracked his lying, small penis ass to a Hilton in Connecticut. I called him and asked where he was, of course he said NY, so I showed up at the Hilton, thanks to this tracker I knew exactly where to find him and I love the satellite images so you can narrow down the location even further i.e: front of bldg, side, etc…Once I arrived, I told him to come outside (I was standing beside his car) no denying it now! I asked for a divorce right then and there. 10 years of marriage down the drain, oh… we celebrated less than 3 weeks ago.I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to keeps tabs on unsavory characters in their lives.
Emily B


January 21, 2020
GPS For Senior Father
My father cannot speak, read or write due to a stroke. He also cannot walk without assistance. He does however go out on daily walkabouts on his motorized wheelchair to cruise around the local neighborhoods and go shopping at some of the stores. This is important for his mental health and sense of independence and brings him great joy. He has thrown 2 (different brand) GPS units away because he hates the idea that someone is watching where he is going. Each GPS unit had to be charged daily and it was a real pain to do so. Dad would see me charging it and would sneak out before it would get put back on his wheelchair or unplug the unit so it didn’t charge, etc. He finally made them “disappear.” We were able to attach this device under his wheel chair with no issues. Without the device it would be almost impossible to find him and cause huge amounts of stress.
Justin M


January 04, 2020
Works As Described
I picked this tracker because of the positive online reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. At first, I was skeptical it would hold up being placed under a vehicle. However, this tracking device worked just as described and never fell off my (now ex) wife’s Nissan Altima. I found a spot on the vehicle where I could place it and retrieve it within a few seconds. There are lights that stay on while the tracker is in use, so I covered that area with electrical tape and it didn’t affect operation. This was used covertly to find out if my spouse was having an affair with a co-worker, and she actually suspected that there was a tracking device on her car. She looked for it several times and even took it to a mechanic but no one found it. The spy tool is very small and nearly impossible to find. The iPhone app was also easy to use. I found evidence of what I suspected within the first 4 days of buying this device.

Vehicle Tracker

SpaceHawk Is Undetectable – Unlike Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags rely on Bluetooth, making them easily detectable by drivers. In fact, Apple purposely engineered AirTag so anyone with an iPhone can easily find the mini locator. Not good! SpaceHawk, on the other hand, operates differently. This advanced GPS device, trusted by professional investigators, was designed to be covert. If you want to find out the truth without a driver knowing, SpaceHawk is the only solution that will help you get the evidence you need!

SpaceHawk Tracker is a real-time tracking device engineered to locate vehicles, personal belongings, and assets. Measuring only 1.8 inches in height and 2.25 inches in width, this live GPS tracker is small enough to be hidden anywhere! Unlike other devices that require bulky waterproof cases or professional installation, SpaceHawk is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand but powerful enough to track a vehicle anywhere in the United States!

SpaceHawk 4G Tracker provides user-friendly online viewing of GPS tracking data so you can locate a vehicle from your iPhone, Android, tablet, or home computer. Easily set high-speed alerts to receive a text message or email when a vehicle is traveling at dangerous speeds, create geofences that will send an alert when an automobile leaves a particular area such as a job site, and simply FIND OUT where any car is going! Our award-winning technical support representatives are available 24/7 to help users review tracking data, set alerts, or simply guide them through the many amazing reporting features available from SpaceHawk 4G Tracker!

GPS Tracker & Mobile App

The Best Legal Real Time GPS!

SpaceHawk Tracker offers multiple different service plans for casual users, small businesses, and power users such as government or law enforcement agencies. Whether a person wants to track a vehicle every minute or as fast as every 3 seconds, a data plan is available! Monthly real-time tracking plans do not require any annual fees or contracts so use SpaceHawk 4G Tracker for as long as you like, paying month-to-month! However, those who plan on using SpaceHawk 4G Tracker long-term such as businesses can purchase tracking data in bulk to reduce monthly service plans even more!

GPS Tracker Monthly Fees

Track A Vehicle From iOS or Android Device

Real Time GPS Tracker App

Be certain your teenager is driving safely, employees are using company trucks appropriately, your significant other is being trustworthy, or protect your valuables from theft with SpaceHawk 4G Tracker! Engineered and assembled in the United States, no other auto tracker on the market offers such versatility, portable size, protection from the elements (waterproof), and a magnetic mount for easy outside placement on a vehicle!

Secretly Track A Car

Frequently Asked Questions

SpaceHawk provides approximately 24 days of vehicle tracking without a charge. The secret to this long battery life is our patented motion sensor technology! When the vehicle stops moving for 2 minutes, a sleep mode feature is activated, DOUBLING your battery life!

  • 2-3 Weeks Of Battery Life (1-2 Hours Of Driving Per Day)
  • Approximately 30 Hours Of Consecutive Driving (No Stops)

Yes, without a doubt! The ultra-powerful magnet mount of the SpaceHawk GPS ensures a secure attachment to any vehicle. Ever worried about trackers slipping off? With SpaceHawk, those fears are history. Need proof? We ran 27 rigorous tests in the scorching Arizona desert. The result? Not a single SpaceHawk tracker fell off. Simply attach this tiny GPS with its robust magnet, and you’re all set to uncover the truth!

Yes, completely! Crafted to perfection, SpaceHawk is 100% waterproof. So, rain or shine, it’s got you covered. Plan to position it under a car? Go ahead with total confidence, even in unpredictable weather. But what if someone uses a high-pressure water spray while washing their car? Great question! For that extra layer of protection, pop the tracker into a ziplock bag.

Absolutely! What sets the SpaceHawk GPS apart? Its seamless compatibility with both Android and iPhone. Use the complimentary GPS tracking app and watch your vehicle move in real time. Track its speed, location, and so much more, right from your phone. Don't have a smartphone? No worries! Access all this real time or historical data online. Just log in, navigate through the user-friendly software, and dive deep into the vehicle's tracking insights. In fact, you have access to a full year's worth of historical GPS tracking data so you can always see where your teen, employee or spouse has been!



Power Source

3.7 V, 1340 mAh Lit-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Wall Charger, and USB Charger.

SIM Card

Global SIM Card Included (USA, Canada + International Coverage)


Individual Vehicle Report, Enhanced Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report, Mileage Report, Diagnostics 

Software + Mobile App

SilverCloud Online Through Web Browser
Uses Google Maps. 4.7 Star Rated App On Google Play + Apple App Store


SMS and Smail Alerts. Automatic Alerts For Geo-Fencing

Operating Temperature

-14 to 131˚F (-20 to 55˚C)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.2" x 2.2" x 0.9″

For more details please feel free to contact us via email or phone! Technical and sales support agents are available 7 days a week at GPS Tracker Shop to answer any questions you might have regarding the SpaceHawk 4G Tracker!

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