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Best Dashboard Camera With GPS Tracking

10 Best Dash Cameras For Fleet Management – Expert Choices For 2023

Are you a fleet manager who wants to know what your drivers are really doing when they are operating company vehicles? The truth is if protecting your drivers and defending your business from false claims is important then you really need to consider investing in fleet dash cams. But what are the best fleet dash cam solutions for small businesses? In this article, we will go over the top dual dash cams, discuss how they can improve driving habits, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you wanted to learn more about the best dash camera with GPS tracking solutions, you are at the right place. Now, let’s dive into it!

What Is A Dash Camera With GPS Tracking?

A fleet dash cam is a specialized type of dash camera that is designed specifically for fleet tracking. These dash cam systems typically include live GPS tracking and navigation features that allow businesses to monitor and manage vehicle fleets in real time. In fact, some even use AI technology to alert a fleet manager if a driver is tired, talking on the phone, or eating while driving! Pretty cool, right? They are used to improve fleet safety, reduce liability, and increase safe driver behavior. By using a dash camera with GPS tracking, businesses can have real-time oversight of their fleet. And why is this important? Because it can help you make data-driven decisions and improve overall operations.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best GPS dash cam solutions and explain how a vehicle tracker that records driver footage can your business improve fleet safety. 

Secure Car Cam – Best Overall Dash Camera With GPS Tracking (Real Time)

Dash Cam With Live GPS Tracking


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars by GPS Tracking Review 

Do you want to see, in real time, what your drivers are doing? If so, the Secure Car Camera is the ultimate fleet management solution and our top overall pick for the best camera system for businesses. What makes this fleet dash camera system so unique compared to other solutions on this list is the AI technology that will record events such as when one of your drivers is tired, eating, talking on the phone, or in danger. And our favorite part? Real time GPS tracking and event video footage is automatically sent to the cloud so your fleet manager can review the driving behavior data anytime they like. If you want total oversight of your vehicles and drivers, the Secure Cam with live GPS tracking is the fleet safety solution for you. 

Rove R2 – Best 4K Dash Cam With Built-In WiFi GPS



Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The Rove R2-4k dash camera is the perfect solution for businesses looking for high-quality video recording. Why? The dash cameras’ 4K Ultra HD resolution (resolution of 2160p), providing unparalleled clarity and quality. Yes, this thing dash cam is bad ass! The revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology, which uses an ultra-low light sensor and SONY IMX335, ensures that footage and images are captured clearly even in low-light conditions.

Alongside the awesome video recording capabilities, the Rove R2-4k dash camera also comes with built-in WiFi, which allows you to view and manage recordings on your iOS and Android devices through the ROVE App. You can even download videos directly to your smartphone and share them on social media with friends and family. The camera also has built-in GPS, which accurately records your driving location and speed, and it can be tracked on Google Maps via Wi-Fi. With features such as parking mode, motion detection, a 150° A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo video, and support for up to 512GB micro SD card, this dash cam is state of the art in terms of technology.

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Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Smallest Fleet Dash Cam 



Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The Garmin Dash Cam is the perfect solution for businesses looking to record extra high-definition road footage. With its 3.7-megapixel camera, this dash cam captures footage in up to 2560x1440p video resolution, ensuring that you capture clear details in HD, Full HD, or Quad HD. The 2″ LCD color screen allows you to review footage of incidents and collisions, making it easy to identify any issues that may need to be addressed.

The dash cam also features incident detection (G-sensor) technology, which automatically saves footage from collisions, so you have a record of the incident. The built-in GPS records the location, direction, speed, date, and time of the incident for accurate, detailed accident information. Other features include voice command recognition for easy operation, Wi-Fi for easy connection to wireless devices, and a low-profile magnetic mount for easy installation. With its 8GB microSD card included, this dash cam is ready to use out of the box.

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Thinkware U1000 Front + Rear Dash Cam Bundle


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars on Digital Camera World

Thinkware U1000 is the ultimate fleet management solution for businesses looking to improve the safety and efficiency of their fleet operations. Let us explain by going over the features of this dash cam! With its sharp native 4K video quality and comprehensive driver assistance warning system, this camera offers unparalleled protection for your drivers and vehicles. Yes, it is a real powerhouse! Super Night Vision technology allows the U1000 to capture clear, detailed footage even in low-light environments,. Oh, and this dash camera gives you the ability to downgrade video resolution to 2K at 60fps, which makes license plate reading a breeze.

To ensure all-around protection, the U1000 comes with a CPL filter, 2K QHD rearview camera, and hardwiring cable, making it easy to install and use. And with the ability to connect to an iOS or Android smartphone via Wi-Fi, this camera can be accessed and managed remotely through the Thinkware app, allowing you to stay connected to your fleet at all times.

By using the Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam in your fleet, you can improve driver safety, reduce liability and increase efficiency, making it an essential tool for any business looking to optimize its fleet operations.

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Viofo A129 Pro Duo – Best 1080P Front and Rear Dashcam



Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

Does your business need high-quality video footage in the event of an incident on the road? If so, the Viofo A129 Pro Duo is the GPS car camera for you! This GPS dash cam offers 4K UHD resolution and a full HD rear camera, which provides incredibly detailed and clear footage. The wide-angle all-glass lenses on both the front and rear cameras capture a wide field of view, ensuring that nothing is missed. The use of high-quality Sony Exmor R Starvis sensors for both the front and rear cameras adds an extra layer of reliability to the footage captured.

The fleet dash cam also offers 4 bitrate options and H.265 High-Efficiency Video Coding, allowing for efficient storage and transfer of footage. The built-in dual-band WiFi, which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, makes it easy to transfer footage to a smartphone or tablet for quick review and sharing. The built-in GPS mount and advanced parking mode with pre-buffer recording provide added security when vehicles are parked.

However, it is important to note that the truck dash cam’s design is bulkier and less discreet due to the built-in screen. Not to mention, the large 4K footage files require a larger capacity memory card, which increases your overall investment. The parking mode capability is relatively weak when compared to other 4K dash cams on the market, and it lacks cloud connectivity which limits remote access to the footage. Businesses that require a discreet design and advanced parking mode capabilities may want to consider other options on the market.

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BlackVue DR900S-2CH – Best Dash Cam For Cloud Storage



Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The BlackVue DR900X-1CH fleet dash cam offers a front cam featuring an 8 megapixels sensor and 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160 at 30FPS) resolution, along with a wide 162-degree view angle. This ensures that all important details are captured, providing you with clear and detailed footage of any incidents. 

With the DR900X series, you also have the option to hardwire the dash cam to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, eliminating the need for any additional accessories. The dash cam will automatically switch to Parking Mode when the vehicle ignition is turned off and you can even set voltage cutoff and timer settings in the BlackVue App. Additionally, the dash cam allows for remote Live View and push notifications to your phone, as well as the ability to back up important videos to the Cloud remotely. And with the optional CM100LTE, you can easily connect to 4G LTE for even more convenience.

Nextbase 522GW – Best Fleet Cam With Alexa Compatibility



Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The Nextbase 522GW is another excellent dash cam option for businesses that is one of Amazon’s Choice products for dash cam video products. The front and rear window camera is a unique feature that provides a complete view of the road, with a 140-degree viewing angle capturing events on the road behind you as you drive. Installation is a breeze, with an easy-to-install self-adhesive pad and neodymium magnets that can be used at any angle.

One of the standout features of the Nextbase 522GW is the Emergency SOS feature. In the event of an incident where the driver is unresponsive, the dash cam can alert emergency services of the vehicle’s location and other important details such as the driver’s medical history, blood type, and allergies. Pretty awesome right!? The 522GW is also Alexa compatible, which means you can use Alexa to play music, place calls, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking, and more – all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Overall, the Nextbase 522GW is a great investment for any business looking to improve its road safety.

Rexing V1 – Best Wide Angle Dashboard Camera



Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The Rexing V1 is a top-of-the-line dash cam aimed at businesses that want to ensure the safety and security of their drivers and vehicles. With its ultra-HD discreet design, this dash cam captures beautiful 2160p video even while driving at high speeds, and its signature low-profile design allows it to blend seamlessly into any vehicle. With support for high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB, this camera can record all of your drivers’ trips with ease.

The V1 also boasts a 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens and wide dynamic range technology that allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation. The 7-layer glass lens captures a sweeping view of your surroundings and the superior WDR technology adjusts the exposure to create balanced images and footage. The Rexing V1 dash cam uses a supercapacitor that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, preventing the risk of overheating and extending the life span of the camera. With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20-second video when the car camera detects vibration. Or, you can choose to record 24/7 by capturing frames to make a 24/7 time-lapse video. With the use of a smart hardwire kit, you can activate the parking mode, and with wifi connection, you can view, save, and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of an app interface.

The loop recording and G-sensor features ensure that important footage is kept protected, and locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten. Overall, the Rexing V1 is a great choice for businesses looking for a high-quality dash cam that can detect and record all aspects of a driver’s trip!

Kingslim D4- Dash Cam Front And Rear



Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars on (1/29/23)

The Kingslim D4 fleet dash camera is the perfect solution for businesses looking to keep an eye on their vehicles. With its dual recording capabilities, the D4 can simultaneously capture both front and rear views of your car in stunning 4K resolution. The rear camera records in 1080P, allowing you to clearly capture license plates and road signs. Also, you can easily switch to front view in QHD 2.5K and rear view in full HD 1080P for daily video recording.

One of the standout features of the Kingslim D4 is the ability to control the dash camera using your phone’s app. Yes, you can view driving data right from your iPhone! Connecting to the camera via built-in wifi, you can easily playback and download videos and adjust settings without the need for fiddly buttons. The camera also has a built-in GPS which records your route and driving speed in videos, which can be displayed using GXPlayer. This can be found on the company’s website. The D4 also features Sony’s industry-leading IMX335 STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon Hi3559 processor for better night vision and wide-angle recording. Finally, with support for micro SD cards up to 256GB, you’ll never have to worry about losing any crucial driving footage!

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9 Ways Dash Cameras Can Help Your Business With Fleet Safety 

  1. Improve Fleet Safety. Fleet dash cam systems can help businesses monitor and improve the safety of their fleet vehicles by detecting and recording risky behaviors such as distracted driving.
  2. GPS Tracking. Dash cams with built-in GPS tracking systems can help businesses track the location and speed of their fleet vehicles in real-time.
  3. Asset Tracking. GPS dashcams can be used as an asset tracking system to monitor the use and maintenance of fleet vehicles.
  4. Video Evidence. Dash cams can provide video footage of any driving event, which can be used for insurance purposes or to improve driver training.
  5. Driver Monitoring. A fleet dash camera system can be used to monitor the performance of drivers, including trip data and fuel consumption.
  6. Dual Cameras. GPS fleet cameras with both front and rear cameras can provide a full view of the vehicle and its surroundings.
  7. 4K Recording. High-resolution 4K dual dash cams can capture clear, detailed footage of any driving event.
    Cloud Storage: Dash cams with cloud storage capabilities can automatically upload video footage to the cloud for easy access and sharing.
  8. WiFi Hotspot. Do your drivers need the Internet? Well, a car camera with built-in WiFi hotspots can provide real-time access to video footage and GPS data, even when you area away from the office!
  9. LTE Connectivity. Dashboard camera solutions with LTE connectivity can provide live streaming of video footage and real-time alerts for fleet managers.

6 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Dash Cameras Detect Distractions For Drivers In Fleet Vehicles?

Yes, fleet dash cameras with advanced features such as driver monitoring and facial recognition can detect distractions such as looking away from the road, cell phone use, and drowsiness. These cameras can also provide test and email alerts to the driver and fleet managers to improve fleet safety!

2. How Does A Dash Camera With GPS Tracking Help Fleet Managers Improve Safety?

A dash camera with GPS tracking provides real-time location data for fleet vehicles, allowing managers to monitor driver routes and track trips. This information can be used to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption and improve overall efficiency. GPS data can also be used to detect risky behaviors such as hard braking and speeding, which can be addressed through safety programs.

3. Can Dash Cam Systems Be Used For Trailer Tracking In Commercial Fleets?

Yes, dash cameras with GPS tracking capabilities can be used to track trailers and other assets in a fleet. These cameras can provide real-time location data and footage of the trailer, allowing fleet managers to monitor its movements and ensure it is being used efficiently.

4. Are There Additional Fees To Upload Dash Cam Footage To The Cloud For Fleet Management?

Every dash camera with GPS tracking requires a subscription, but those monthly fees usually cover both data costs and cloud storage service. Most dashcams with live GPS tracking will store data for 6 months to a year. 

5. Can Dash Cameras Help Reduce Fuel Consumption For Fleet Vehicles?

Yes, by using dash cameras with GPS tracking, fleet managers can monitor and optimize routes for their vehicles, leading to reduced fuel consumption. Not to mention, dash cameras can detect and address risky driving behaviors such as speeding and hard braking, which can also lead to fuel savings.

6. Can Dash Cams Be Used For Fuel Tax Reporting And Compliance In Commercial Fleets?

Yes, car camera solutions with GPS tracking can provide accurate data on a vehicle’s fuel consumption and miles traveled, which can be used for fuel tax reporting and compliance. This information can also be used to monitor and improve fuel efficiency for the fleet.

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