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GPS Tracker With Magnet

Best GPS Tracker With Magnet

GPS Tracker With Magnet – The Ultimate List Of Devices You Can Hide Under A Car!

Have you ever wondered how to discreetly track a vehicle without alerting the driver? A GPS tracker with magnet offers the perfect solution! These devices attach easily under cars, recording vital data like speed and visited locations. Whether you’re safeguarding company vehicles or seeking the truth in personal matters, choosing the right tracking device is crucial. In this article, we will introduce you to the top eight magnetic GPS trackers. More importantly, we will highlight their features, benefits, and what makes each tracker stand out as the best in the market. 

Disclaimer: As you explore this list of magnetic GPS tracking devices, remember it’s a compilation, not a ranking. We should also mention that some of the GPS tracking products on this list are items we sell. Although this could appear to show bias, we’ve sourced our insights from Amazon, Google Play Store, and YouTube reviews. Not to mention, we only carry GPS trackers on our online store that meet and surpass the needs and expectations of our customers. Nevertheless, we want to share this information to be as transparent as possible with you, the reader.

1. SpaceHawk Vehicle Tracker – Best With Powerful Surface Magnet

Best GPS Tracker For Car

Key Features

  • Versatile Personal GPS Tracker. Ideal for tracking people, vehicles, and assets, with application-based control and waterproof capability.
  • Ultra-Compact and Waterproof Design. Features a 100% waterproof build and a super-strength built-in magnet for secure attachment.
  • Flexible Placement Options. Can be attached to vehicles, fits in small pockets, or discretely hidden in backpacks, cases, or purses.
  • Hidden Magnetic GPS Works Under A Car. The first mini GPS device that can be placed under a vehicle.

Spacehawk is a mini GPS with an ultra-powerful magnet mount design that allows anyone to equip the real time GPS tracker on any vehicle without a driver ever knowing! If you need a vehicle tracking device and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars hiring a private investigator, then this is the GPS car tracker for you. Catch a cheating spouse, determine if a teenager is driving too fast, and secretly track anyone’s vehicle without them knowing!



  • Optional long-term battery up to 10 months.

  • Real-time tracking with 4G LTE coverage.

  • Waterproof case for all-weather tracking.

  • Magnet strength may vary on different surfaces.

  • Requires AT&T or T-Mobile coverage in the USA.

  • Initial setup might require technical assistance.

Rating: Best Overall GPS Tracker With Magnet



  • Top-Rated Mini GPS Tracker Under $100

  • Free Tech Support + One Year Warranty 

  • Legally Find Out The Truth 

  • Smallest Magnetic Mini Real Time GPS

  • Size: D: 2.275" H: 0.945"

  • SIM Card Included 

  • Waterproof Design 

  • Battery Life 1-3 Weeks

YouTube Video: A Real Customer Experience With SpaceHawk GPS

2. GL300 GPS Tracker By SpyTec

Best GPS Tracker Magnetic Mount On Amazon

Spy Tec GL300


Key Features

  • Compact Design. Mini GPS tracker suitable for cars, kids, trucks, boats, RVs, and more; ideal for anti-theft and tracking purposes.
  • Global 4G Coverage. Offers comprehensive tracking across North America and worldwide, with real-time tracking available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Durable and Weatherproof. Equipped with a sturdy M2 case made of durable ABS plastics, this tracker is designed to withstand harsh weather and remain securely attached to vehicles.
  • Advanced Tracking. Real-time tracking with geo-fencing alerts and speed notifications; includes a ‘Time Machine’ feature to review historical location data.

With over 4,000 verified purchase reviews, the SpyTec GL300 GPS tracker is easily one of the top-selling portable GPS trackers on Amazon alongside devices such as GPS Tracker TKStar and Bouncie 4G LTE realtime tracking systems. SpyTec comes with an accessory magnetic mini waterproof case that makes it simple to track loved ones. The GL300 GPS tracker is $59.95 and does require a monthly subscription for the GPS locator to transmit data using the included SIM card.



  • Compact design for versatile use (cars, kids, trucks).

  • Global 4G coverage for comprehensive tracking.

  • Historical location data review with 'Time Machine' feature.

  • Requires monthly subscription for data transmission.

  • Additional cost for waterproof magnetic case.

  • Limited to areas with 4G coverage.

Below Is A Real SpyTec Customer Testimonial Via

SpyTec GL300 Amazon Review

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars On (13,363 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Locate Cars For Under $100

  • Realtime GPS Best Seller (eBay)

  • Subscription Plan Starting At $29.95

  • Get Speed Alerts On Teen Drivers

  • Size: 3.15" x 1.15" x 1.64"

  • Battery Life: 6-14 Days

  • Operating Temp: -4°F to 131°F

  • Weight: 0.32oz (9g)

3. Optimus 3.0 Mini GPS Tracker

Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker


Key Features

  • Accurate and Discreet. Offers real-time tracking with a powerful twin magnet case, suitable for tracking vehicles, valuables, and loved ones.
  • Affordable and Flexible Subscription. $19.95 monthly fee with no contract or hidden fees, including all features and the ability to cancel anytime.
  • Long Battery Life & Easy-to-Use Software. Up to 1 month of battery life with 1-minute update intervals, and user-friendly state-of-the-art tracking software.
  • Instant Alerts and Customizable Updates. Custom text/email alerts, available on iPhone and Android, with customizable position updates up to every 10 seconds at no extra cost. 

Optimus 3.0 GPS tracker can be purchased with an accessory magnetic case that allows you to monitor loved ones discreetly. This realtime portable GPS is designed to help parents track rebellious teens, kids, elder persons, or employees. The ultra-powerful neodymium magnetic case makes it easy to install the device underneath your automobile without a driver ever knowing. Another bonus feature of the fleet tracking system is the watertight case is sealed strong enough to take your vehicle to a car wash without worrying about the tracking device!

Optimus GPS systems cost $39.95 with a subscription required at $29.95 monthly.



  • Accurate real-time tracking with powerful magnets.

  • Long battery life up to 1 month.

  • Instant custom alerts and updates via app.

  • Subscription required for functionality.

  • Monthly costs can add up over time.

  • Battery life varies with update frequency.

Check out what real users of the Optimus GPS app say by viewing the reviews on the Google Play Store.

Rating: 4.4/5 Stars On (915 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Affordable Monthly Subscription

  • Real Time Alerts: Geofence, SOS, Low Battery

  • Magnetic Waterproof LTE GPS 

  • Top-Selling 4G GPS Tracker (Amazon)

  • Size: 3″ x 1.5″ x 1″

  • Battery life 10-14 Days 

  • Weight: 3.3 Oz

  • Updates Every 60 Seconds

4. Tracki GPS Tracking System

Most Affordable GPS Tracker For Vehicle Monitoring

Tracki GPS


Key Features

  • Global Coverage with Affordable Plans. Monthly fees required, offering full USA and worldwide coverage with an international SIM card; rates as low as $9.95 for long-term plans.
  • Compact and Multi-Network Compatible. Smallest and lightest tracker (1.8×1.6×0.7 inches, 1.26 oz), using 4G+3G+2G technology for superior coverage; includes various attachments.
  • Advanced Tracking and Customer Support. Up to 5 years of location history, live customer support, and rechargeable battery with customizable tracking intervals; lifetime warranty on lost or damaged devices.

If you need a mini GPS with international coverage and a roaming GSM SIM card then look no further than the Tracki hidden GPS. This car GPS tracker is marketed as one of the only devices with unlimited distance real-time tracking. But what really makes this car GPS stand above other products are the features and price. 

Tracki vehicle GPS tracker comes with a waterproof magnetic box, a rechargeable battery that provides 5 days of real time GPS tracking every 5 minutes, an SOS button, low battery alerts, moving alerts, and a lifetime warranty. 

The best part is Tracki mini GPS only costs $28.88 and the monthly subscription fees start at $19.95.



  • Advanced tracking with up to 5 years of history.

  • Extremely compact and lightweight for discreet use.

  • Global coverage with low-cost plans from $9.95/month.

  • Monthly subscription required for tracking.

  • Battery life of 5 days requires frequent charging.

  • Initial cost plus subscription can add up.

See what American AF Dumpsters had to say about Tracki in their YouTube review

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars On (43,631 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Top Selling Magnetic GPS Trackers (Amazon)

  • Real-Time Location Updates Every 60 Seconds

  • Car GPS Tracker Speed Alerts

  • Car GPS Includes SOS Button Safety Feature

  • Size: 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6” 

  • Battery Life: 5 Days

  • Weight: 1.26 Oz

  • Updates Every 60 Seconds

5. Spark Nano 7 By Brickhouse Security 

Best Personal GPS Tracker & Device To Locate Cars


Key Features

  • Durable and Concealed. Equipped with a waterproof case, the Spark Nano 7 operates effectively in various conditions, making it suitable for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Real-Time Monitoring. Enables real-time and historical tracking of speed, geofencing, travel logs, and more, accessible from any web browser.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans. Offers three affordable subscription options starting at $17.99 per month with the flexibility to go monthly, quarterly, or annually; no contracts and easy cancellation.

The Spark Nano 7 by security experts Brickhouse Security is one of the most powerful GPS tracking devices available to consumers. As a 4G GPS tracker, the Nano 7 provides reliable reporting in Mexico, Canada, and the United States North America, making it easy to monitor loved ones who travel throughout North America! Spark Nano also comes with an accessory magnetic waterproof case that gives you the option to attach the car tracking device underneath an automobile for 100%  discreet tracking. The waterproof case also protects the compact GPS from harsh driving conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow. 

Spark Nano 7  has data plans starting from $29.95 per month that provide features such as geofence alerts, SOS buttons, and speed alerts that can be sent to your smartphone app!



  • Waterproof case ensures durability in all conditions.

  • Real-time monitoring with comprehensive tracking features.

  • Flexible subscription plans starting at $17.99/month.

  • Battery life limited to 6 days with 1-minute updates.

  • Monthly subscription required, starting at $29.95.

  • Heavier than some other models at 3.3 oz.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars On (415 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • GPS Device With SOS Panic Button

  • Easy Returns For Hidden GPS

  • $29.95 Monthly Subscription Required

  • GPS Locator Works In Canada + Mexico

  • Size: 3.0” x 1.58” x 1.0”  

  • 6 Days Tracking With 1-Minute Updates

  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

  • Weight: 3.3 Oz

6. Family1st LTE GPS Tracker

Compact GPS With Subscription Plan


Key Features

  • Alerts and Custom Report. Set up geofence zones for instant alerts upon entry/exit, with a platform to track actions and generate custom reports including SOS and low battery alerts.
  • Battery Life. User-friendly setup with cutting-edge technology, offering up to 2 weeks of battery life, ensuring consistent connectivity.
  • Affordable Data Plans. Subscription required with plans as low as $15.95/month annually or $21.95 monthly, featuring hassle-free cancellation and no contracts; includes unlimited support and a lifetime warranty.

The Family1st real-time GPS tracker is marketed as a car GPS system that will allow you to track anything, anytime, from anywhere. Unfortunately, the company that supports the realtime tracking for vehicle surveillance does not provide phone support and the technical support team is very slow to respond to inquiries (often 24-48 hours). Family1st GPS can be purchased for  $28.95 and the device offers a 6-month battery life when on standby time (7-10 days with activity tracking. Please be advised this is not a tracker with no monthly fee as it is advertised in some places on their website, as the data plans are required and go up to $39.95 per month.



  • Affordable data plans as low as $15.95/month.

  • Up to 2 weeks of battery life on standby.

  • Compact and easy to hide, measuring 2.8" x 1.8" x 1.1".

  • Subscription required, adding ongoing costs.

  • Slow email tech support response, taking 24-48 hours.

  • Active battery life limited to 7-10 days.Active battery life limited to 7-10 days.

Rating: 4.0/5 Stars On (1,546 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Subscription Plan Required

  • Email Tech Support (48 Hour Response Time)

  • $19.95 Monthly Subscription

  • Mini GPS Works In Canada + Mexico

  • Size: 2.8” x 1.8” x 1.1”

  • One Week Active Battery Life

  • Battery Type: 2400 mAh Li-Polymer

  • Weight: 3.60 Oz

7. Amcrest GL300 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Waterproof Magnetic GPS For Cars

Hidden GPS Tracking Device


Key Features

  • Real-Time Tracking on Multiple Devices. Offers rapid 4G LTE tracking with updates as fast as 5 seconds, accessible via desktop (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) and smartphone app (iOS/Android).
  • Advanced Alerts and Geo-Fencing. Customizable geo-fencing zones, speed limit, harsh breaking, start/stop, and proximity alerts with notifications via text, push, and email; features intelligent reporting.
  • Durable Design with Long Battery Life. Built with heavy-duty materials and IP65 weatherproof housing; the extended 2600mah battery lasts 10-14+ days on 60sec updates. Utilizes Google Maps for tracking.

Amcrest hidden GPS tracker is small, portable, and ideal for someone looking for a durable solution to monitor a car, kids, or mobile assets. Perfect for monitoring vehicles, loved ones, and assets, the sleek GPS uses 4G LTE technology to provide you with real-time location updates at lightning speed. Amcrest GPS tracker is engineered with a rechargeable battery that will give you approximately 2 weeks of real-time GPS tracking with one-minute updates. Monthly fees begin at $19.90 for 60-second updates and go up to $34.99 for real-time location updates every 5 seconds.



  • Rapid 4G LTE tracking updates as fast as 5 seconds.

  • Long battery life, lasting 10-14+ days on 60-second updates.

  • Accessible via desktop and smartphone app for convenience.

  • Heavy for its size, may affect placement flexibility.

  • Limited battery life with frequent location updates.

  • Some users may find the setup process challenging.

Rating: 4.3/5 Stars On (1,941 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Water Resistant Real Time GPS

  • Supports 20 Geofences

  • GPS Vehicle Battery Alerts

  • Compact Hidden Magnetic GPS

  • Size: 3” x 1.5” x 1”

  • 10-12 days active battery life

  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 2600 mAh

  • Weight: 3.52 Oz

8. LandAirSea 4G GPS Tracker 

Real Time GPS Tracking For Vehicle Surveillance

GPS 54 LandAirSea


Key Features

  • Real-Time GPS with 4G LTE and Satellite Technology. Ensures precise location tracking with various update intervals, requiring a monthly subscription.
  • Long Battery Life. Offers 1 to 3 weeks of battery life on regular updates and up to 6 months in “Low Power Mode”, tailored to usage needs.
  • Robust, Waterproof Design with Built-in Magnet Mount. Features a durable, waterproof build and a convenient magnet mount for easy attachment to various surfaces.

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is a top-seller on Amazon and eBay that features waterproof housing and an exterior magnet. This means no accessory waterproof case is required to monitor vehicles, assets, or employees. What makes this portable realtime GPS unique is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket, traveling backpack, or under a seat in your automobile. This means it is easy to monitor your child as they walk to school, teen driver as they travel, or employee who works in the field. With awesome features such as unlimited geofencing, real-time location updates, and proximity alerts, you can have absolute peace of mind with the LandAirSea vehicle magnetic GPS. 

LandAirSea vehicle tracking devices cost $29.95 and the monthly subscription required to track an automobile begins at $19.95.



  • Offers real-time tracking with 4G LTE and satellite.

  • Up to 6 months battery life in "Low Power Mode".

  • Durable, waterproof design with built-in magnet mount.

  • Initial cost of $29.95, plus ongoing subscription fees.

  • Battery life varies significantly based on update settings.

  • Requires monthly subscription, starting at $19.95.

Read A Real Customer Experience With LandAirSea GPS Was Gathered From Below On 9/15/23

LandAirSea GPS 54 Amazon Review

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars On (21,537 reviews as of 12/27/23)



  • Magnetic Mini GPS

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Free Phone Tech Support

  • User-Friendly GPS Tracking App

  • Size: 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 0.8″

  • 3 Week Battery Life With 3 Min Updates

  • Battery Type: Lit-Ion Rechargeable

  • One Year Warranty 

GPS Tracker With Magnet

Detecting a Magnetic GPS Tracking Device on Your Car

So you think there is a GPS tracking device on your car, now what? Well, the first step is the most obvious and that is to determine if a GPS tracker is indeed on your vehicle. Therefore, it is time to scan the automobile thoroughly to determine if a GPS tracker is attached.

Check Common Hiding Spots:

  • Under The Car: Many GPS trackers attach here using a magnetic mount.
  • OBDII Port: Located usually under the steering wheel, this discreet spot is a prime location for trackers.
  • Beneath The Seats: Grab a flashlight, inspect thoroughly, and remove all items from under the seats.

Additional Areas to Inspect:

  • Glove box
  • Center console compartment
  • Inside the dashboard (consider a professional inspection)
  • Car bumper

Always remember, that while GPS tracking can be useful, unauthorized tracking infringes on privacy rights and is illegal. However, law enforcement can use them legally under certain circumstances. The best course of action? Stay vigilant and inspect your vehicle regularly. If you value your privacy, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check these spots. Here is an article that goes into where to hide a GPS tracker on a car in much more detail.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Using a GPS Tracker with Magnet

When you’re considering a GPS tracker with magnet, it’s vital to understand the legal and ethical implications. These devices, while incredibly useful, can raise serious privacy concerns. Therefore, it’s important to use them responsibly and within legal boundaries. Different regions have varying laws about tracking vehicles or people without consent. So, always check local laws before using such a device. Remember, using a GPS tracker to monitor someone without their knowledge or consent can be illegal and unethical.

Additionally, as the user of a magnetic GPS tracker, you must respect privacy rights. For example, if you’re an employer tracking company vehicles, ensure your employees are aware and consent to being tracked. This can be done with a simple GPS tracking policy. Transparency is key to maintaining trust and ethical integrity. Also, if you’re using these trackers for personal reasons, consider the implications on personal relationships and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All GPS Trackers Have Magnets?

No, only some offer this feature. GPS asset trackers such as SpaceHawk and LandAirSea GPS 54 come equipped with a built-in magnetic mount. Others such as Tracki and SpyTec GL300 can be securely placed inside a magnetic, waterproof case. How do they work? With the help of satellites, these devices can determine your car’s location and update this data every 3 seconds. This information is swiftly sent to a remote server, refined, and then displayed on mapping platforms like Google Earth. The best part? This entire process, from locating to displaying, happens almost instantly. So, with a magnetic GPS tracker on your car, you can keep tabs on its location anytime, anywhere!

Is It Legal To Use A GPS Tracking Device?

Yes, GPS tracking devices, including those with magnets, are 100% legal to purchase and use. However, how you use them determines their legality. For instance, using a GPS tracker on a vehicle or asset you own is typically legal. This includes tracking company vehicles in a business setting. But, it’s crucial to inform employees about the trackers in their vehicles. Remember, consent plays a big role in legal usage.

On the other hand, using these devices to track someone without their consent can be illegal. This is especially true in personal contexts, like tracking a spouse’s car. Such actions can invade privacy and lead to legal consequences. Always check local laws to understand the specifics of legal GPS tracking. While owning and using a GPS tracker is legal, always ensure your usage complies with legal and ethical standards.

For more information on GPS tracking laws, please visit

Will A Magnetic GPS Tracker Fall Off My Car?

No! Magnetic trackers are engineered with powerful neodymium magnets so they can securely attach to your car. Simply put, if you place a hidden magnetic GPS tracking device under your vehicle it will not fall off. 

Do Magnets Interfere With GPS?

GPS technology uses radio waves from satellites orbiting the earth to function, and therefore, your asset GPS tracker will not be affected by magnets. However, certain situations or conditions can cause interference on a micro GPS. Some of these include tall buildings that create urban canyon environments, parking underground, or driving in a parking structure that is surrounded by concrete where the fleet GPS tracker can’t get a line of sight to the sky. In these scenarios, the structures may block the radio waves and negatively impact the signal strength.

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