Cattle GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker For Livestock

Everything is going high-tech these days, and that includes the way farms manage livestock. For centuries, a cattle brand (design seared into the hide of a cow) was used by farmers to identify cattle to their owners. Unfortunately, the cattle branding technique was not very helpful in the recovery of missing cattle. However, things began to change when GPS tracking devices began getting smaller, cheaper and easier to use. Eventually, cow tracking collars and GPS tracking devices for cattle began showing up on farms throughout the United States. But what exactly is cattle GPS tracking technology, and why should farmers consider using the technology?

What Is A Cow GPS Tracker?

Essentially, a cow GPS tracker is a solution designed to help farmers monitor livestock. How a cow GPS tracking device works is very simple. First of all, the farmer equips his cattle with a micro GPS tracking system. The livestock tracking device then will report the real time location of all the cattle on the farm. The cow GPS tracker data can be viewed on a computer or mobile phone, making it easy for a farmer to know where all his livestock is in real time. Therefore, if a farmer’s cattle get through fencing or get startled from a storm, the location of all livestock can instantly be accessed. This makes the quick and safe recovery of lost cows only a few clicks away!

Cattle GPS Tracking Ear Tags Price

Anyone farmer who has ever wondered how to track a lost cow can easily see the advantages of a cow GPS tracking device or cow tracking collar. However, another solution that has gained popularity is cattle GPS tracking ear tags. Also known as “smart ear tags“, cattle GPS tracking ear tags provide data related to where a cattle herd is grazing if cows are missing (or stolen), and real time updates on movement to determine if livestock is injured or ill. The best part about this type of livestock management solution is that it can provide both real time location-based information on cattle, but also biosecurity and data regarding animal behavior. In fact, there are cattle tracking solutions being developed in Australia right now that will provide a vast amount of information related to animal behavior. These cattle GPS tracking ear tags are currently branded as “Ceres Tags“, smart ear tags for cattle that should be available for mass purchase in 2020.

RFID Chip For Cattle

Radio frequency identification technology has been for many years as a tool to manage livestock movement. This short-range tracking technology works by equipping cattle with an RFID chip that tracks cattle as they pass through gates. The cow tracking solution is great for allowing farmers to know if a certain cow is in a certain field, along with timestamps of this data. Unfortunately, RFID chips for cattle are not highly accurate and do not offer detailed information related to cattle location. This is the benefit of using a more advanced cow GPS tracker.

There is no denying the benefits of real time GPS tracking devices in the business world, and now that same technology is helping farmers manage livestock. Farming is certainly going high-tech with cow GPS trackers.