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Real Time GPS Tracker

Real Time GPS Trackers

What Is The Best Real Time GPS Tracking Device?

Real time GPS car trackers are the best surveillance tool on the market for secretly tracking a vehicle. Whether you are looking to catch a cheating spouse or busting a teen driver speeding, the demand for live GPS trackers is higher now than ever before. The reality is there are a lot of asset trackers on the market and all offer different features from live audio to magnetic GPS mount. So what is the best real time GPS tracker? According to online reviews and expert analysis, SpaceHawk GPS is the top-rated product for real time location tracking of vehicles.

Here are the top 5 reasons why SpaceHawk is recognized as the best real time GPS tracker!

Cheating Spouse GPS Tracker

Top 5 Real Live GPS Tracking Features of SpaceHawk GPS

  1. Best real time GPS tracker app: The SpaceHawk GPS allows users to view live GPS tracking data from a user-friendly free GPS tracker app, or by logging into their online account. Historical data is stored for life so users can see where their automobile was earlier in the day, yesterday, last month, or last year!
  2. Most accurate GPS device: How accurate is cell phone GPS tracking? Not very accurate at all due to the limitations of cellular triangulation of position, but the SpaceHawk GPS utilizes satellite signals to record the most accurate positional data as fast as every 3 seconds! When this hidden GPS car tracker has a good signal it can be as accurate as 6 feet!
  3. How far can a GPS tracker work: The SpaceHawk GPS will work anywhere in the United States where cell coverage exists. Those who want to use the real time GPS tracker overseas can purchase the SpaceHawk GPS with an international SIM card where it can work in over 150 countries across the globe! Anyone intending on using the real time car GPS tracker internationally should let a sales representative know before purchase.
  4. Which is the best GPS to buy: The SpaceHawk GPSsells for only $99 per device, and the monthly subscription plans require no contracts. That is the reason the real time GPS tracker is the best value to buy!
  5. Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a car: One of the coolest features of the SpaceHawk GPS is that the real time GPS tracker was engineered with an extra-strength exterior magnet mount. This simple feature allows a person to hide a GPS tracker on a car easily!

What Is A Real Time GPS Tracker?

Real-time GPS technology gives businesses and people the ability to remotely locate any asset within seconds. This live monitoring data can be used for improving child safety, managing automotive fleets, safeguarding assets, and more. GPS Tracker Shop offers a select number of high performance live GPS tracking devices for cars or personal trackers to meet the needs of any business, government agency, or consumer vehicle tracking applications.

Real-time GPS systems utilize the same satellite technology that passive GPS units (car trackers with no monthly fees) do, but with one additional component in the unit hardware: a cellular data module. This one component is critical because it allows real-time GPS to quickly transmit stored locational data and send it to off-site servers. Once transmitted with the assistance of cellular networks, real-time GPS data arrives at off-site servers where it can be accessed using an online platform. This allows the user to log onto a website and view their automobile(s) or asset(s) live as they move! Since everything is web-based, data from real-time GPS can be seen from a smartphone, computer, or any device with an Internet connection.

Live GPS Tracking For Cars 2023

GPS Tracker Shop only offers a select and exclusive line of real-time tracking devices designed to give users instant access to mobile and personal assets. These professional-grade vehicle management solutions are widely considered by GPS enthusiasts and industry experts as the most efficient and reliable devices on the market today! Features include detailed reporting of a fleet’s performance, 4G real time location updates, and live speed alerts. This is the reason GPS trackers for vehicles are used for:

  • Business Fleet Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Elderly Driving Safety
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction
  • Teenage Driving Monitoring
  • Auto-Theft Security

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Benefits of Real-Time GPS Trackers

Also commonly referred to as active devices, real-time GPS tracking gives any user the ability to instantly locate and monitor the items that are important to them. With a number of different alerting options that include high-speed warnings and virtual fencing alerts, real-time GPS is now used to help families with dementia-stricken loved ones, special needs children with a frequency to wander, companies with small/large transportation fleets, those seeking to protect watercraft and many, many others. When a real-time GPS is equipped to any asset users can rest assured that they have the most sophisticated monitoring technology overseeing their property, valuables and loves ones.

Real-Time GPS Trackers In The Business World

Real-time GPS tracking technology is commonly used in the world of business because it can enhance fleet efficiency, provide auto-theft security, and reduce costs associated with a lack of accountability. Bad route selection, personal use of company vehicles, aggressive driving behaviors, and a number of other things related to vehicle management can all hurt profit. Although a monthly service obligation is required for any real-time GPS tracker to cover the expenses associated with data transmission over cellular networks, the cost of employees not performing, assets being stolen and decreased personal security are all vastly more expensive. Not to mention, some inefficiencies can even hurt the company brand and reputation.

Live GPS Tracking Applications
  • Automotive Security
  • Safe Teen Driving Verification
  • Senior Safety
  • Fleet Management
  • Fuel Consumption Reduction
  • Mileage Accounting

Real-Time GPS Alerts

Live GPS Tracking: When it comes to acquiring the most real-time automotive or personal locational data nothing beats the features offered from real-time GPS tracking systems. This is because real-time GPS systems not only give users the ability to locate a person, vehicle or asset 24/7, but the live GPS tracking technology is even designed to notify a business or parent the moment a potential problem arises. This is because real-time GPS trackers offer speed alerts and safety zone alerts.

Speed alerts can be used by parents to determine if a teen driver is operating a vehicle at unsafe speeds, while also helping businesses learn more about any potential liabilities that might be present if an employee is misusing company automobiles. This is critical real-time information because excessive speeding can not only add more wear and tear to a vehicle but also increase the likelihood of a driver getting involved in a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, speed alerts can not only be helpful in promoting safe driving practices in the home or business environment but they can also be life-saving.

Safety zone alerts are another one of the popular features offered by real-time GPS trackers and can be used to improve safety and security in both the home and business. Safety zones, also referenced as geo-fences, allow users to set up virtual boundaries. This is completed using an online interface, the same web-based solution used to view personal GPS tracking data. When a car enters or exits this boundary a notification is sent to one or multiple users stating that the vehicle breached the perimeter of the safe zone created. Notifications are then sent to users through email, text message, or both avenues. This can be very helpful in business applications because it will allow fleet managers to know the moment employees arrive or depart from a job site or if company vehicles are being used for personal use. The safety zones are also significant among consumer applications because they can alert parents if a child arrived home from school or notify family members if a senior loved one battling memory illness wanders off.

Top 5 Real Time GPS Tracker FAQs

  1. How Can I Track My Car With GPS? By placing a real time GPS tracker inside or outside of an automobile you can then track a car using your computer or cell phone. GPS tracking data is superimposed over a satellite mapping program such as Google Earth where you can see where a car is located, how fast it is going, and other information focused on driver activity.
  2. What Is A Good GPS Tracker For Car? The best car GPS trackers are waterproof, engineered with surface magnets, offer at least 25 hours of consecutive tracking time, and are supported with free technical assistance. According to online reviews, one of the most popular real time GPS trackers is the Live GPS Tracker 54
  3. Can GPS Tracking Be Wrong? Yes. In fact, most free gps tracker app for iphone and android are highly inaccurate because they use cell towers to triangulate position vs GPS satellite technology which is far more accurate. This is why it is advised to use a real time GPS tracking device instead of a mobile app. However, a real time GPS tracker that calls upon satellite technology is rarely ever wrong and accurate up to 6 feet.
  4. How Accurate Is A GPS Tracker? When a real time GPS tracker is equipped to a car and the GPS has a clean line of sight to the sky then the GPS tracker is accurate within 2 meters approximately.  That is accurate enough to determine what parking space a vehicle was parked in!
  5. What Is A Real Time GPS Tracker? Real time GPS tracking acquires GPS satellite signals used to determine speed, location, altitude and a comprehensive amount of other data. This information is transmitted over cell phone towers to servers where a person can see in real time where a vehicle is located. Data from a real time GPS tracker can be updated as quickly as every 3 seconds!

Real Time GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles

Consumer Advice Before Purchasing A Live GPS Tracker

GPS navigation systems are still popular among motorists, even with the various free navigation apps for smartphones such as Google Maps. However, when it comes to real-time GPS tracking, cellular apps simply do not compare to personal, portable GPS trackers. Although intelligent consumers and businesses are already aware of the higher level of performance and efficiency that GPS tracking hardware has over cellular GPS tracking apps, selecting the top-performing live GPS tracker in a marketplace flooded with different vehicle tracking options can be a challenging process. Here are some other popular live GPS trackers for vehicles:

  1. LandAirSea 54 Car Locator 
  2. Optimus Tracker
  3. Spark Nano 7 With SOS Button By Brickhouse Security 
  4. Spy Tec Mini GPS Tracker
  5. MotoSafety 4G LTE Network Tracker For Teens

What To Consider Before Buying A Real Time GPS Tracker

Before buying a real-time GPS tracker, consider the following:

  • Monthly Fees: Look for a GPS tracker that does not require any long-term contracts. Month-to-month plans with no termination fees are ideal.
  • Technical Support: Ensure that the tracker comes with free technical support. Having a device with quality customer service will make using it much easier.
  • Good Reviews: Research and read reviews of the GPS tracker you are interested in. Satisfactory ratings and positive feedback from experts are important.
  • Warranty and Technical Support: Find out what type of post-sale support the provider offers, such as a one-year warranty and 24/7 technical support.
  • Design Features: Consider the design features of the tracker, such as size, weight, magnet mount, and durability, to ensure it fits your needs.
  • Price: Determine your budget and compare prices of different GPS trackers to find one that fits your budget while still offering the features you need.
  • User-Friendliness: Make sure the mobile app that comes with the GPS tracker is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Refresh Rate: Consider the refresh rate of the tracker, which is the frequency at which it updates its location. A higher refresh rate means more accurate and up-to-date information.

By considering these 8 factors you can make an informed decision and invest in a live GPS tracker that will meet your needs.