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Equipment For Private Investigators

5 Best Surveillance Equipment For Private Investigators

Did you know that the same surveillance equipment called upon by private detectives can legally be purchased online? From night vision goggles to tactical gear and everywhere in between, if you want to conduct your own investigation it has never been easier! Therefore, if you believe your spouse is cheating or suspect an employee of stealing at work, the best thing you can do is find out the truth using investigator equipment. But what is the best spy equipment? Below are the most commonly used types of surveillance gear you can purchase online for less than $100! 

1. GPS Car Tracker – Best Spy Product For PIs

SpaceHawk: Best GPS Tracker 2024

Best GPS Tracker For Car


  • Best Overall Wireless Live GPS Tracker Among Private Detectives 
  • Secretly Track A Vehicle From Your Mobile Phone 24/7
  • Discover Everywhere Anybody Goes Without Them Knowing

If you believe your husband is cheating and want to find out what is really going on, the best thing you can invest in is a GPS tracking system. GPS tracking devices are wireless, waterproof, and engineered with magnet mounts so they can easily be placed on the outside of your spouse’s car. Private detectives can place a GPS tracker under a vehicle and then remotely monitor that automobile to discover everywhere a driver goes. This includes the physical addresses and how long the person was at each location. There is no better surveillance equipment that you can buy for less than $100 that will help you catch a cheating partner than a hidden GPS vehicle tracker.



  • Top-Rated Mini GPS Tracker Under $100

  • Free Tech Support + One Year Warranty 

  • Legally Find Out The Truth 

  • Smallest Magnetic Mini Real Time GPS

  • Size: D: 2.275" H: 0.945"

  • SIM Card Included 

  • Waterproof Design 

  • Battery Life 1-3 Weeks

2. Listening Devices – Best Audio Spy Equipment

64GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice

  • High-quality sound with sensitive microphones.

  • Voice-activated recording for efficient space use.

  • Easy file transfer; MP3/WAV compatible. Doubles as an MP3 music player.


Voice-activated audio recorders hold a pivotal role in private investigation, ranking second in popularity. These devices, discreet and efficient, operate on a straightforward principle. When private investigators need to gather evidence, they strategically place these recorders in the target’s vehicle or residence. Upon detecting sound, these recorders spring into action, ensuring no crucial conversation goes unnoticed. This method becomes a powerful tool, allowing investigators to gather vital information discreetly and effectively. The use of voice-activated recorders is particularly beneficial in specific scenarios:

  • Infidelity Investigations: Captures conversations that can confirm or dispel suspicions of unfaithfulness.
  • Child Custody Cases: Records interactions that may influence custody decisions, ensuring the child’s best interests.
  • Spousal Abuse Situations: Documents evidence of abuse, which can be critical in legal proceedings.
  • Corporate Espionage: Monitors for unauthorized disclosure of sensitive business information.
  • Insurance Fraud Cases: Gathers evidence on false claims and deceitful practices.

In each scenario, the recorder acts as an unseen witness, capturing moments that might otherwise remain undiscovered. This spy equipment’s ability to remain inactive until needed makes it an energy-efficient option, conserving battery life for extended periods. For private investigators, it’s not just about recording voices; it’s about finding the necessary evidence to reach a conclusion.

Learn more about voice recorders for child custody at the Berkley Technology Law Journal

3. Bug Detector

GPS Bug DetectorAre you worried that an ex-partner has a hidden nanny camera in your home and remote control to see everything you are doing in your residence? Maybe you suspect your employer might be using security equipment and tools to spy on you while you are on the job. If you have conducted surveillance sweeps at a basic level, it is important to utilize bug detection equipment if you really want to reinforce your privacy. Hidden camera detector devices can pick up GPS and RF signals, allowing you to instantly find any type of spy equipment that could be monitoring you. We would highly recommend anyone who stays at an Airbnb invest in a bug and camera detector.  

4. Hidden Spy Cameras

In a recent article in The Atlantic, journalist and author Sidney Fussell wrote about how spy cameras and hidden covert cameras in household items such as smoke detectors were being used in Airbnbs to spy on guests. Although these types of surveillance applications are certainly nefarious at best, those same tools designed to capture videos and photos can be utilized at home or in the workplace for good causes. For example, a hidden camera in the workplace can be used for security purposes if a crime is committed on the job such as an employee stealing from an employer. At home, remote-control video camera solutions (nanny cams) can be used to record babysitters who could be abusing children.

5. Phone Spy Software

Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording Device, iPhone And Android Mobile Recorder

Spyware and investigative apps are another way people can find out the truth and bust a cheating partner. The one drawback of investigative apps is that they need to be installed on an iPhone or Android device, and that can be challenging if your partner is indeed having an affair. But if you are lucky enough to gain access to their mobile device, you should consider using a spyware app if you have ever asked the following questions:

  • Is there an app where you can see your spouse’s text messages?
  • How can my wife read my text messages?
  • How to spy on your spouse phone without them knowing

Be Your Own Private Detective

Why should you consider investing in electronic devices or pieces of equipment designed for surveillance over just hiring an expert who specializes in surveillance techniques? The answer is money.. However, when you invest in a spy pen, real time GPS, security cam, or other surveillance product, you can conduct the investigation yourself at a fraction of the cost! In fact, hidden devices to track vehicles can be purchased for less than $100 and come with free technical support so there will be someone available to help you if you need that assistance Here’s why doing it yourself is beneficial:

  • Cost-Effective: Purchase hidden devices for tracking vehicles for under $100.
  • Free Support: Many products come with technical support, offering help when needed.
  • Control: You have direct control over the surveillance process.
  • Discretion: Conduct investigations discreetly, without involving outsiders.

However, be aware of legal considerations:

  • Privacy Laws: Understand and respect privacy laws in your area.
  • Consent: In some regions, recording audio requires the consent of the person being recorded.
  • Ethical Use: Use surveillance equipment ethically and responsibly.

By taking on the role of a private detective, you gain financial and operational advantages. Remember, the key is to stay informed about legal restrictions to avoid potential issues. With the right approach, you can conduct effective investigations independently.

Spy Equipment Private Detectives

Equipment For Private Investigators – FAQs

Private investigators typically use equipment like GPS trackers, audio recorders, and spy cameras. Why? Because these tools are affordable and require no special security training for operation. In fact, many of these devices also come with free technical support to assist in their use. If you’re looking to conduct surveillance or catch a cheating spouse, consider the top 5 surveillance devices mentioned in this article. However, always remember to use this equipment responsibly and within legal boundaries.

Are you worried your ex-husband or ex-wife is tracking you? Maybe they even hired a professional to spy on you? If you so, here are some common signs that a cheating partner may be being followed by a private detective:

  • Observing a person or vehicle following you repeatedly
  • Unexpected phone calls or hang-ups
  • Presence of unusual technology (such as cameras or recording equipment)
  • Unusual or increased attention to their phone or computer activities
  • Sudden changes in their behavior, such as increased aggression or hostility

Absolutely not! If you are worried your ex-husband or ex-wife has hired someone to tap your cell phone you should know that private investigators cannot legally bug cell phones. Wiretapping is illegal and requires a warrant from a court of law. Unlawful interception of electronic communications is a serious crime and violators can face penalties including fines and imprisonment.

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