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GPS Child Tracking Pendants Infographic

GPS Child Tracking Pendant

7 Best GPS Child Tracking Pendants For Safety

Finding a GPS tracker for kids shouldn’t be daunting, but comparing initial costs and the monthly subscription price can give anyone a headache! There are so many trackers for kids available online, and it can be hard to decide which kids’ GPS tracker would be best for your situation.

To help, we created this short list of the 7 best GPS child tracking pendants, smartwatches, and necklaces! Tracking devices like these can give you peace of mind while you track your child on their way to school, driving around with their friends, or traveling abroad. Now, let’s take a closer look at these smart devices, the upfront cost, and our picks for the top child GPS trackers for personal safety! 

Fact: According to Child Find of America, nearly 2,300 kids go missing every day in the USA. 

Apple Air Tag – Best Wearable GPS For Tracking Child



Can I use AirTags to track my kids? The answer is Yes! In fact, an Apple AirTag is the most popular kids’ GPS tracker or pendant-style monitoring device on the market today! It’s a Bluetooth tracker for kids that has no monthly cost beyond the initial price of your Apple phone!

This Apple tracker uses a range of signal types, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and a proprietary system called “Precision Finding,” utilizing Apple’s Ultra Wideband technology. The ultra-high frequencies used in precision finding create spatial awareness to direct you and give a “time of flight” between you and where the Air Tag rests. Besides its’ great tracking features, kids can have fun with a pop-it-style wearable GPS AirTag bracelet or one with a cool animal character.

That sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s a budget-friendly kids’ GPS tracking device with no monthly costs! However, these smart tags are only compatible with Apple phones 11 and up, meaning they cannot be used with older models and have limited use with Android applications. With no subscription, there’s no cellular service, so Apple Air Tags must rely on nearby Apple phones to provide a location update. 

Bewinner GPS Necklace Tracker For Kids



Necklaces can be worn throughout school without giving a child their own cell phone or smart watch. You wouldn’t expect this small pendant to have a great battery life, but the Bewinner GPS necklace tracker for kids can last up to 5 days when updating every 10 minutes! Throw geo-fencing, two-way voice calling, and international travel abilities into the mix, and you’ve got a top pick!

Before heading to the Virgin Islands, Saudi Arabia, the Falkland Islands, or El Salvador, be sure to get compatible SIM cards for your cell phones and tracker devices. Bewinner’s GPS tracker is carrier-agnostic, so your monthly subscription can be paid through your normal carrier or another international cellular service.

Jiobit Child Tracker – Best For Clothing



Of course, there’s an inherent problem with GPS tracking devices for kids: how do you get it on them? The company behind the Jiobit child tracker designed their product around this idea. In the box, this GPS tracker comes with a hemlock clip, a strap clip, and a secure loop attachment, ensuring it can fit on shoes, clothing, backpacks, and more.

It’s a personal GPS tracker built with kids in mind! Water-resistant and shockproof, the Jiobit child GPS tracker is meant to go where your kids go! With 7 to 10 days of battery life, you can keep up to date on your child’s locations and location history through Jiobit’s application compatible with Apple and Android devices. 

Angelsense – Best Kid GPS Tracker With SOS Button



Emergencies happen at any point, so your child must be able to call for help. The AngelSense GPS personal tracker has that extra bit to keep your family safe!

No one could say that the AngelSense was lacking in special features! A built-in SOS button ensures your kid or elderly parent can call for help, while a two-way voice calling feature lets you speak with them or call for help from anyone passing by. With that, the always-on approach to GPS tracking creates a style of proactive monitoring that can alert you when your kid has yet to reach a trusted location or leaves too early.

For parents and guardians of kids with special needs or seniors battling dementia, the AngelSense GPS tracking device can offer much-needed peace of mind. A unique locking mechanism with a magnetic key can keep this GPS device safely attached to clothes throughout the day, ensuring accuracy in location tracking.

Apple SE – Best Apple Watch For Kid’s Safety



A great thing about the Apple SE watch is that you no longer need an iPhone present to use it. Many have gotten an Apple watch to track location and fitness metrics, but these newer models with cellular capability are great as smartwatches for kids because they also enable video calling and text messaging features without an accompanying iPhone.

This GPS watch combines a fitness tracker, music player, and payment device into a fashionable kid’s watch they’re sure to cherish and protect. Kids can even monitor and control smart home security systems to let themselves into the house while you’re away at work or the store. More than a kids’ GPS tracker watch, the Apple Watch SE helps to encourage individuality, responsibility, and maturity!

Mini A9 GPS Tracker Necklace



The Mini A9 GPS Tracker Necklace is designed for convenience and ease of use, with a lightweight and comfortable design that can be worn around the neck or attached to any object. It is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in any weather.

This tracker has a long battery life, lasting up to 7 days on a single charge, and a low power consumption mode that allows it to run for up to 30 days on a single charge.

In addition to providing real-time tracking, it also has an SOS button for emergencies and a two-way calling feature to stay in touch with loved ones.

Lil Trackers – Small Wearable Personal GPS



GPS smartwatches have become a popular method of giving kids GPS-tracking devices they will actually use. However, not everyone can afford kids’ GPS tracker watches like the Apple Watch SE or other popular models.

Like the Xplora X5 Play tracker watch, the LilTrackers GPS tracker watch is a paired-down version that offers the same 4G LTE real-time GPS tracking services. These kids’ smartwatches are customizable with 10 different watch faces they can get a replacement watch band in blue, pink, purple, and black to really make it their own!

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GPS Child Tracking Pendants Infographic

Child Tracking Pendant & Wearable GPS Device FAQs

How Far Do Child GPS Pendants Work?

Some kids’ GPS tracker devices can double as a car GPS tracker when driving around town or traveling abroad.

Many mini GPS tracker devices for kids will work outside major metropolitan areas in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Hong Kong and can be taken to places like the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and the United Arab Emirates. Likely, you’ll need an international SIM card to enable a real-time GPS personal tracker to work in these areas.

Not all places will have 4G GPS service for GPS trackers and devices. Use backup units like an Apple AirTag as a kid tracker in crowded areas where possible.

Are GPS Necklace Trackers Safe For Kids To Wear?

Typically, a GPS necklace tracker will be safe for kids to wear. However, depending on your child’s allergy level, you may wish to check the manufacturer’s specifications on the materials used.

Devices like the Jiobit and AngelSense are designed to be worn on clothing, so skin sensitivity issues may not be an issue. The magnetic locks of the AngleSense and the multiple clipping options of the Jiobit enable more creative placements for these pendant GPS tracking devices.

Benefits of Child Tracking Pendants

Beyond having access to the realtime location of your loved ones, there are many other benefits to using GPS trackers for kids:

  • Ensure they remain at school during normal school hours.
  • Offer your kids a chance for independence while guaranteeing their safety.
  • Mark off trusted areas of the map with geo-fences and get notified when your child leaves these boundaries.
  • GPS smartwatches for kids like Lil Trackers’ GPS watch offer two-way voice calling and texting for check-ins.
  • Some work during international travel to areas like Papa New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Vatican City, and the Virgin Islands.
  • Many also have an SOS button that allows a child to automatically call for help at any moment and update the parent or guardian with the exact location of the child.
  • Location history can show a pattern of behavior, detailing how much time kids spend at school versus their friends’ houses or the local arcade.

Drawbacks of Child Tracking Pendants

Let’s face it: not everything can be roses and chocolates when it comes to finding a small watch or pendant GPS tracker for kids. Here are some issues you might run across when tracking your kids:

  • Personal information, such as a child’s location history or real-time location, may be collected by tracker devices and sold to third parties.
  • You might need to recharge tracker devices every few days because of their small batteries.
  • Accurate location tracking may not be available in areas with poor GPS coverage.
  • GPS tracking devices such as a watch or necklace could potentially be lost by the child if they’re playing or forget to put them back on after a sporting event.
  • The monthly costs of a subscription required to keep necklaces and GPS watches for kids activated might be a financial burden.
  • Some tracker devices may require a contract lasting up to a year or more.

Features That Matter In A Kids GPS Tracker

Every parent should be able to experience the peace of mind that comes with trackers for kids. Often, there is a subscription required with monthly fees to activate cellular SIM cards inside a mini personal GPS tracker like those on this list. We tried to find GPS trackers for kids with monthly costs that fit most budgets, but please let us know your successes with any other kid locator devices you have used.

Other features that matter in a GPS tracker for kids are the extra data that you can access and the privacy agreements regarding your child’s personal information. Many of these companies are COPPA-compliant, meaning they adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. This congressional act allows parents to access any information about their children that was gathered by companies and websites, such as user records and login information.

Of that extra data, you can create maps of your child’s location history, get notified of emergencies with the push of an SOS button, see if your kids are skipping school, or know if they’re outside of their comfort zones all from computer and smartphone applications designed with parents in mind.

Our Top Pick To Track Your Child

There are many factors to weigh when deciding which kids’ GPS personal tracker to purchase, but we can’t pick just one; all the best features can’t be found in a single unit. This conclusion was from hands-on testing based on our stringent evaluation methods. Two-way talk and text is a great feature of GPS smartwatches from Lil Trackers, but it’s unavailable on the Jiobit. Special locking mechanisms aren’t available with the Mini A9 pendant tracker, while they are for the AngelSense. And the long battery life of up to a year from Apple AirTags is only a dream of models like the Bewinner GPS.

Your situation may call for a specific feature, so do your own research to find which GPS tracker for kids might be your top pick. Your child’s safety may depend on tracking devices like these at any moment; make sure it’s the right one for your kid.

Do you need help finding the best child GPS trackers? Give one of the security experts at GPS Tracker Shop a call at 1-855-922-8100. Reps are available 7 days a week to answer all your GPS tracking questions.

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