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Best ATV GPS Tracker 2024

You’re not alone in loving ATV rides. In fact, some of your best memories might be from riding on trails or the desert in places like Glamis or Ocotillo Wells. Sadly, the enjoyment ATVs makes them a frequently target among thieves. How frequently? Approximately 25,000 per year according to a 2017 report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). So what you can you do to protect your all terrain vehicles? The answer is GPS tracking. In this article, we will help you choose the best GPS tracker for your ATV so you can secure your valuable off-road assets. 

So what is the best ATV GPS tracker? After looking at online reviews, pricing, and features the vehicle tracking device that was most popular among all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts for ATV security was the SpaceHawk GPS.

9 Best ATV Tracking Devices 2024

We know that ATVs are frequently targeted by thieves and are much less likely to be recovered safely by police, so what can you do to quickly recover stolen ATVs? The answer is with portable GPS trackers. But what ATV tracking devices are the best? Below is our list of the top 10 GPS units designed to help you track your ATV! Please note that this article simple lists the top ATV GPS tracking solutions and is not a ranking. We encourage you to do your own research on any of the GPS tracking solutions mentioned in this article!


Best GPS Tracker For Car


  • Locate Your ATV In Seconds!
  • Waterproof With Magnet Mount!
  • A Must Have For Desert Trips!

Attach this waterproof real time GPS on any off-road vehicle and get instant access to its location! The magnet mount makes it easy to hide this ATV GPS tracking system on any motor vehicle, giving you the ultimate security solution for your all-terrain vehicle! Always know the real-time location of your assets,  set speed alerts to know how fast people are riding your sports equipment, and secure your ATVs with the latest in theft recovery technology!


How To Your Prevent ATV From Being Stolen – Expert Security Tips

Theft Protection Indoors And Outdoors

ATV theft is an unfortunate reality, and it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to protect your valuable off-road vehicle. A combination of security measures can significantly reduce the risk of theft and provide you with peace of mind when enjoying your ATV adventures. Here are some comprehensive security tips to safeguard your ATV:

  • Equip your ATV with a real-time GPS tracker. Choose a waterproof, hidden GPS device for better security and protection.
  • Use a heavy-duty lock. Secure your ATV with a robust lock when not in use to deter thieves.
  • Store in a secure location. Keep your ATV in a locked garage or storage facility when not in use.
  • Remove keys. Always take the keys out of your ATV to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Record serial numbers. Keep a record of your ATV’s serial number and other identifying information for reference in case of theft.
  • Install an alarm system. Adding an alarm to your ATV can help deter potential thieves and alert you to unauthorized access.
  • Use a cover. Conceal your ATV with a cover, making it less attractive to thieves.
  • Park smart. When possible, park your ATV in a well-lit, secure area with plenty of visibility.
  • Mark your ATV. Engrave or use a marking system to make your ATV easily identifiable, which can deter thieves and help with recovery.
  • Opt for a GPS tracker with instant movement alerts. Be alerted the moment your ATV is moved, giving you time to react and prevent theft.

The source for ATV theft stats can be found by CLICKING HERE!


Top GPS Trackers For ATV Tracking

  1. SpaceHawk ATV Trackers
  2. Oyster2 4G GPS Tracking Solutions (Subscription Required)
  3. LandAirSea 54 Fleet GPS (No Monthly Fee)
  4. Trackimo 3G GPS (Hidden Fee)
  5. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7 Vehicle Tracker
  6. Trak-4 Vehicle GPS (Monthly Fee)
  7. Tracki GPS Vehicle Tracker (Hidden Fees)
  8. Optimus Location Tracking Systems
  9. SpyTec Real Time Tracking
  10. Family 1st GPS Solutions (Hidden Fee)

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How Real Time GPS Trackers Protect All Terrain Vehicles From Theft – Key Benefits

Let me break this down and make it as simple as possible so you can easily understand why real time GPS trackers are the perfect tool to safeguard your ATV from theft. GPS tracking devices are NOT the navigation type systems you would use if you were wondering, “What’s the best GPS for ATV trails?“. GPS asset trackers are designed to be portable, waterproof, hidden, and easily attached to any ATV so you will always know where your all terrain vehicle is located. The fleet tracking devices provide a real time location on an ATV 24/7, along with instant movement alerts! These live GPS trackers have powerful surface magnets that also make it easy to hide the tracker anywhere on the ATV. And don’t worry because the magnets are ridiculously strong so the tracking device won’t fall off. Now, let’s look at more of the key benefits of ATV GPS trackers!

Real-Time Location Monitoring

Access precise location data with the advanced GPS tracker anytime, anywhere. Locate your ATV accurately in real-time, even in remote areas, forests, off-road, or moors—ideal places for ATVs. Monitor your loved ones’ travels and assess the safety of their location with the real-time tracker.

Finding Paths

ATVs serve various purposes, but their primary use is for recreation. Use them for off-road, hill riding, camping, etc. These locations are often isolated, lacking signboards. Getting lost during ATV rides is possible. In such cases, an ATV GPS tracker proves beneficial for finding your way back through its navigation feature.

Theft Alert and Recovery

Protect your investment wisely. An ATV with full specs and a mid-size engine can cost up to $10,000. This cost is a compelling reason to secure it with a GPS tracker. In the event of theft, you can recover it before it’s sold or dismantled. GPS trackers provide real-time locations for faster police recovery. Opt for a comprehensive GPS solution with motion sensors and alarms to address issues promptly.

Instant Alerts On Crossing Geofences

Untrained family members may struggle with control, especially at high speeds. On even terrain, handling is manageable. However, irregular surfaces pose challenges, leading to frequent crashes, some fatal. Prevent mishaps by training family members or setting up Geofences. GPS tracker Geofencing defines virtual boundaries, alerting when crossed, creating safer routes and avoiding high-risk areas.

Helpful In Many Sports

Engage in various sports with ATVs like Quad Racing, Hill Climbing, Snow Racing, etc. A GPS tracker aids in finding optimal paths, analyzing driving behavior, and determining race position. Racing team managers benefit from real-time racer positions and enhanced game analysis.

Alerts You On Speeding

Associate ATVs with thrill. Lending to someone excited with speed risks reckless driving, exceeding limits, and neglecting safety. Use an ATV GPS tracker for speeding alerts, receiving notifications via email, text, or the companion app when preset speed limits are crossed.


Ride ATVs in muddy areas? Opt for an advanced, water-resistant GPS tracker. Consider an IP64-rated tracker to even track locations underwater.

Portable And Compact Devices

Use portable GPS trackers for your ATV. Carry them anywhere, fitting into small spaces. Even without dedicated space, pocket or mount options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Easy Is It To Steal An ATV?

Stealing an ATV can be relatively easy for thieves, as these vehicles often lack built-in security features found in cars and are more accessible due to their smaller size and off-road storage locations. Sadly, stolen ATVs are actually less likely to be recovered because ATVs are easier to hide from law enforcement.

Can I Use A GPS Tracker To Manage A Fleet of ATVs or UTVs?

Yes! Fleet GPS trackers help monitor multiple vehicles simultaneously. These GPS units allow you to track location, speed, and route for each ATV rider in your group, benefiting businesses offering ATV rentals or guided tours.

Do ATV GPS Devices Offer Theft Alerts And Extra Security Measures?

Yes, the top GPS trackers for ATVs and snowmobiles come with theft alerts, notifying you of unauthorized movement. In fact, you can easily set a geofence to get an email or text alert so you can instantly track your ATVs location if it goes missing.

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