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Best ATV GPS Tracker 

We all love riding ATVs. Seriously, the best times in my life were spent in the desert in places like Glamis or Octatillo Wells riding dirt bikes and ATVs with my family and friends. For those not familiar with ATVs, the acronym “ATV” refers to all-terrain vehicle, which basically means a motorized off-highway vehicle. Something your ride outdoors, not on the highways or public streets. Unfortunately, ATVs are so much fun that they can often be targeted by thieves. Typically, tweakers jacked up on meth and Monster Energy drinks. If you recently purchased a new Arctic Cat or Polaris and want to safeguard your toy then this is the article for you! 

So what is the best ATV GPS tracker? After looking at online reviews, pricing, and features the device that was most popular among all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts was the SpaceHawk GPS.

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How Do I Keep My ATV From Being Stolen?

The best way to protect your ATV from being stolen is to equip it with real time GPS tracker. Preferably, something that can be hidden on the ATV and out of sight from the thief.

In 2016, over 21,000 ATVs were stolen with nearly 20% of those thefts occurring in July and August. That means if you are taking your ATV out for a trip to the desert or other crowded area in the desert it might be a good idea to invest in a live GPS tracker for ATV to protect that asset.

The source for ATV theft stats can be found here.

How Real Time GPS Trackers Protect All Terrain Vehicles From Theft

Let me break this down and make it as simple as possible so you can easily understand why real time GPS trackers are the perfect tool to safeguard your ATV from theft. GPS tracking devices are NOT the navigation type systems you would use if you were wondering, “What’s the best GPS for ATV trails?“. GPS trackers are designed to be portable, waterproof, hidden, and easily attached to any ATV so the owner of that all-terrain vehicle will always know where their outdoor vehicle is located. These live GPS trackers have powerful surface magnets that also make it easy to hide the tracker anywhere on the ATV. And don’t worry because the magnets are ridiculously strong so the tracking device won’t fall off. 

Live GPS tracking devices can also be programmed to send out a real time alert to your cell phone or email address the moment your ATV is moved. That will allow you to quickly track down and recover your all-terrain vehicle!