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How We Test Security Products

Methodology – How GPS Tracker Shop Tests The Latest Security Devices

Are you in the market for a GPS tracking device but unsure of which one to choose? Look no further! Our team of security experts and writers have thoroughly tested and evaluated a wide range of personal GPS tracking products and other security equipment. Why? To provide you with the most current reviews of the best devices on the market. From accuracy and battery life to ease of use and additional features, we’ve got you covered. Our in-depth testing process ensures that you can trust our unbiased reviews, opinions, and expertise so you can make an informed decision when purchasing any security equipment. And how exactly do we test and evaluate products? That starts with research and testing!

GPS Tracker Shop Methodology

Research & Testing – How We Do It

  • Research the most recognized and popular security products currently on Amazon,, and online spy shops.
  • Find the products creating a buzz and check out the reviews based on their popularity and availability.
  • Obtain the selected products for testing and hands-on evaluation.
  • Evaluate the products based on a number of factors such as price, accuracy, technical support, battery life, and ease of use.
  • Test each product according to the established criteria.
  • Record and analyze the results of the tests.
  • Evaluate the overall performance of each product and document any issues or concerns.

How We Uncover Excellence: A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Product Evaluation and Testing Methodology

So how exactly does GPS Tracker Shop research and evaluate the latest security equipment on the market? The answer is simple: we get our hands dirty! That means buying products online, getting them in-house, and working with them in real-world conditions to see which ones are the best of the best. Here is a breakdown of how our process works!

  1. Start by setting up each GPS device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Test the GPS vehicle tracker’s accuracy by comparing its reported location to the actual location.
  3. Test the battery life by turning on the asset tracker and leaving it running until the battery is completely depleted.
  4. Evaluate the device’s ease of use by testing its user interface, mobile app, and overall ease of use.
  5. Take note of any additional features, such as low battery life alerts, geofencing, and high-speed alerts, and test them.
  6. Record all the test results and compare them to the manufacturer’s claims.
  7. Finally, evaluate the overall performance of each device and document any issues or concerns.

Our Objective

Simply put, find the best GPS satellite tracking and personal safety devices so you can protect your family, business, or personal assets.