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Kentucky GPS Tracking Laws

GPS Tracking Laws In Kentucky

Everything You Need To Know About Kentucky Laws For GPS Tracking Devices

Before you invest in a GPS device to track someone’s vehicle it is important that you follow Kentucky law so you do not violate a person’s Fourth Amendment privileges. This article will go over Kentucky laws and how they outline the proper and improper use of devices to track a person’s vehicle.

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GPS trackers have been used by private investigators for years to discover what someone is really doing. Simply place the vehicle tracking device underneath any automobile to find out the truth. With a waterproof case, extended battery pack, and real time GPS tracking data you can view right from your cell phone, there has never been an easier way to get the answers you deserve! 

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Tracking A Vehicle In Louisville, KY

GPS tracking laws in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and any city in Kentucky all fall under the same state law. First of all, you have every legal right to track any vehicle you own, and you can legally purchase any GPS device designed for tracking a vehicle. So if you suspect your husband or wife is cheating you can legally track their automobile as you are the vehicle owner. Kentucky law also allows you to track any underage family member so if you ever wanted to make sure your teen driver was not driving dangerously you could legally track them without requiring consent. 

Is It Illegal To Use A Tracker On Someone’s Car In Kentucky?

GPS trackers are 100% legal to purchase in the state of Kentucky. However, it is illegal to enter the inside of someone else’s vehicle to hide a GPS device without a search warrant as the inside of a car is considered private property. Therefore, if you are not the vehicle owner and want to secretly track someone’s car you would need to:

  1. Place the GPS tracking device under the target vehicle 
  2. Make sure you are on public property when you place the tracker on the vehicle 
  3. Do not violate the person’s safety or cause them any harm

In the United States vs. Jones, the Supreme Court was involved in a drug crime case where police equipped a live GPS tracker on Jones’ vehicle to gather evidence. However, the police did not first acquire a warrant before using the vehicle tracking device. The criminal defense argued that by not first acquiring a warrant that Jones’ rights were violated. The court ruled that Jones’ rights were violated and that evidence gathered by law enforcement was inadmissible. This ruling changed criminal justice and the way police conducted investigations with a vehicle GPS tracker. 

Amanda’s Law Kentucky

Amanda’s Law” was created after Amanda Ross, a victim of domestic violence, was shot and killed outside of her Lexington, KY home. This legislation allows any judge in Kentucky to order electronic surveillance via GPS monitoring for domestic violence offenders. The tracking devices give law enforcement the reasonable expectation to see where a private citizen accused of domestic violence is located 24/7. The law governs that GPS technology can be used in order to protect victims.

Kentucky laws constantly change so before you use a hidden camera, voice recorder, GPS device, or any surveillance or counter-surveillance product please make sure you first speak with a law firm to avoid any legal issues. A Kentucky attorney involved with criminal law or even family law should be able to provide the most accurate information regarding the legality of tracking another persons’ automobile. Therefore, the information contained in this article should not be considered legal advice!