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Smallest GPS Tracker Solution

Smallest GPS Tracker

Smallest GPS Tracker Solutions – 10 Best Mini GPS Trackers

Are you looking for the smallest GPS tracker to keep tabs on something or someone? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a list of the 10 smallest GPS tracking devices that pack a punch. From discreet designs to powerful tracking capabilities, these mini trackers offer convenience, portability, and peace of mind. Whether you want to safeguard your belongings, monitor your loved ones, or track a vehicle, this list will guide you to the smallest real time GPS trackers.


GPS Tracker


  • Get The Exact Location Of Any Vehicle
  • Secretly Track Any Car With Live Locations 24/7
  • Discover The Truth

SpaceHawk GPS GIF

SpaceHawk is the world’s smallest GPS for secretly monitoring vehicles. Are you worried your spouse is unfaithful? Do you want to receive alerts when your drivers are speeding? If you want answers, this discreet tracking device will give you them! Simply attach the SpaceHawk realtime GPS under any car and you can track vehicle locations instantly. And the best part? You even have access to historical data so you can review historical location information. That means you can go back and see where your employees or a possible cheating partner has been!





  • Built-in magnet

  • Waterproof & compact

  • Fast location updates

  • Long standby mode

  • Google Maps & alerts

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 weeks

  • Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

  • Weight: <1 lb

  • Standby Time: 180 days

  • Includes: SIM card

As of 3/15/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • Updates location as fast as every 3 seconds.

  • Waterproof and magnetic for easy placement.

  • Historical data access for comprehensive tracking.

  • Requires purchase price of $29 (discounted from $129).

  • Battery recharge needed every 2-3 weeks.

  • The small size could make it easier to lose.

smallest GPS tracker infographic
GPS Tracker

AngelSense – Smallest GPS Tracker For Special Needs


  • Emergency Search Tools: Share live location with search team, audible alarm for finding.

  • Assistive Speakerphone: Talk to your child anytime, answer their calls automatically.

  • Track Autism & Special Needs: Real-time location, alerts for elopement & dangerous situations.

AngelSense GPS is the ultimate solution designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This mini GPS tracker provides unmatched confidence and security to both autistic individuals and their caregivers. With AngelSense, you can easily track every movement and route, ensuring the utmost safety for your loved ones.

What sets AngelSense apart is its exceptional performance and affordability. This advanced GPS locator rivals even the most expensive options on the market, providing accurate location data at a fraction of the cost. The mini portable device is secured with customized and sensory-friendly wearables. In fact, the mini GPS remains intact and cannot be removed without a special parent key!

With AngelSense’s two-way voice feature and auto-pickup speakerphone, you can maintain constant communication with your loved one. Why is this important? You can track your kid’s whereabouts; it’s about being able to guide and support them in real-time. And what else do well love about this GPS locator? In emergency situations, you can easily share your loved one’s location with rescue teams. Moreover, the mini GPS tracker fully complies with school regulations, making it suitable for various environments and activities.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Size: 2.4″ x 1.7″ x 0.63″
  • 2-Way Voice Communication
  • SOS button
  • Weight: 1.4 Oz

Bottom Line: AngelSense GPS is one of the best GPS tracking devices designed to help you track your loved ones with Autism. With AngelSense, you can provide the utmost care and protection for your cherished family members.





  • Real-time tracking

  • Assistive speakerphone

  • Intelligent iAlerts

  • Emergency search tools

  • Non-removable wearing sleeve

  • Subscription: $49.99/month

  • Battery: Full-day

  • Size: 1.73 x 2.4 x 0.63 inches

  • Weight: 1.4 oz

  • App: iOS, Android, PC

As of 3/14/2024

4.1 Stars | 729 Ratings



  • Free service for the first month, easy activation.

  • Assistive speakerphone with auto pickup feature.

  • Easy-to-use app for iOS, Android, or PC.

  • Monthly subscription of $49.99 required after the first month.

  • Requires a 1-year contract commitment.

  • Limited to 60 voice minutes per month.


Positive Review Review - August 3, 2020

I bought this for my 15-year-old son, who has autism and is nonverbal. I love that I am able to call the device and listen to how he is doing. It’s very helpful that it automatically answers the call without him having to press anything. Seeing where he is every moment of the day and getting alerts on anything unexpected is a literal lifesaver. Love it.

Tim W

Negative Review Review - November 12, 2022

I have not found this system very useful at all. If the device calls you, there is no way to shut off the call, and it uses your allotted time. If you listen to the device, it is glitchy at best. The noise it makes is not audible enough to find the person, and in a small area, it doesn't track as accurately as I expected. I kept this thing going way too long, hoping I would get some use out of it.

Read a comprehensive review of this GPS product by PC Magazine

Apple Watch Series 8 – Best Wearable Tracker

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Health Master: Track sleep, heart, oxygen, even temperature for deeper health insights.

  • Safety Guardian: Auto-calls for help if you fall or have a car crash. SOS help at a button press.Safety Guardian: Auto-calls for help if you fall or have a car crash. SOS help at a button press.

  • Your Style: Endless choices in sizes, bands, and watch faces - customize it all.

The Apple Watch Series 8 stands out as the top choice among smartwatches, doubling as an exceptional wearable GPS tracker. This remarkable device not only helps you understand your health and optimize your workouts with reliable data insights, but it also offers the convenience of sending texts, making phone calls, and streaming music without the need for your mobile phone. Yeah, this wearable tracker is pretty freaking awesome!

Customizability is a key feature of the Apple Watch Series 8, allowing you to personalize it to match your specific needs and preferences. Beyond its impressive fitness capabilities, this durable device is water-resistant and dust-resistant, making it suitable for various activities, including swimming. And what doe we love most about this wearable tracker? The health features like blood oxygen level monitoring, sleep stage tracking, and insights into women’s health. Yes, this GPS device offers comprehensive wellness support!

With built-in safety features such as crash and fall detection, the Apple Watch Series 8 acts as a life-saving companion in emergencies by promptly connecting you to emergency services. Its tough and reliable design ensures its longevity and the always-on Retina display provides a clear and vibrant visual experience. The watch boasts 18 hours of active battery life, and with features like 5GHz Wi-Fi and the U1 Ultra Wideband chip, it offers seamless connectivity. In fact, this is why Live Science stated the Apple Watch Series 8 was one of the best smartwatches!

Key Features:

  • Size: 41mm or 45mm variations
  • Waterproof design for worry-free use
  • Advanced health monitoring, including blood oxygen and sleep stage tracking
  • Always-On Retina display for easy visibility

Bottom Line: With the Apple Watch Series 8, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a sophisticated smartwatch and a powerful GPS tracker, all conveniently located on your wrist.





  • Advanced health monitoring

  • Innovative safety features

  • Highly customizable

  • Seamless device compatibility

  • Durable design

  • Display: Always-On Retina

  • Health Features: Temperature, ECG, Oxygen

  • Compatibility: iPhone 8 or later

  • Durability: Crack, dust resistant, swimproof

  • Bonus: 3 months Apple Fitness+

As of 3/14/2024

4.7 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • Advanced health monitoring features.

  • Innovative safety features, including crash and fall detection.

  • Three months of Apple Fitness+ included for new users.

  • Requires iPhone 8 or later with the latest iOS.

  • Daily charging needed for continuous use.

  • Subscription fees for additional services like Apple Fitness+ after the trial.


Positive Review Review - January 5, 2024

This Apple Watch Series 8 is the second Apple Watch purchase in five years. I loved my last one (series 3), but I wanted the upgrade featuring crash detection and fall detection features. The watch looks great and works great. I was not disappointed. I’m so pleased with my purchase.


Negative Review Review - December 13, 2023

It was locked to the previous buyer. I thought it was a new product. Unfortunately, I was 3–4 hours away from an Apple store. By the time I got home, it was too late to return. Apple Store in Orlando told me it was locked to someone else previously and they couldn't unlock it.

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Family1st – Discreet GPS Tracker For Kids, Elderly & Cars

Family 1st 

  • Fast & Precise: Track anything live with 5-second updates across North America.

  • Smart Alerts & Reports: Get notified and review history for up to a year.

  • 2-Week Battery & Support: Enjoy worry-free tracking with long battery life and unlimited customer support.


Family1st GPS Tracker is an Amazon top seller among mini GPS trackers, but its limitations may leave you wanting more. Let us explain. While its small size allows for discreet placement in bags or cars, the tracker’s performance falls short. The 4G LTE network promises fast tracking, but in reality, the accuracy and reliability can be questionable.

The Family1st GPS Tracker boasts a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh, providing up to two weeks of battery life. However, user experiences indicate that the battery life may not live up to these claims, leading to frequent recharging. The device offers indoor tracking through Wi-Fi, but its effectiveness can be hit or miss, causing frustration when trying to locate misplaced items.

Although the design of the Family1st GPS Tracker is sleek, making it easy to hide in various locations, the device updates far slower than products such as SpaceHawk GPS. Another drawback? You need to purchase a accessory magnetic if you want to hide the realtime tracking system under vehicles.

Key Features & Specs

  • Size: 2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.1″
  • 14-day battery life with frequent recharging required
  • Weight: 3.60 Oz
  • Lifetime Warranty

Bottom Line: While the Family1st GPS Tracker offers basic functionalities like low battery and speeding alerts, it is probably not the best for fleet tracking. Why? Some users have reported inconsistent notifications, making it difficult to trust the accuracy of the GPS tracking data. However, it is a solid choice among portable GPS trackers under $20!





  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Discreet and concealed

  • Magnetic weatherproof case

  • 4G LTE coverage

  • Affordable subscription

  • Subscription: From $15.95/month

  • Coverage: North America

  • Warranty: Lifetime

  • Support: 24/7 customer service

  • Design: Portable, lightweight

As of 3/14/2024

4.0 Stars | 986 Ratings



  • Real-time monitoring from any device.

  • Comprehensive 4G LTE coverage in North America.

  • Weatherproof case for durability in all conditions.

  • Monthly subscription required after initial purchase.

  • Requires good cellular coverage for optimal tracking.

  • Battery life varies based on tracking settings.

Read real customer experiences on Google Review below

Family1st GPS Review

Justin Stormes

Positive Review Review - June 16, 2020

I got this for my brother, who had a suspicion that his wife was running around on him. Within 4 hours of it being in her car, he tracked her right to her boyfriend's house. Not at work, like she said. 5 stars.


Negative Review Review - May 29, 2023

Complete Chinese junk! We went through five units. They fell off the car, or they quit working. Ask your family first. They know all about my units. On the sixth, they refused to replace it last time. Warranty is not true, and great customer service will cover the poor quality of the product if you purchase it. You'll notice most reviews on here say the price is good. There are many better products out there, so please continue shopping.

Tracki Mini – Smallest GPS Tracker For Luggage

Tracki Mini

  • Global Real-Time: See anything anywhere with 4G + 3 bands (worldwide SIM included).

  • Tiny & Tough: Discreet 1.8oz device with strong magnet and waterproof case.

  • Long Battery Life: Up to 60 days, with options for even longer (sold separately).

Tracki mini GPS tracker is the perfect travel companion for wanderers who want to keep their luggage safe and secure. Well, at least that is what they claim. It’s small, powerful, and easy to use. Roughly the size of a box of tic tacs, you can slip it discreetly into your suitcase without adding any extra weight. The long-lasting battery ensures worry-free tracking throughout your entire trip. Whether you’re exploring bustling city streets or navigating busy airports, Tracki Mini provides real-time location updates, giving you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are always within reach. Its sleek design and magnetic case allow for effortless attachment under your luggage, keeping it safe and sound. Say goodbye to the stress of lost or mishandled luggage with Tracki Mini by your side.

Features & Tech Specs:

  • Size: 1.74”x 1.5”x 0.6”
  • Long-lasting battery for extended usage
  • Real-time location tracking for peace of mind
  • Seamless integration with the Tracki app for convenient monitoring

Bottom Line: Tracki mini GPS tracker is one of the only tracker devices on this list with global coverage. That is a huge benefit for travelers. In terms of cost, this GPS device is also super affordable. Typically, selling for less than $15! However, the monthly costs for service are higher so you want to factor that into your buying decision!





  • Unlimited distance tracking

  • Multimodal coverage

  • Durable and compact

  • Live customer support

  • Versatile usage

  • Size: 1.8x1.6x0.7in, 1.26 oz

  • Battery Life: 2-5 days, 60 days saver

  • Subscription: Starts at $9.95/month

  • Technology: 4G LTE, 3G, 2G

  • Extras: Waterproof cover, magnet, lanyard

As of 3/14/2024

4.1 Stars | 44,827 Ratings



  • Real-time tracking with updates as fast as 1 minute.

  • Comprehensive alert system for geofencing, SOS, and battery.

  • Small and lightweight, easy to conceal.

  • Requires AT&T or T-Mobile coverage in the USA.

  • Optional extended battery pack for longer life sold separately.

  • Battery life varies greatly by tracking mode.

Check out what real customers said about this product on the Apple App Store


Positive Review Review - December 30, 2023

I used three trackers to move with pods, and they worked well and were easy to activate. After moving, I accidentally left all three in the pods, and customer service quickly shipped me replacements and was very helpful. Jane was quick to solve my problem, so I could keep using Tracki. I switched between different tracking modes so the battery would last longer, and it still had 50% when I was done using them. Super easy product.


Negative Review Review - August 5, 2023

The first 2 hours worked fine, then turned into a dud. I called Text Support, and the lady with a rooster crowing outside her window every 3 seconds was completely inept and a total waste of my time. Boo!

Apple AirTag – Smallest Item Locator

Apple AirTag

  • Track Anything: Attach to keys, bags, pets, more - see their location in Find My app.

  • Instant Setup: One tap connects AirTag to iPhone or iPad.

  • Global Network: Millions of Apple devices help find AirTags even far away.


Lost your keys? Wallet’s gone missing? Enter the popular Apple AirTag, the ultimate item locator solution. Simply, clip it onto your belongings, and never lose your luggage, keys, or wallet again!

Activate Lost Mode on your iPhone, and a network of fellow Apple users becomes at your disposal, searching for your lost item. With the Apple AirTag, chaos becomes a thing of the past. Embrace tranquility and organization as this small yet mighty device transforms your world, one found item at a time.

Say goodbye to the stress of lost belongings. Let the AirTag be your superhero, guiding you through the daily battles against misplaced keys, wallets, and more. Embrace the power of the Apple AirTag and reclaim control over your belongings with ease and confidence.

Features & Tech Specs:

  • Size: 1.26 x 1.26
  • Precision location tracking
  • Audible beep for easy locating
  • Find My network integration
  • Activatable Lost Mode

Bottom Line: The Apple AirTag has over 115,000 Amazon reviews as of 5/23/23. So yeah this might be the smallest GPS tracker used by the largest amount of people. However, the Apple AirTag is not a GPS tracker for vehicle tracking – at least in the covert sense.





  • Find My app integration

  • One-tap setup

  • Built-in speaker

  • Precision Finding

  • Lost Mode notification

  • Compatibility: iPhone/iPad

  • Technology: Ultra Wideband

  • Network: Find My

  • Privacy: Encrypted, Anonymous

  • Location Data: Not stored

As of 3/14/2024

4.7 Stars | 172,734 Ratings



  • Integrates seamlessly with iPhone/iPad via Find My app.

  • Precision Finding directs you to your item.

  • Encrypted and private communication for security.

  • Only works with Apple devices.

  • Requires purchasing accessories for attachment.

  • Limited functionality without nearby Apple devices.

Read what Tile Mate users said about Apple AirTags on the Mac Rumors forum

Ferd Berfel

Positive Review Review - January 6, 2024

Even though I have only had one piece of luggage lost in all my travels, I decided to purchase two of these. They worked just fine, and it does help when you are wondering if there are any more pieces of luggage coming out and you see that your luggage is there—it just hasn't been put out yet. So that's a nice point.


Negative Review Review - December 21, 2023

I have the AirTag attached to my dog's collar, and when I needed to know where the dog was at any specific time, it told me it was unable to locate or that the AirTag was unreachable. This is very disappointing. The last one was lost, and I've never been able to find it because it says unreachable. I know it's in the yard somewhere. Only like maybe two or three.

Geozilla GPS Tracker – Best For Portability

GeoZilla GPS Tracker

  • Track Anything: Cars, phones, pets, valuables - US & worldwide coverage (even indoors!).

  • 5-Day Battery: Long lifespan without frequent recharging.

  • Wearable & Discreet: Clip to clothes, backpacks, or leashes.


Geozilla GPS tracker, a device marketed as your ultimate companion for safety and security. But does it stand up to other location trackers such as the Brickhouse Security Spark Nano? Let’s discuss this! With easy app pairing, you can receive real-time alerts and stay connected to the Geozilla GPS no matter where you are. That is pretty cool. And you can easily attach it effortlessly to your child’s clothing or your pet’s collar, knowing they’re protected.

But here’s the scoop: While Geozilla offers reliable tracking, it’s important to note that it has received mixed reviews on places like Amazon. Some users have reported issues with accuracy and performance. In fact, the Geozilla GPS tracker has some of the worst ratings when compared to other GPS tracker devices. We believe in transparency and feel this is important for you to know to make an informed buying decision.

That being said, when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and your belongings, Geozilla GPS tracker is still a valuable tool you can trust. It’s lightweight, portable, and equipped with a user-friendly app that puts control at your fingertips. Set up customized notifications and geofences to suit your lifestyle and ensure you never miss a beat.

Battery & Specs:

  • Size: LxWxH. 1.85 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.05 Oz
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 520mAh

Bottom Line: Honestly, the reviews aren’t great for the Geozilla GPS tracker. However, the mini GPS tracker does offer live tracking with affordable subscription costs.





  • Worldwide tracking

  • Custom alerts & SOS

  • Geo-fence zones

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Mini, discreet design

  • Battery Life: Up to 5 days

  • Update Frequency: 60 seconds

  • Size: Small, lightweight

  • App: GeoZilla iOS/Android

  • Support: Excellent customer service

As of 3/14/2024

3.4 Stars | 96 Ratings



  • Custom alerts and SOS button enhance safety.

  • Geo-fence zones notify you of entry/exit.

  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days.

  • Requires a smartphone for full functionality.

  • May need frequent recharging with active tracking.

  • Subscription may be required for full app features.

With over 10 million downloads, see what real users said about this product on the Google Play Store

Lev G.

Positive Review Review - March 2, 2020

I have a 7-year-old niece that I occasionally look after. Her school has a No Phone Policy, and this device is allowed since it does not have a screen and has no direct access to the internet, social media, games, or any other distractions. Being that my job is 40 miles away from her school, this gives me peace of mind knowing that there is a connection and that I can make sure that she is safe. I will surely be getting another one. I am super impressed.


Negative Review Review - August 27, 2020

The tracking is inaccurate, notifications are extremely late (more than 5 hours at times), and overall, the tracker is useless and not up to the task of tracking effectively. Very disappointing and overpriced as a result of poor performance.

Tractive – Smallest Pet Tracking Device


  • Live Location Anywhere: See your dog and follow their every step, no matter how far they roam.

  • Affordable Tracking: Simple subscription covers SIM card and data, starting at $5/month. No hidden fees.

  • Health & Activity Alerts: Monitor sleep, activity, and receive alerts for potential health issues.

Looking for a reliable way to keep track of your furry companion? If so, Tractive’s GPS location & smart activity pet tracker for dogs is the mini portable solution. Wondering how it works? Well, this compact device easily clips onto any collar, providing you with accurate locations and real-time tracking information. Say goodbye to worries about your pet wandering off—the virtual fence feature notifies you when your fur baby enters or leaves designated safe zones. With Tractive’s GPS tracker, you can stay connected no matter where you are, thanks to its coverage in over 150 countries. Plus, the device’s waterproof design ensures durability, even during outdoor adventures.


But that’s not all—Tractive goes beyond location tracking. Keep tabs on your pet’s activity levels with all-day monitoring, so you can ensure they’re getting the exercise they need. Curious about the device’s battery life? A single charge keeps the tracker running for up to 10 days, allowing you to stay connected effortlessly. Whether you’re using the free Tractive GPS app on your iOS or Android device or accessing it through any browser, tracking your pet’s every move has never been easier or more convenient. 


Size: 0.66 x 2.79 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 1.28 ounces
Breed Size: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Features: Waterproof, GPS
Compatibility: Apple iOS, Battery Powered, Android

Bottom Line: Unlike Tile Mate and other portable GPS trackers mentioned in this article, Tractive is the only discreet GPS tracker designed specifically for dogs. That’s right! And what do we love most, outside of the live locations to keep your pet safe. The fitness monitoring! However, you can learn more about this discreet GPS by reading Rover’s review on Tractive.





  • Unlimited distance GPS

  • Subscription-based service

  • Health monitoring

  • Activity & wellness tracking

  • Escape notifications

  • Subscription Cost: From $5/month

  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

  • Alerts: Health, escape via email/phone

  • SIM Card: Integrated, covers data

  • Comparison Feature: Against same breed activity

As of 3/14/2024

4.0 Stars | 26,551 Ratings



  • Global coverage via iOS/Android app for versatile tracking.

  • Geo-fence zones notify you of entry/exit.

  • Compact, lightweight design for discreet use.

  • Requires a smartphone for full functionality.

  • Battery life varies with location update frequency.

  • Subscription may be required for full app features.

Watch a full video review of this product by McCann Dog Training


Positive Review Review - January 4, 2024

I love my Tractive tracker. After losing my dog for two weeks, I never wanted to go through that again. I now know where she is at all times. I love the battery life. It is usually time for a bath when the battery is low. It was a great time to take it off and recharge. It charges fast and is usually done about the time I get her dry. It is small enough that it doesn't bother my little Maltese at all. I highly recommend it for your pet.


Negative Review Review -November 24, 2023

This thing does not work. I set up all the zones, and my dog walks freely, and notifications do not come in all the time. The dog has a 5-acre safe zone, and it leaves the safe zone, and I am not notified. The history of where my dog has been is also not accurate, and it's blurry when zooming in. The light is very dim, so it is not useful either. Pricey monthly fee for what you get.

FitBit Versa 4 -Best For Fitness Activity Monitoring

FitBit Versa 4 

  • Deeper Sleep Insights: Personal Sleep Profile & Score for better nighttime.

  • Real-Time Stats: Track intensity and progress during any exercise.

  • Smarter Workouts: Daily Readiness Score guides your training and recovery.

Are you ready to take your fitness tracking to the next level? Introducing the Fitbit Versa 4, the dedicated fitness smartwatch that promises to elevate your workout experience. With its sleek design and advanced features, it’s a tempting choice for fitness enthusiasts. But does it live up to the hype?

The Fitbit Versa 4 promised to be the dedicated fitness smartwatch we’ve been waiting for, differentiating itself from the health-focused Sense model. However, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment as it became clear that some essential features were missing. For example, the Versa 4 lacks WiFi, third-party app support, and certain features on launch. Issues with heart rate tracking further added to the frustrations. Despite these challenges, the smartwatch retains some charms from its predecessor but falls short in the fitness department. While it has its merits, it’s difficult to recommend the Versa 4 over other Fitbit models or competitors in the market.


  • Size: ‎1.57 x 0.43 x 1.57 inches
  • Price: $230
  • Water-rated to 50 meters (5 ATM)

Bottom Line: FitBit has continued to be one of the leading brands in the fitness monitoring industry. This lightweight, easy-to-carry GPS is a great tool for health management. However, Fitbit Versa 4 falls short of expectations, missing key features and facing challenges in fitness tracking. While it has its place among Fitbit’s lineup, there are better options available. Not to mention, the device comes with only a 3.3 out of 5-star rating according to Best Buy customers, which isn’t great. And something buyers should consider.





  • Daily Readiness & Sleep Scores

  • Built-in GPS & 40+ modes

  • Stress & health tracking

  • On-wrist notifications & Fitbit Pay

  • 6-month Premium membership

  • Battery Life: 6+ days

  • Water Resistance: 50 meters

  • Compatibility: iOS 15+, Android OS 9+

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Fitbit Pay

  • Extras: Alexa, Google Wallet & Maps

As of 3/14/2024

4.3 Stars | 8955 Ratings



  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters for swim tracking.

  • 6+ days battery life reduces frequent charging.

  • Includes 6-month Premium for advanced features.

  • Limited to Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

  • Premium subscription required after 6 months.

  • Some features not available on iOS until Spring 2023.

We would encourage you to read more reviews on this like the ones published by Tech Advisor and T3 Magazine.


Positive Review Review - January 13, 2024

It took a while for me to replace the Blaze device, which I loved, but it was losing charge too much. The Versa 4 keeps its charge much better, and it's fun being back on Premium again for 6 months. I like the variety of watch faces that come with this device. So far, I'm happy with it. My Blaze lasted 6 years, so I have high expectations that I hope are not dashed too badly. I'll update this if there are problems.

Allen E. Martin

Negative Review Review -January 6, 2024

I purchased this for a Christmas gift, and it simply didn't work. I wanted to get a replacement, but Fitbit customer service was terribly slow; it was incredibly frustrating, so I just returned it. I have had Fitbit's in the past and really liked them. I have purchased my first Apple Watch now due to this experience. I am not sure I will ever invest in a Fitbit again.

Spot Trace – Smallest GPS Tracker For Outdoor Adventures

Spot Trace 

  • Track Anything, Anywhere: Follow vehicles, luggage, loved ones even without cell service (satellite tech).

  • Never Lose Track: Monitor kids' backpacks, car trips, or airline luggage globally.

  • SOS at Your Fingertips: Trigger emergency beacons with exact GPS coordinates.


Are you an outdoor enthusiast seeking a reliable companion for your wilderness adventures? Look no further than the Spot Trace GPS tracker—a perfect match for rugged explorers like you. With its advanced tracking capabilities, this device keeps you connected to the world even in the most remote locations. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones can monitor your real-time movements through the mobile application, ensuring they always know your exact location.

No matter where your journeys take you, the Spot Trace GPS tracker has got you covered. Its global coverage spans across continents, enabling you to venture into uncharted territories without losing connection. Whether you’re hiking through dense forests, scaling towering peaks, or traversing vast deserts, this device remains steadfast in providing accurate and reliable tracking information.

Key Features

  • Size: 6.9” x 2.02” x 0.95”- Extremely compact for easy portability
  • Online tracking functionality for seamless monitoring
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Battery: 4 AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92) – Installed

Bottom Line: Spot Trace GPS tracker is available for just $55, and has affordable monthly subscription fees starting from $14.95. With a battery life of 10-14 days and options for external, internal, or rechargeable batteries, you can embark on extended expeditions with confidence. If you want to embrace the wilderness, this hiking GPS tracker puts your safety and peace of mind first. Overall, we think it is a great choice, but recommend you read a more detailed review of the product by Mountain Weekly News. That way you can make a more informed choice, as they are the experts with realtime GPS trackers designed for outdoor use.