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Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device


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Buy Here Pay Here GPS Tracker

Buy Here Pay Here GPS

  • #1 Rated Car Dealership GPS Tracking Device – GPS Tracker Review 2021
  • Wireless Asset Tracking System With 3-Year Battery Life
  • Protect Your Assets 24/7
  • No Subscription Fees For Entire Year

Buy Here Pay Here is the first vehicle tracker engineered to help auto dealers locate and recover financed automobiles that are late on payments. Simply attach this wireless car tracking device to any vehicles sold on the lot and instantly protect your assets if a customer fails to make car payments. Buy Here Pay Here trackers for car dealers make vehicle repossession easy and safe. With 3-year battery life, a magnet mount for easy GPS installation, and real time GPS updates every minute (in recovery mode), Buy Here Pay Here GPS is the best vehicle recovery solution for auto dealers!

The Fastest Safely Locate & Repo Financed Vehicles!


GPS Tracking

Best Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device 2022

GPS Auto Tracking Specifications 

Car Dealership GPS Dimensions: 3.51 in x 3.28 in x 0.83 in

Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F

Buy Here Pay here Car Dealership GPS TrackerWireless GPS Tracker For BHPH Dealerships

OBD ii devices are easily visible to drivers, and hard-wiring tracking units upon each vehicle on the lot simply is not cost-effective. That is the reason this BHPH fleet GPS stands above competing auto theft recovery products.

  1. Remove the tab to power the asset tracking GPS device
  2. Set geo-fence alerts to be notified anytime a vehicle leaves your car lot
  3. Instantly recover a vehicle if a buyer stops making auto loan payments

Auto dealerships that need more vehicle location updates after the first year can pay $35 per each additional year for real time GPS tracking service!

Auto Dealer GPS Tracker Buy Here, Pay Here GPS is a first-of-its-kind fleet management system designed to tackle problems faced by pay here automobile dealerships. This real-time tracking GPS is inexpensive and easy to install. In fact, no professional is required to install the GPS locator or its monitor! This makes this system extremely cost-effective and user-friendly for all used car dealerships or car lots that provide their own financing. The wireless feature and ultra-powerful magnet mount grants car dealers the ease of attaching the GPS asset tracker to any make and model of vehicle, regardless of the shape of the car. Simply remove the magnet from the BHPH GPS tracking system to supply your dealership with more than 3 years of tracking without the need to recharge the battery!

Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device

Features Of Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device

  • GPS auto tracking technology comes with 3-5 years of maintenance plan options
  • Wireless GPS tracker is easily accessible through free mobile apps
  • Vehicle tracker provides auto dealers with a Satellite Ariel view & Streetmap view
  • GPS vehicle tracker has protection against dust, wind, and high-pressure spray
  • Car GPS is very easy to install, no professionals are required
  • The interface makes it convenient to be used by multiple users
  • Quick repossession of stolen vehicles or automobiles late on a payment
  • Car dealer time starts as soon as it is installed

Car Dealership GPS Tracker For Lot Management

Car dealerships that need GPS solutions specifically for auto finance and repo should look no further than the BHPH car GPS tracker. But for those in need of tracking solutions for lot management, the best option is a connected car GPS that plugs into the OBD2 port.

Real time GPS trackers that plug into an OBD2 port can locate any vehicle in a car lot and determine if any inventory is low on fuel or the battery is down when a prospective buyer takes it for a test drive. Putting somebody in their dream vehicle and then the car not being able to start because of poor maintenance might be one of the most mortifying scenarios for the dealer. Connected car GPS tracking systems provide details on levels of fuel, gauges battery life, and give a comprehensive diagnostic report. This GPS fleet tracking system further allows car dealers easy recovery of stolen or misplaced vehicles in a secure and uncomplicated manner.  Tracking and location data can be easily accessed on a mobile phone or desktop which simplifies the process of locating a vehicle and viewing the diagnostic information. 

For a long time, hard-wired GPS trackers were primarily used by car dealerships to recover stolen vehicles. Hard-wired GPS tracking devices were favored by car dealerships because of their infinite battery lifetime.  However, these wired trackers do require a professional to equip the GPS tracker to the financed vehicle. On the other hand, the dealer never has to exhaust his assets and time in locating and repossessing their vehicle if the loan applicant is unable to pay off their debts.

Advantages of Hardwired GPS Trackers For Used Car Lots

One of the advantages of using hard-wired GPS trackers on cars is that they establish a secure installation that is out of the sight of the driver. Typically positioned discretely below the hood or dash of the vehicle, a dealership GPS tracker can send security alerts to the car dealer if the device loses power for any reason such as an attempt to remove it or tamper with it without authorization. In addition, hardwired GPS trackers enable auto dealers to unlock the vehicle’s doors, enable/disable the vehicle’s starter, or monitor the vehicle’s complete driving activity. The GPS tracker can monitor test drives by potential buyers to make sure they are not crossing any virtual boundaries set by the car dealers.

Features of Hardwired GPS Tracker:

  • Provides instant notification during an illegal seizure in the lot in the form of alerts
  • Gives instant notification regarding insufficient battery in the form of alerts
  • Comes with a 3-year service plan
  • Has a simple 2 wire device installation  
  • Extended battery backup (up to 4-6 hours) with Loss of Main 12VDC
  • Vehicle tracking systems work throughout the U.S.

Other Uses of GPS Car Trackers

GPS tracking devices can be used by more people than just finance companies and car dealerships. Devices for car monitoring can be used for auto theft recovery, tracking teen drivers, personal tracking to ensure the safety of children who might be out without parental guidance, or GPS fleet tracking for business applications.

History Of BHPH Car Dealerships

When potential buyers visit a car dealership they don’t always have the best credit ratings. Used car dealers do what they can for customers with subprime credit by offering unsecured loans to green-light vehicle financing. “Buy Here, Pay Here” are automobile dealerships where financing of vehicles is done within the establishment itself in order to get consumers with poor credit into affordable automobiles. Though this method generates heavy interest revenue, it contains drawbacks such as cash flow problems and increased risks of car theft and defaults. Each car dealership that offers BHPH programs requires that each asset is protected in case of default. Therefore, consumers with poor credit seeking auto financing typically have their vehicles equipped with tracking for car recovery in case of default.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the United States was facing an economic crisis that was leading to an increase in the unemployment rate around the country. BHPH auto dealers gained popularity at this time due to this situation and the difficulty consumers had in building credit. Many consumers were incapable of outright buying cars because they were unable to secure traditional financing due to economic conditions. This resulted in a new technique for financing used vehicles at a low cost but with higher interest rates. Today, auto franchise dealers are able to use GPS to vehicle track those who take on loans to mitigate some of that risk. The result has been an explosion in the market for GPS tracking devices which was estimated to be $1.78 billion in 2020.