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140-Day Magnetic Live GPS Tracker

Everlast Live GPS Car Tracker

Hidden GPS Car Tracker Long Battery LifeLongest Lasting Battery-Powered Hidden GPS Tracker


  • Is Your Partner Or Spouse Being Faithful?
  • Are Your Employees Doing What They Say?
  • Could Your Teen Be Putting Their Life In Danger By Speeding?


Everlast is the most powerful, compact, hidden GPS tracker with long battery life ever invented. This live GPS car tracker was engineered specifically to catch reckless employees driving company vehicles, bust cheating spouses, and scare any teenage drivers into obeying the speed limit before an accident occurs. With over 140-Days of Real Time GPS Tracking, there is no other live GPS tracker on the market as powerful as the Slap-and-Track!

Right from your cell phone or computer, you can track anyone, any time, in seconds, anywhere in the United States WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING!  No tech expertise required! Our security specialists can help you quickly set the vehicle tracker up by providing free technical support that way you can focus on what is important, learning the truth!

Imagine, never having to worry about where your spouse or partner is. Never stress out about company drivers potentially hurting your business. NEVER losing a single night of sleep worrying about if your teen son or daughter will arrive home safely. Peace-of-Mind: this is why you need to invest in the Everlast GPS tracker.


Hidden GPS Car Tracker

Everlast Spark Nano 7 Dimensions: 6.37″ x 4.75″ x 2.12″

140-Days Of Live GPS Tracking

The included 140-day extended battery will allow you to secretly track any vehicle without worrying about battery life as the ultra-powerful Everlast Spark Nano 7 provides nearly 6 months of live GPS tracking (Based on 1-hour per day of vehicle movement). With accurate, real time location updates showing you where any vehicle goes every 5 seconds, there is no better way to find out the truth!

  • GPS Tracker With Longest Battery Life: Approximately 140 days of live GPS vehicle tracking with one hour per day use.
  • Easily Hidden: An included waterproof case with magnet mount makes for easy covert placement.
  • Geofences and Speed Alerts: Get notified when a driver makes an unexpected stop or your teen driver drives too fast
  • Panic Button: Send out an SOS for emergency help to keep your employee or your child safe.
  • Waterproof Case: Protect your real time GPS tracker in all weather conditions and easily hide it under any vehicle!
  • Free Smartphone App: Use your iPhone or Android to quickly see where any car is located WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING!
  • USA/Canada/Mexico: 4G cellular coverage provides GPS tracking anywhere in North America! Never worry about losing service when crossing borders into Mexico or Canada!


November 16, 2021
Let The Facts Do The Talking
Battery life was solid. I put this device on my wife’s car (now ex-wife) when I went to CES in Vegas for work. I was going to be gone for 3 weeks so I needed something with long battery life. Literally, was on the phone with her and she said she was home with the tracker showed she was lying.
Jessica E


October 18, 2021
Men Are All Trash
I really do not understand why someone would even want to be in a relationship if they are going to cheat! If your man is acting suspicious, always checking his phone, and following random influencers on Instagram you might want to see what is really going on. Glad I did.
Leroy A


January 04, 2021
Employee Location Tracking
We operate a laid back, small, local brewery in Southern California. We had concerns one of our beer delivery truck drivers was not being truthful about what and where he was going when he left our facility. We kept the tracker under the truck he drove for 2 months and found out he was actually telling the truth. We felt bad for not believing him so we sent him off with a couple cases of IPAs. We still use the hidden GPS tracker and it works fantastic.


GPS tracker long battery life

No Tech Experience Required

Let the BrickHouse security experts help you quickly set the Everlast Spark Nano Nano live GPS tracker up and provide free technical support so you can focus on discovering what a driver is really doing! All you need is a cell phone or a computer to get the answers you need!

The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

This device cannot be tracked back to you. All customer information is secure, encrypted, and hidden based on the unit’s serial number so you never have to worry if someone finds the vehicle tracker!

All GPS tracking data plans are month-to-month! Cancel anytime with no termination fees! Super easy set-up!

Save Money When You Pay Quarterly Or Yearly!

GPS Tracking Data Plan

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