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GPS Tracker For Tractor

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GPS Tracker For Tractors & Construction Equipment

Best GPS Tracker For Tractor 2024

Tractor GPS

The Easiest Way To Protect Farm Equipment!

The Ultimate Anti Theft Device For Tractors

  • Never Worry About Your Farm Equipment Being Stolen
  • Real-Time GPS With 3-Year Battery Life
  • Wireless Magnetic Waterproof GPS Can Be Easily Hidden 

Attach & Track is the first real-time GPS designed specifically to help farmers and construction companies protect assets, giving them the ultimate theft recovery solution. Simply attach this wireless GPS device to your John Deere, tractor, or any other valuable equipment and instantly locate your assets from your mobile phone or computer. The Slap & Track real-time GPS tracking device will even allow you to set safe zones so you can be notified the very moment your tractor or farm equipment is moved from your property or job site. With 3-year battery life and a full year of real-time tracking service included, there is no better anti-theft asset tracking solution on the market!


GPS Tracking

Tractor GPS Tracker Price [Bulk Pricing]

Attach & Track Real Time GPS Bulk Pricing 

  • 10-20 Units + Year of Service =  $189.00 Per Tracker
  • 20-50 Units + Year of Service =  $179.00 Per Tracker
  • 50+ Units + Year of Service =  $164.00 Per Tracker


November 16, 2021
John Deere Was Saved
We have a few John Deere S140s for mowing and mulch and 3 years ago one of our tractors was jacked and never recovered. After the incident we equipped GPS on all our assets. Then last month another tractor was stolen. This time we were able to tell the cops where it was and they found it and the tweeker who stole it.

Equipment Rental Tracking And GPS For Tractors

Are you renting heavy equipment out to customers? Maybe you have construction assets and need a magnetic GPS tractor tracker to safeguard your personal property? Whatever your situation is, Attach & Track GPS tracking system can give you peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected whether the equipment is a bulldozer, front loader, excavator, forklift, grader, dump truck, concrete mixer truck, crane or Kubota tractor! Slap & Track live GPS is waterproof and equipped with a SIM card, making it one of the most powerful magnetic GPS trackers on the market today. Once the vehicle tracker is placed on your tractor or other construction assets the device will provide real-time location updates for approximately 3 years!

There is no better way to eliminate equipment thefts!

Attach & Track Equipment GPS Tracking Specs

Dimensions: 3.51 in x 3.28 in x 0.83 in

Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F

Tractor GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Solutions For Construction Equipment

The typical GPS vehicle tracking system requires a monthly subscription for real-time updates, but Attach & Track comes with a full year of real time GPS service! This will give you a “heart beat” or real time location update every 4 hours, and if your tractor is ever stolen you can set the fleet GPS into recovery mode for updates every single minute! With updates every minute, the tractor GPS tracking device will allow you to easily locate and recover any stolen construction asset you have!

How Much Is The GPS Vehicle Locator After The First Year?

After the first year, each additional year for equipment tracking is $50, or roughly 13 cents a day!

GPS tracker for tractor

How Do You Keep a Tractor From Being Stolen?

One question farmers seeking to protect their equipment often ask is, “How do you secure a John Deere tractor”. The truth is farm equipment theft is becoming an increasing problem in many communities, especially in rural areas where theft is more prominent. Real-time tractor GPS tracking systems allow farmers to instantly monitor where their equipment is, making it easy to locate any tractors that are stolen. By simply equipping a wireless GPS tracker to your tractor, construction equipment, or valuable assets, you will always have the ability to locate and recover them!

If your company is in need of a GPS fleet tracking solution or dash cam to record engine hours, observe fuel consumption or document where employees are going 24/7, please contact one of our GPS tracking solutions experts to help you optimize your fleet vehicles. Our team of trained professionals can help you find the right real-time GPS tracking device for your personal or business needs.

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