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Snap GPS Car Tracker For Teens

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Teen GPS Tracker For Driving Safety!

OBD2 GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee For Teen Driving Safety

Snap Teen GPS Car Tracker


  • Discover How Fast Your Teen Is Really Driving Your Car
  • Stop A Wild Teenager From Driving Dangerously
  • Live GPS Tracking With No Subscription Fees
  • Get Text Alerts To iPhone & Android When A Teen Is Speeding
  • Learn The Truth About Everywhere They Are Going
  • Make Your Teen A Better Driver

Snap is the first real time vehicle tracking device designed specifically to help parents like you get the truth about what your teenage drivers are really doing. Simply connect the Snap into the OBD2 port of your teen’s car and find out everywhere they are going and how fast they are driving! Get instant alerts when your teen speeds, and check on them whenever you’re worried about their safety. And how is this done? Simply download our top-rated GPS tracking app (4.6 rating as of April 2024.)for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store! Sleep peacefully knowing your loved ones are driving safely

Snap stands above other GPS vehicle trackers such as SpyTec GL300 or Vyncs by providing unlimited updates every 3 seconds (the fastest real time tracking on the market!). Snap also has no monthly fees for the first year and is backed by free technical support for the life of the product. Don’t let your teen become a statistic! Find out what your teen driver is really doing before tragedy strikes.

The Fastest Way To Find Out What Your Teen Driver Is Doing!

How GPS Tracking Can Save Your Teen’s Life

The statistics show that teenagers have a sense of invincibility that causes them to make poor decisions and engage in risky behaviors such as speeding. And speeding is the #1 cause why teenagers are involved in motor vehicle accidents. The Snap Teen OBD2 GPS Tracker helps you boost safety by unlocking access to real-time teen driving insights. With instant notifications when your teen driver speeds or leaves a pre-set area: better decisions can be made. Voted the top-rated teen safety device for 2024 by GPS Tracking Review, Snap GPS allows you to know what your teen is really doing while driving!

OBD2 GPS TrackerWith realtime location updates every 3 seconds and no monthly subscription fees, Snap GPS Tracker stands above competitors such as MotoSafety, Vyncs GPS, and Bouncie. How the Snap OBD2 GPS tracker helps parents like is you is by providing detailed reports and alerts about your teen is driver. Want to know the moment your teen is driving too fast? Set up a speed alert via text message. Want to know if your teen left the house late at night? Set up a geofence alert and get notified the very moment their vehicle leaves the driveway. And the best part? There is no professional installation required! Simply connect the Snap GPS Tracker to the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBDii Port) and find out what your teen is really doing!

Customer Testimonials – What Parents Are Saying

Megan L


November 24, 2023
Daughter Was Lying
My daughter was spending every minute on her iPhone so I was worried when she (finally) got her license. She stopped hanging out with the girls from her old soccer squad and was spending time with a “nice boy”. I found out that “boy” was actually a 27-year-old man thanks to this tracker. She is only SIXTEEN! All I can say is don’t trust your teen daughters!
Tammi G


March 03, 2024
Family Problems
Our son Charles was battling some personal demons that led to Percocet and Vicodin abuse. After an argument this last Thanksgiving, he stormed out of our home for good. My husband quickly placed this tracker in his car so we could know where he was and if he was safe. Not sure where life takes us from here but knowing where Charlie is at does help some….

Do You Know How Fast Your Teen Is Driving?

teen GPS tracker

Find Out Where Your Teen Is Going 24/7

As a parent, you’re always looking to ensure your teen’s safety and responsibility, especially when they’re on the go. That’s why this compact, top-rated GPS vehicle tracker, acclaimed by Car & Driver Magazine, is essential. The moment your teen reaches school, drives too fast, or visits restricted areas, you’ll receive an instant alert. Not only does it monitor current location, but it also stores historical travel data, allowing you to review everywhere your teen has been.

Accessing both live and historical data is straightforward with the top-rated GPS tracking app for iPhone and Android. Or, simply log in with your credentials from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Understanding your teen’s driving habits and whereabouts has never been simpler. Equip yourself with this reliable tool and gain peace of mind knowing exactly where your teen is and how they’re driving, any time, any place. Discovering what your teen is really doing has never been so easy!

Learn more about teen driving safety products here:

teen GPS

  • Live GPS | No Subscription Fee For One Year
  • Battery Power | Unlimited (OBD-II device)
  • GPS Technology | 4G LTE + Satellite
  • Dimensions | H: 2.50″ W: 1.89″ D: 0.96″
  • SIM Included | One Year Of Service Included

Teen drivers are three times more likely to crash than older drivers, raising significant concerns for you as a parent. With the Snap OBD2 Tracker, you can monitor your teen’s speed, location, and driving patterns in real time, guiding them toward safer habits.

And don’t worry about using the OBD2 tracker because the device is super easy to use. But if you do need help, our team is here for you with free 24/7 support and a one-year warranty, ensuring you get assistance whenever needed.



GSM Channels

United States: 850/1900
Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East: 900/1800

SIM Card

Global SIM Card Included (USA, Canada + International Coverage)


Individual Vehicle Report, Enhanced Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report, Mileage Report, Diagnostics 

Software + Mobile App

SilverCloud Online Through Web Browser
Uses Google Maps. 4.7 Star Rated App On Google Play + Apple App Store


SMS and Smail Alerts. Automatic Alerts For Geo-Fencing

Power Source

9 to 16 VDC (OBD-II Port)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.18 x 1.8 x 1.08″ (55.3 x 45.7 x 27.4 mm)

GPS Data Plan

No Monthly Fees For One Year - Unlimited Real Time GPS Locations Every 3 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

How Dangerous Is Teen Driving?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among U.S. teens. In fact, per mile driven, teen drivers aged 16 to 19 are nearly three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. This high risk is largely due to inexperience and the likelihood of making critical decision errors that can lead to severe accidents.

Teens are also more susceptible to engaging in risky behaviors while driving, such as speeding, not wearing seat belts, and allowing distractions from technology and passengers. Each of these factors significantly contributes to the heightened risk of crashes.

Implementing a GPS tracker can serve as a strategic countermeasure. These devices enable real-time monitoring of driving speeds, routes, and habits, allowing you to know immediately if your teen is driving irresponsibly or venturing into unsafe areas. Moreover, real time GPS trackers can store historical data, offering insights into a teen’s driving patterns over time, which can be invaluable in coaching them towards safer driving practices.

Does Speeding Increase Risks for Teen Drivers?

Absolutely. Speeding dramatically elevates the risks associated with teen driving. Research indicates that teens are more likely to underestimate the severe consequences of speeding, which significantly increases their chances of being involved in an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in recent years, nearly one-third of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time of the accident.

This tendency to speed can stem from a lack of experience, peer pressure, or simply not recognizing the increased difficulty in controlling a vehicle at higher speeds. The consequences of speeding are not limited to more severe crashes; they also include a greater likelihood of losing control, increased stopping distance, and reduced effectiveness of occupant protection equipment.

By using a GPS tracker in your teen’s vehicle, you can take a proactive step towards mitigating these risks. These devices can send real-time alerts to parents if the vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed limit. This feature allows you to address risky behaviors promptly and reinforce the importance of adhering to speed limits. Educating your teen about the dangers of speeding through direct feedback based on their driving habits can foster safer driving practices, making the roads safer for everyone.

Can I Still Track My Teenager After The Year Of Service Is Up?

Yes, you can choose to continue using the real time GPS by investing in a monthly data plan or save money by committing to an additional year of service. Monthly subscription plans start at $8.95 per month, allowing you to continue making certain your teen is driving safe.

Should Parents Use GPS Tracking on Their Teen Drivers?

Yes, it is highly recommended for parents to use GPS tracking for their teen drivers. Why? Because GPS technology offers real-time updates and records historical data on driving patterns, which is essential for monitoring and ensuring the safety and responsibility of young drivers. GPS data can help you verify that your teen is adhering to set routes and speed limits, and not engaging in risky behaviors like hard braking or rapid acceleration.

Moreover, GPS tracking aligns with graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws, which are designed to provide new drivers with the opportunity to gain driving experience under less risky conditions. By using a GPS tracker, parents can enforce compliance with these laws—such as curfews, passenger restrictions, and required supervision—by receiving alerts if the conditions are violated. Additionally, setting ground rules with the help of a teen GPS tracker helps establish clear expectations about where and how the teen can drive. This can be an invaluable tool in teaching teens about the responsibilities that come with driving, while also providing peace of mind to parents.

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