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Best Vehicle Tracking Devices

Best GPS Vehicle Tracker

7 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices 2024

Monitoring vehicle activity for company fleets, assets, and driving habits is important for any business. In fact, if you have company vehicles and are not using real-time GPS for recording trip history, vehicle maintenance, or driver safety, there is a good chance you are putting yourself and any business partner(s) at risk. This article will help you by explaining the benefits of location tracking, as well as listing the 7 best GPS car tracker options designed for monitoring your business vehicles. Now, let’s dig in! 

1. Plug & Play OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker – Best Overall For Businesses



Product Highlights

  • Location Update Every 3 Seconds 
  • Easy OBDii Port Connection
  • No Monthly Subscription Required 
  • Lifetime Warranty + Free Technical Support
  • Instant Alerts (Mobile & Email)
  • No Installation Required – Plugs Into OBD Port 

Why We Like Plug & Play OBD2 Vehicle GPS Tracker:

If increasing driver safety, having access to vehicle diagnostics, and getting realtime tracking updates are important to your business then the Plug & Play OBD2 is the GPS device for you! This car locator is an awesome fleet management solution because it offers numerous data reports that allow you to track everything from speed to trip history. However, the main reason this OBDii GPS locator makes our list as the top GPS vehicle tracker for 2024 is the full year of service that is included with the purchase.

Plug & Play mini GPS tracker will give you the ability to playback the history of past travel activity so can see everywhere your drivers have been and how long they were at each location. The best part? You have lifetime access to this driver monitoring data!

Bottom line: No activation fee and no monthly subscription fees means you save money and are not locked into any annual service contracts. That is a very good thing for you or your business!





  • Plug and play installation

  • Unlimited 3-second updates

  • No monthly fees

  • Harsh braking documentation

  • Geofencing and speed alerts

  • Update Frequency: Every 3 seconds

  • Connectivity: 4G OBD2

  • Installation: OBDii port

  • Features: Real-time tracking, reports

  • Target: Fleet management

As of 3/17/2024

4.6 Stars | 4 Ratings



  • Updates location every 3 seconds for precise tracking.

  • Easy connection via OBDii port, plug-and-play.

  • Lifetime warranty and free technical support included.

  • Initial purchase cost of the GPS device.

  • Lacks a magnetic feature for versatile placement.

  • Limited to vehicles with an OBDii port.

See why this product was rated best among OBD2 trackers in this YouTube video!

2. SpaceHawk – Best Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker 

GPS Tracker

Product Highlights

  • Powerful Magnet Mount
  • Global SIM Card
  • Made In USA
  • Monthly Data Obligation $19.95
  • No Next Day Delivery Shipping Option
  • GPS Vehicle Tracker Updates Every 3 Seconds

Why We Like SpaceHawk:

This hidden GPS tracker has affordable monthly data plans and can track any vehicle or asset as quickly as every 3 seconds. But what really makes SpaceHawk stand above other products? The key features. These features include a powerful magnet mount, top-rated mobile app, and some of the best technical support on the market today. Yes, this tracker is ready to go within 5 minutes of you receiving, and there are no additional accessories required. This is what makes SpaceHawk a premium product and stand above competitors such as SpyTec GL300, Tracki and the Spark Nano 7.

But what makes us confidently state SpaceHawk is one of the best asset and vehicle tracking devices are the real customer reviews and experiences. For example, this product was featured on LinkedIn as a top GPS tracker for cheating spouse. Not to mention, Cuddle Fairy, Sparkles & Stretch Marks (a family blogger), and tech enthusiast Pascal Bergeron have called SpaceHawk the best hidden GPS tracker on the market today.

Visit Website:

SpaceHawk GPS GIF





  • Built-in magnet

  • Waterproof & compact

  • Fast location updates

  • Long standby mode

  • Google Maps & alerts

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 weeks

  • Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

  • Weight: <1 lb

  • Standby Time: 180 days

  • Includes: SIM card

As of 3/17/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • Tracks every second for detailed route history.

  • Offers global coverage for wide usability.

  • Weeks-long battery life minimizes charging frequency.

  • USB cap prone to loss, risking damage.

  • Lacks real-time tracking, limiting immediate information access.

  • Battery compartment difficult to access, complicating battery changes.

K. Hollenbach

Positive Review Review - January 1, 2024

I purchased this for my adult disabled daughter's power wheelchair so I can track her as transportation takes her back and forth to her adult daycare. And when her caregiver takes her out, It gives me peace of mind. It was so simple to set up, and the tracking is very accurate. Updates every 3 minutes. Highly recommend.

K. Hollenbach

Positive Review Review - January 1, 2024

I purchased this for my adult disabled daughter's power wheelchair so I can track her as transportation takes her back and forth to her adult daycare. And when her caregiver takes her out, It gives me peace of mind. It was so simple to set up, and the tracking is very accurate. Updates every 3 minutes. Highly recommend.

3. Vyncs GPS: Best Vehicle Tracker On Amazon

Vyncs GPS

  • Track Anything: Cars, trucks, fleets, teens, and even phones (indoor/outdoor!).

  • Global Coverage: 4G LTE with SIM card included, works in 200+ countries.

  • Real-Time & History: See live location and past trips on a map.


Product Highlights

  • 6,000+ Amazon Reviews
  • Affordable Real Time GPS Tracking $119.95 + $40 Activation Fee
  • Roadside Assistance Option
  • GPS Tracker App Records Mileage 
  • $40 Activation Fee
  • Not A Magnetic GPS 
  • Slow Real-Time Location Updates (60 Seconds)

Why We Like Vyncs GPS Tracker:

Vyncs GPS will allow you to track vehicle positions as fast as every 60 seconds on the Vyncs Basic plan. The Vyncs GPS doesn’t update anywhere near as fast as the Plug & Play tracker device (3 seconds), but the product is pretty decent if you want a simple GPS locator that is fairly cheap. 

Compared to other Amazon products such as the SpyTec GPS and Brickhouse Security Spark Nano pet GPS tracker, Vyncs is a pretty solid GPS tracker for vehicles. However, some verified reviews have stated the interface is not user-friendly and support is slow to respond. So that is something you should consider before investing in this real time GPS.





  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • OBD-II diagnostics

  • Driving behavior alerts

  • No external battery required

  • Global coverage

  • Update Frequency: 60 seconds

  • Activation Fee: $39.99 USD

  • Power: OBD-II port

  • Sleep Mode: Hourly updates

  • Subscription: 1 year included

As of 3/17/2024

4.0 Stars | 446 Ratings



  • Supports over 200 countries for global tracking.

  • Unlimited trip history and detailed route maps.

  • Access vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reminders.

  • Second-year renewal fee required for continued service.

  • Dependent on vehicle's OBD-II port for power.

  • Device must be plugged in again to alert after tampering.

Read real customer experiences with this GPS product on

Vyncs GPS Review


Positive Review Review -August 2, 2023

My dad is in the early stages of dementia, so I wanted something to monitor his driving, habits, and trips. Great unit. Great customer service! Five-star products with five-star service.


Negative Review Review -November 5, 2023

I got this so I could ensure my son was driving safely and so I could monitor his 2016 Jeep Wrangler. I can see his route, and I do get a notice when he speeds, although it’s not timely. However, I don’t get any other vehicle information. No check engine light notice; it’s currently on and there's nothing in the app; no mileage; no fuel data. Nothing else. I will look for a better one. If you care about knowing your vehicle's condition, do not buy this.

4. Everlast Nano – Best Vehicle GPS With 6 Month Battery

Live GPS Tracker


Product Highlights

  • Magnetic GPS Tracker With 6 Months Battery Life
  • Fast Technical Support (Phone + Email)
  • User-Friendly Tracker For Tracking Assets Or Loved Ones
  • Waterproof Case Included 
  • Dimensions: 6.37″ x 4.75″ x 2.12″
  • Subscription Plans Start At $17.99 (Year Commitment)

Why We Like Everlast GPS:

Small, portable, and powerful enough to provide 6 straight months of real time GPS tracking, Everlast Nano is the GPS vehicle tracker for anyone who wants to monitor an asset long term. But why is Everlast a good car tracking device? The answer is simple, power. Place the tracking device on a vehicle and secretly track it for months. This magnetic GPS tracker has month-to-month data plans that can provide GPS updates every 3 seconds, which ties it with the Plug & Play GPS for the fastest on the market. 

Everlast Nano is equipped with domestic and international SIM cards, allowing you to track your fleet vehicles in the United States, Mexico, and Canada!  

Everlast Nano is perfect for police and private investigators who demand real-time GPS tracking devices with long battery life.

Disclaimer: Everlast GPS is a product featured in our online store. Your trust is paramount, and we aim to maintain transparency and honesty with our valued readers.





  • 1-year subscription included

  • International 4G coverage

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • Portable and slim

  • Flexible subscription plans

  • Weight: 9.1 ounces

  • Coverage: Canada, Mexico, USA

  • Coverage: Canada, Mexico, USA

  • Subscription Cost: Starting at $17.99/month

  • Accessories: Charger, guide, SIM card

As of 3/18/2024

4.4 Stars | 7,265 Ratings



  • Long battery life: 6 months without recharge.

  • Includes waterproof case for durability.

  • Access vehicle diagnostics and Magnetic attachment for easy placement.reminders.

  • Larger size may hinder discreet placement.

  • Requires year-long subscription commitment.

  • Subscription starts at $17.99/month.

5. MotoSafety – Best Vehicle GPS For Teen Driver Monitoring


  • Tri-Nation Tracking: Know where your car is in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

  • Affordable: Just $25/month, no hidden fees or surprises.

  • Always Powered: No dead batteries, uses your car's power.


Product Highlights

  • One Free Month Of Real Time GPS Tracking 
  • Super Cheap Price ($29.95)
  • Great For Tracking Teens & Loved Ones
  • $25 Monthly Cost Subscription Plan
  • No Technical Support Phone Number 
  • 25% Of Amazon Reviews Are 3 Stars Or Less

Why We Like MotoSafety GPS:

This tracker plugs into the OBD2 port which allows the car tracking device to pull power from the automobile it is connected to. With intuitive online software designed for teen driving safety, MotoSafety GPS is a proven real time GPS tracking device. 

One product highlight of MotoSafety GPS is the online interface which was designed to assist parents in tracking a teen driver’s location in real time. In fact, MotoSafety GPS tracker devices allow parents to set up authorized hours of use, sending alerts to parents when a vehicle is used outside approved hours!

Other cool features of MotoSafety include GPS data that will show parents exactly where a teen stops, and how fast speed they have been driving. Finally, it will display all that information on a Google Maps interface that can be accessed from a GPS tracker app.





  • Multi-country compatibility

  • Fixed monthly cost

  • Vehicle-powered

  • Transparent pricing

  • Teen safety focus

  • Coverage: USA, Canada, Mexico

  • Subscription: $25/month

  • Power Source: Vehicle's power

  • Fees: No hidden charges

  • Use Case: Asset & teen tracking

As of 3/17/2024

3.8 Stars | 2,743 Ratings



  • Works in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

  • $25/month with no hidden costs.

  • Focuses on family and teen safety.

  • Requires constant vehicle power connection.

  • Limited to three countries for tracking.

  • Monthly subscription necessary for operation.

Read real customer experiences with MotoSafety GPS on the Shopper Approved website!

MotoSafety GPS Review

Latasha W.

Positive Review Review - August 4, 2020

I used this to track my ex-boyfriend when we were going through some hard times. I wanted to know what he was doing, but I didn't want to call him because I was playing hard ball. This helped me see where he was, which kept me from giving in and calling. There is a monthly fee, so I only used it for a month, but it definitely works.


Negative Review Review -November 5, 2023

We just realized this after several aggravating years. After deactivating the service, the plugin unit was left in the car, assuming it wouldn't be 'working' if the service was discontinued. wrong. It drained the battery so badly that if you don't drive it every few days, the car is dead. I went through many back and forths with the dealer, but no one could find the parasitic draw. I paid for many batteries only to finally have a tech find the GPS unit, remove it, and test it, and wow, the draw on the battery changed from like 60 mA to around 11. It was a costly mistake to use this device, and even worse, to leave it in the vehicle!

6. LandAirSea Systems Overdrive – Best Portable GPS Tracker Long Battery Life

LAS Overdrive

  • Longest battery life of a mini GPS car tracker

  • Powerful magnet mount for tracking vehicle and assets.

  • Free techncial support for the life of the GPS vehicle tracker _ one-year warranty.


Product Highlights

  • Magnetic GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life
  • Super Cheap Price ($29.95)
  • (3-4x More Battery Life Than Amazon Best Seller LandAirSea 54)
  • Free Technical Support & Lifetime Warranty 
  • Geofence Alerts, Speed Alerts, Low Battery Alerts

Why We Like Overdrive by LandAirSea:

This GPS tracker is great because it has the 2nd longest battery life of any real time GPS data logger on the market today. But unlike the Everlast (that offers longer battery life but is much larger), the Overdrive is a mini vehicle tracking device at D: 2.813″ H: 1.00″.

If your business has a problem employee, all you need to do is equip this car tracker on their work vehicle. After that, you, your business partner, or your fleet manager can secretly track the potential problem driver. Using nothing more than your smartphone or a computer, you can gather evidence from the car GPS tracker to determine if the employee is driving dangerously.

Disclaimer: In the interest of full transparency, we’d like to inform you that this GPS car tracker is a featured product in our online store. Your trust is paramount, and as such, we believe it’s essential to disclose our direct affiliation with the product.





  • Extended battery life

  • Waterproof & dustproof

  • Internal magnet

  • Real-time tracking

  • Geofence & speed alerts

  • Battery Life: 3-4x standard

  • Magnet: Strong internal

  • Tracking: APP and Website

  • Alerts: Geofence, speed, battery

  • Extras: Dark Mode, SIM included

As of 3/17/2024

4.5 Stars | 18 Ratings



  • Longest battery life among mini GPS trackers.

  • Powerful internal magnet for secure attachment.

  • Real-time tracking with APP and website access.

  • High upfront cost ($199.95).

  • Requires a monthly subscription for service.

  • Limited reviews available for user reference.

Steven M. Plemmons

Positive Review Review - January 18, 2023

Same great service as the model 54, but with an extended battery. Depending on the amount of driving, this will last 3–4 times as long as 54. I use the 3-minute update subscription, and it is more than enough for me, but if you want to get updates more often, you can pay a little extra to get that. I love the Android app; it is easy to navigate, and I have a single place to view all of my LandAirSea trackers in one place. The history feature is especially useful if you want to review the entire day of travel for a tracker. I have used another brand, and it just wasn't as straightforward and easy to use as LandAirSea. It is extremely valuable to me, given my need to track vehicles that I own. I can recommend this product enough.

Just another customer

Negative Review Review -December 8, 2023

I purchased the plan that is supposed to update every 30 seconds, but it takes between 2 and 5 minutes to update the location. Approximate location. It's about 150 feet off.
Don't recommend!!

7. Lightning GPS OBD2 – Best Vehicle Tracker For Small Business

Lightning GPS OBD2

  • Live Kids Tracking: Know your child's location every 5 seconds with speed & area alerts.

  • North America Coverage: Track across USA, Canada, and Mexico with no gaps.

  • Affordable Plans: Choose from annual, quarterly, or monthly subscriptions starting at $17.99.


Product Highlights

  • $24.95 Cost For Truck & Car GPS Tracker 
  • Great For Managing Business Fleets 
  • Free Technical Support
  • A $29.95 Monthly Subscription Fee Required 
  • Can Take 5-10 Minutes or Satellites To Acquire Position 
  • Real-Time GPS Is Visible To Driver 

Why We Like Lightning GPS OBD Port Tracker:

Lightning GPS connects to the OBD2 port of any vehicle, providing continuous power and vehicle diagnostics. This means you don’t have to hire a professional installer to hard-wire the GPS fleet tracking device. 

Lightning GPS has better technical support than Vyncs GPS and MotoSafety, and the vehicle tracking system is more affordable. The simple plug-and-play design is also perfect for small business fleets that don’t need a more powerful GPS vehicle management tool with a dash cam or starter disable features. 

Simply attach Lightning GPS to the OBDii port and get diagnostics reports such as hard breaking and track the location of any employees in real time.





  • Real-time updates

  • Portable magnetic case

  • Easy tracking

  • No contracts

  • Multi-country coverage

  • Subscription Plans: $17.99/month annually

  • Update Interval: Up to 5 seconds

  • Compatibility: US, Canada, Mexico

  • Access: Desktop, phone, tablet

  • Warranty: Full refund policy

As of 3/17/2024

4.6 Stars | 502 Ratings



  • Offers real-time updates with up to 5-second intervals.

  • Powerful internal magnet for secure attachment.

  • Easy-to-use software accessible on multiple devices.

  • Requires an additional subscription for operation.

  • Higher monthly cost for shorter subscription plans.

  • Weatherproofing details not specified for extreme conditions.

See what users said about this GPS product via Google Play Store reviews!

Tracey Barr

Positive Review Review - October 23, 2023

I’m not good with new technology. The set-up never seems to go as it should. I purchased one of these to monitor my company truck. Set-up was easy,even for me. I had to make a call to customer service, and Sam took care of my issue quickly and set up my subscription as well. I realize different people may have different needs from a GPS unit. This one gave me exactly what I wanted.

Dave Cumberbatch

Negative Review Review - August 29, 2023

Con: I plugged the device in to charge it for 20 minutes. I held the power button as per the instructions, but all three lines just kept blinking, like you know something is wrong. To me, it’s trash. Pro: They shipped promptly!

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Learn more about how to track a teenager’s car without her knowing

9 Ways GPS Can Help You Manage Vehicle Fleets

How expensive can bad driving habits be on your business? Consider information from the Department of Energy that states when a driver exceeds the speed limit by only over 10 mph or more they increase fuel consumption by 14%! Now consider the fact that drivers who are speeding result in approximately 30% of documented automobile accidents. The damage bad driving habits can have on your business is immense. Here are 9 fleet management tips that can help you manage your vehicle fleets!



Slow Down

Reduces fuel consumption and accident likelihood by discouraging excessive speeding.

Speeding Alerts

GPS trackers monitor driver speeds, providing alerts for speeding to manage fuel efficiency and safety.

GPS Navigation

Ensures shorter routes and avoids traffic, leading to less fuel consumption.

Route Optimization

Optimizes routes for efficiency, saving fuel and time for business vehicles and trucks with GPS technology.

Increase Driver Safety

Dash cams with GPS and AI detect risky behaviors like tiredness, eating, or texting, enhancing safety.

Auto Theft Security

Location tracking devices quickly locate stolen fleets, assets, or valuables, enhancing security.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Tracks vehicle movements and provides historical driving reports, useful for accident analysis.

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

Instant alerts on harsh braking, idling, etc., reduce wear and tear, cutting down maintenance needs.

Employee Safety Guide

Encourages drivers to follow safety protocols, knowing their behavior is monitored by GPS car trackers, thereby promoting adherence to safety guidelines.

GPS vehicle tracker

GPS Vehicle Locator Reviews – How We Do It

Our security experts at GPS Tracker Shop began our search for the best GPS vehicle trackers by researching the top-selling tracking devices on Amazon, as well as picks from industry professionals. These professionals include law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and GPS surveillance experts. We researched online reviews and performed in-house testing on the tracker devices to find out what products were the best of the best for 2023. You can learn more about this testing process on our evaluation and methodology page!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our buying and safety guide, the best OBD vehicle GPS tracker for small business fleet vehicles is the Plug & Play system. The device beat out other real time GPS trackers such as the Vyncs and MotoSafety by offering faster real-time location updates, quality technical support, and live vehicle tracking with no monthly subscription fees.

The best magnetic GPS vehicle tracker is the Everlast, beating out Amazon’s top sellers the SpyTec GL300Trak4, and LandAirSea 54. Features that made Everlast stand above wireless GPS competitors were long battery life, no annual service contracts, and GPS coverage in all of North America.

You can easily check your vehicle’s location and the status of your GPS device by accessing the tracking software either through a web-based interface or a mobile app. This allows you to see the current location (as well as historical data) of your vehicle and any other relevant information, such as speed and direction of travel.

Yes, many GPS fleet tracking solutions allow you to monitor multiple vehicles at once, giving you a comprehensive view of the location and status of all vehicles in your fleet!

Yes, there are portable asset tracking devices available that can be used to track the location and movement of equipment and other assets. These portable trackers are typically small, battery-powered, and can be easily moved from one location to another. In fact, there are some asset GPS solutions that be used to secure both your vehicles and assets! 

Yes, it is possible to integrate your personal vehicle management tools with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, allowing you to receive alerts and check the status of your vehicles from your smart home system. GPS tracking solution companies such as Brickhouse Security, Vyncs GPS Tracker, and GPS Tracker Shop all offer free technical support and can help you get this set up if you need assistance. 

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