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10 Best GPS Fleet Trackers For Business

As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you know firsthand the importance of keeping your drivers safe using vehicles in your fleet. Not only is it a moral imperative that can improve customer relations, but it’s also good for the bottom line – monitoring driver safety and fuel consumption can reduce maintenance and often lower insurance premiums.

Nearly all industries, from small business pest control to an entire fleet of logistics transport vehicles, can benefit from GPS fleet tracking software and tracking devices.

Some GPS fleet tracking solutions, such as those from popular brands like Verizon and Teletrac, measure a driver’s performance and create a driver safety score. Additionally, most tracking software allows you to gather reports of hard braking, aggressive turning, and overspeeding. These reports, accessible through web and mobile applications, help determine the proper course of action in disciplining or rewarding drivers.

Read on to see why we chose these 10 tracking systems as the best GPS fleet trackers for business.

Plug & Play OBD2 – Best Overall GPS Fleet Tracker 2024



  • Easy Install (Connects to OBD2 Port)
  • Track Fleet’s Performance With No Monthly Fee
  • Get Vehicle Location Updates Every 3-Seconds

Plug & Play is our top overall pick for the best fleet GPS tracker in 2024. But what makes this GPS vehicle tracking device stand above other GPS fleet tracking systems? The answer is simply the numerous kick-ass features and support offered by the fleet maintenance solution.

First of all, this easy-to-install OBD2 tracker can be connected to your company vehicles in seconds, allowing you to quickly begin knowing where your vehicles, assets, or drivers are located 24/7. GPS data is accessible over an online interactive map that can be viewed on your cellphone or computer. Oh, and if you need help using any features on the telematics solution, free technical support is available for the life of the product! 

Unlike Verizon Connect, Vyncs GPS, and other GPS fleet tracking systems, Plug & Play GPS is a no-monthly fee tracker that requires no long-term contracts. Do you have a pest control business and want to know where your service people are located? Maybe you run a plumbing or water damage company and are concerned employees are falsifying timesheets. If you want to know the truth about your employees, then this is the GPS fleet tracker we recommend for your small business!





  • Compact GPS tracker

  • Real-time tracking

  • Discreet operation

  • Plug and play

  • No battery required

  • Connectivity: Web, SilverCloud App

  • Alerts: Text, email

  • Installation: OBD-II port

  • Usage: Vehicles, fleet

  • Battery: Not needed

As of 3/15/2024

4.6 Stars | 4 Ratings



  • Easy installation, connects to OBD2 port.

  • Vehicle location updates every 3 seconds.

  • Free lifetime technical support for assistance.

  • Depends on OBD2 port availability in vehicles.

  • Lacks advanced features of paid subscription trackers.

  • Limited to tracking; no advanced telematics.

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Verizon – Best Fleet Manager Software By Brand Name

Verizon Connect GPS


The Verizon Connect system is more than a top contender among these telematics solutions; it’s a beast of an analytics program! With the breadth of options available with the Verizon Connect system, you’ll have a reliable tracking solution for an entire fleet.

Verizon dash cams provide real-time feedback alerts to drivers when distracted, driving too close, or drowsy. Moreover, this fleet manager software includes robust video telematics for identifying areas needing more driver coaching. Additionally, these features help protect against fraudulent accident claims.

Back at dispatch, the tracking system will measure hard braking, aggressive turning, and other metrics from all drivers to examine the entire commercial fleet’s performance. Peace of mind has never been more secure than with the Verizon Connect program measuring video telematics, driver behavior, and fuel economy to eliminate inefficient routes, bad habits, and fraud risks.



  • Real-time driver feedback for increased road safety.

  • Helps identify areas needing driver coaching.

  • Protects against fraudulent accident claims.

  • Reliant on Verizon network coverage for tracking.

  • Initial setup and integration may be complex.

  • Complexity could overwhelm small business owners.

Verizon Connect Customer Experience

Teletrac Navman GPS – Best AI-Powered Telematics

Teletrac Navman GPS


GPS fleet management software can increase productivity by monitoring driver behavior and reducing fuel costs through route optimization and safety reporting. Teletrac NavMan GPS is a real-time fleet management solution that tracks and monitors vehicles and assets. This system features an advanced fleet telematics platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and provide insights that can help businesses optimize their operations.

With the Teletrac NavMan GPS tracking platform, fleet managers can monitor the trip history of vehicles, assets, and drivers. Additionally, the platform improves driver safety through a driver scorecard system. Other features include establishing maintenance schedules and real-time routing and dispatch to increase a vehicle’s available hours.



  • Real-time data helps track and train drivers.

  • AI-powered video telematics for risk management.

  • Proactive fleet maintenance to avoid unexpected issues.

  • Potentially higher costs for advanced features.

  • Requires continuous management and updates.

  • Potential additional costs for full feature access.

According to real customer experiences, Teltrack received a 3.5 out of 5 star overall rating via reviews on

GPS Trackit’s Apollo ELD – Best For Trucking

GPS Trackit’s Apollo ELD


GPS Trackit’s Apollo ELD is one of those ELD solutions offering fleet management software specifically designed for trucking companies. The system integrates with many tracking devices compliant with the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to track and record service hours for commercial drivers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

In addition to the ELD, GPS Trackit’s Apollo ELD also includes a range of fleet tracking and management features. With this system, businesses can follow the location and movements of their vehicles in real-time, scrutinize a driver’s performance, and perform route optimization and fuel management calculations to save time and money.



  • Real-time vehicle tracking enhances fleet management.

  • Monitors driver performance for safety and efficiency.

  • Covers U.S., Canada, and Mexico for broad use.

  • Requires consistent internet for real-time updates.

  • Dependence on ELD compliance can be restrictive.

  • May not fit all vehicle types or models.

According to real customer experiences, GPS Trackit has a 4.5 out of 5 star overall rating on TrustPilot

Samsara – Best Fleet Tracking For Maintenance

Samsara GPS


Track vehicle diagnostic information through maintenance schedules, fault codes, rates of fuel consumption, and driver efficiency with the comprehensive Samsara fleet management solution. In addition to these features, Samsara also provides a range of analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to identify areas for improvement, experience reduced fuel costs, and decrease the frequency of a vehicle’s maintenance.

Other benefits of Samsara include compliance with federal regulations, such as the ELD mandate, interstate IFTA requirements, and integration with a range of third-party systems and GPS fleet tracking devices.



  • Tracks vehicle diagnostics for proactive maintenance.

  • Compliant with ELD and IFTA regulations.

  • AI-powered video technology for safety and coaching.

  • Requires consistent internet for real-time data.

  • Reliant on network coverage for tracking.

  • Potentially higher cost for advanced features.

Samsara has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating according to 285 real customer experiences (as of 10/16/23) on

Fleet Up – Best Manager Software With Temperature & Humidity Control

Fleet Up Temperature Sensor


Fleet Up is a GPS tracking and fleet management solution specializing in commercial fleets moving perishable goods that includes various features for monitoring and optimizing your workforce. Ensuring sensitive items are stored at the proper temperature and humidity levels is tantamount to safety protocols for the environment, employees, and customers.

In addition to temperature and humidity control, Fleet Up offers a range of benefits for fleet tracking and management essential to improving processes and reducing wasteful spending. Realtime GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and maintenance alerts get you ahead of problems before they arrive.



  • GPS device battery lasts 90 days, hardwiring available.

  • Real-time updates every 10 seconds for accuracy.

  • Real-time GPS tracking ensures cargo safety.

  • Real-time tracking dependent on network coverage.

  • Sensor placement may require strategic planning.

  • Relies on FleetUp platform for data analysis.

Learn more about the company and its work environment from employee reviews at

GPS Tab Tail Light Tracker – Best GPS Tracker For Trailers

GPS Tab Tail Light Tracker


Explicitly designed for trailers, the GPS Tab Tail Light Tracker is a GPS tracking device disguised as a tail light! These tracking devices benefit businesses relying on trailers, like trucking or moving companies, by focusing on logistics. Additionally, they allow tracking the locations of trailers as they pass from truck to truck and driver to driver.

The device is powered using the existing wiring harness, allowing businesses to track the location and movements of their trailers in real time. These asset-tracking devices promise a one-minute, easy-install design and are developed to work with many different third-party fleet-tracking solutions.



  • Utilizes 4G network for reliable coverage.

  • Easy one-minute installation process.

  • Standby battery lasts up to 3 months.

  • Priced at $249, might be costly for some.

  • Reliant on 4G network coverage availability.

  • Battery replacement needed after three months.

According to customer testimonials, GPS Tab has a 3.5 out of 5-star overall rating on the Apple App Store as of 10/16/23

Linxup Asset Tracking – Best Solar Charged GPS

Linxup Asset Tracking

  • Fast GPS Tracking: Ready in minutes, live updates on your phone or computer.

  • Smart Alerts: Get notified via email & text when your asset moves, enters areas, or stops.

  • Simple & Affordable: No contracts, fees, or hidden costs. Pay as low as $6.99/month.

Battery life shouldn’t be a major issue for fleet tracking and asset tracking, but small tracking devices can lose charge in a few days. Linxup Asset Tracking offers a unique feature with its solar-powered tracking device, allowing businesses to track their assets without needing external power sources. This is especially useful for businesses that operate in remote or off-grid locations.

In addition to its solar-powered tracking device, Linxup Asset Tracking offers various features and benefits. These include integration with third-party systems, compliance with federal regulations like the ELD mandate, and customizable reporting and analytics tools. Overall, Linxup Asset Tracking provides a powerful and flexible fleet management solution to help businesses improve efficiency, safety, and compliance.





  • Simple setup

  • Geofencing alerts

  • Flexible subscriptions

  • Long battery life

  • Compact size

  • Subscription: From $6.99/month

  • Battery Life: Up to 18 months

  • Ping Rate: Adjustable

  • Charging: USB/cell charger

  • Size: Compact for easy placement

As of 3/13/2024

4.2 Stars | 3314 Ratings



  • Fast GPS setup for immediate tracking.

  • Smart alerts via email and text.

  • Subscription as low as $6.99/month.

  • Solar charging less effective in low-light areas.

  • Limited to locations with adequate solar exposure.

  • Smaller size could be easier to misplace.

G. Stickler

Positive Review Review - December 19, 2023

I didn't have a specific purpose for this unit, but I've been testing it out for future use, and it works great. I have found it simple to use, with good battery life and accuracy. I would recommend this to anyone looking to keep track of something.

G. Peoples

Negative Review Review - December 14, 2023

If whatever you're tracking is worth paying $80 to $200 for an annual subscription, it might be for you. I didn't notice any reviews discussing annual subscription requirements; otherwise,  I would not have purchased it.

Check out real customer experiences with Linxup on Google Review

Power Overdrive – Fastest GPS Fleet Tracker

Power Overdrive

  • Strong Internal Magnet with SIM Card Included

  • Lights can be turned out (Dark Mode)

  • Geofence Alerts, Speed Alerts, Fence Alerts, Battery Alerts

Not all battery-powered GPS fleet tracking devices run out of battery within a few days. For example, the hockey puck-sized Power Overdrive GPS can last up to four weeks with 60-second updates. Additionally, Konnect GPS offers options for real-time GPS tracking with 3-second updates, providing a tight detection radius for tracking vehicles and assets of any size.

With Power Overdrive, businesses can track their vehicles and assets on an interactive map. The system also includes a range of fleet tracking and management features, including boundary-cross detection, overspeeding reports, and trip history. This GPS tracking system’s fast update speed is one of its key features, allowing businesses to perform equipment tracking in real-time. This mini GPS tracker is handy for investigations regarding personal vehicles, fleet cars, and assets meant to sit unused for long periods.





  • Extended Battery Life

  • Waterproof & Dustproof

  • Internal Magnet

  • Dark Mode Available

  • Multiple Alerts

  • Long-Lasting Battery

  • IP Rating: Waterproof/Dustproof

  • Includes SIM Card

  • Customizable Alert Settings

  • Strong Magnetic Attachment

As of 4/11/2024

5.0 Stars | 1 Ratings



  • Free 24/7 support with active annual subscription.

  • 4G coverage in North America and worldwide.

  • Compact design for versatile use (cars, boats, RVs).

  • Real-time tracking dependent on network coverage.

  • Size may be bulky for certain discreet tracking needs.

  • Weatherproofing may not cover extreme conditions.

Tony l.

Positive Review Review -October 8, 2023

We used this to track my elderly father's vehicle. He has sitters that tend to him during the week, and we as a family wanted to keep track of their location when using my father's truck. You have to pay a monthly membership, but you can sign up from month to month with no contract. It gives the exact location. And the tracker even lets you know if the vehicle is speeding. A charge lasts us almost 2 weeks before we need to recharge it. It was well worth the money. I would highly recommend it.


Negative Review Review - January 15, 2024

If I could give it less than one star, I would. It says no contact is required, but to even get it to connect to the app, you have to pay 30 dollars and another 30 dollars every month. It is also very delayed and will show you the wrong places than where it is. And above all, they won't let me refund my subscription, even though I only had it for a few hours.

LandAirSea also offers a personal GPS tracker called the GPS 54 that is a top-seller on Amazon with over 19,000 verified buyers

Rhino Drive 360 Smart Camera – Best Night Vision Fleet Dash Cam

Rhino Drive 360 Smart Camera


When receiving damage or accident claim reports, wouldn’t it be great if you could determine if your driver was or wasn’t at fault? The Rhino Drive 360 Smart Camera is a high-definition fleet dash camera that provides real-time video telematics and safety monitoring. One key feature of these night vision dash cams is their ability to see inside and outside the cab. Consequently, they ensure fleet safety by monitoring a driver’s performance and the surrounding environment, day or night.

The camera has an easy-install mounting configuration that integrates with the powerful Rhino fleet management solution and improves driver safety and compliance on the road.

Along with real-time tracking of the vehicle location and monitoring driver behavior, fleet managers using a dash camera can protect their drivers against scammers looking at commercial fleets as easy targets. It’s estimated that 10% of accident claims are fraudulent, costing businesses and individuals millions of dollars annually. Save time, money, and headaches with this all-in-one fleet management solution.



  • High-definition camera with night vision.

  • Real-time video telematics for safety monitoring.

  • Tracks vehicle location and driver behavior.

  • Requires additional investment for camera setup.

  • Camera installation may alter vehicle aesthetics.

  • Ongoing costs with monthly subscription service.

According to customers, the Rhino Fleet GPS app has a 2.3 out of 5-star overall review on Google Play Store as of 10/16/23

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10 Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking

10 Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking

A GPS fleet tracking solution offers business owners the tools to gain valuable insights into their commercial fleet management. The most significant drawbacks are the monthly or annual costs of the tracking platform. Likely, overall costs will depend on how many vehicles you’re following. These 10 benefits of GPS fleet tracking software will give you a better idea of why you should consider onboarding these strategies in your fleet management.

Fleet Management Benefit


Increase Productivity

Track real-time location and optimize routes to reduce wasted time and fuel costs.

Boost Efficiency

Save time and money through route optimization, reduced fuel consumption, and idle time reporting.

Enhance Safety

Improve road safety and reduce accidents with driver coaching and dash cams.

Better Maintenance

Use diagnostic tools and proactive maintenance alerts to reduce downtime and maintain fleets effectively.

Enhanced Compliance

Comply with federal regulations, such as the ELD mandate and IFTA requirements, with GPS tracking solutions.

Improved Customer Service

Provide accurate delivery times and enhance customer satisfaction with real-time tracking.

Detailed Reporting

Gain valuable insights into operations with a range of reports and analytics.

Easy Installation

Install GPS fleet tracking devices quickly, often within hours.


Tailor GPS tracking devices to specific needs with various customization options.


Scale the GPS fleet management system up or down as your business grows or processes improve.

Live GPS Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

GPS fleet tracking refers to the use of real time GPS systems being equipped upon company automobiles for the purpose of management and oversight. Live GPS vehicle locators transmit the position of each car, truck, asset, or equipment to off-site computer servers where fleet managers can access the location data. This entire process happens instantaneously, allowing small businesses to manage fleet operations from a mobile phone or computer with simplicity. 

Telematics is a term that describes the integration of telecommunications and informatics (computing and information technology). In the context of GPS fleet management, telematics refers to the use of GPS and other technologies to track and monitor vehicles and assets. This tech is used to improve safety and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

A telematics system consists of a GPS tracker installed in each vehicle or asset being tracked. The tracker sends location and other data to a central server with fleet manager software that business owners can access through a web-based dashboard or mobile app. Metrics such as driver safety measured against aggressive turning and hard braking, unnecessary fuel consumption due to excessive idle time, and maintenance schedules are often tracked to save time and money.

Not having fleet tracking devices in your commercial fleet can put businesses at risk in several ways. First, it can leave you vulnerable to bad actors using company vehicles for unnecessary trips. In addition, businesses without vehicle tracking devices can lose track of maintenance schedules or run afoul of the law regarding federal compliance regulations!

Yes! The Plug & Play OBD2 GPS is a real time vehicle tracking device with no monthly subscription fees! This is a great telematics solution for businesses because taking on a monthly fee per tracker per vehicle can be costly, and that is not factoring in the service contracts some GPS fleet tracking providers require. If your drivers use company phones, you may consider upgrading everyone to current iPhone models and slipping Apple AirTags into the vehicles, but Bluetooth trackers like those won’t offer any of the real time tracking and vehicle diagnostic features experienced with standard fleet GPS tracking solutions.

Every driver thinks they’re the best on the road, but a driver scorecard established by some GPS fleet management systems can enable businesses to track and assess the true performance of their drivers. A safety score improves driver safety by identifying areas for improvement and coaching, often measuring metrics such as fuel efficiency, speeding, and harsh braking. Higher scores can lead to business incentives like prepaid fuel cards and greater levels of trust.

When evaluating your budget for a tracking solution, it’s crucial to start by weighing the benefits against potential risks. Moreover, consider the implications of non-compliance and the looming threat of false insurance claims.

Initially, driver scorecards might rank low on your priority list. However, they serve as valuable tools in enhancing safety and fortifying customer relations. Additionally, dash cams not only provide tangible evidence of accidents but also offer a revealing peek inside your cab. With this in mind, they become indispensable in countering fraudulent insurance claims and identifying instances of smoking or littering.

By examining your trip histories, you’ll swiftly pinpoint inefficient routes. Furthermore, by closely monitoring excessive idling, you’ll find avenues to significantly cut down on fuel consumption.

This list provides some of the best options in the industry for fleet management software and vehicle tracking devices. Give any of these GPS companies a call to get a custom quote based on your specific business requirements, or reach out to our security experts at GPS Tracker Shop for your business’s fleet tracking needs. Remember, peace of mind only comes to those who track it down!

Disclaimer For GPS Tracker Shop

The article “GPS for Fleet Management” contains information and reviews on a variety of GPS fleet tracking products. While GPS Tracker Shop offers some of the products mentioned in the article, there are others that we do not carry or sell. Our intent in providing this article is to present an unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of the featured products, based on their features, capabilities, and real customer experiences. Our ultimate goal is to assist you, our readers, in making the best-informed purchasing decision to suit your needs. Always make sure to conduct your own due diligence and research before making a purchasing decision.

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