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Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner

Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner – Discover How In 5 Easy Steps

Imagine driving home one evening and, out of curiosity, you inspect the underbelly of your car. To your shock, you find a mysterious device – a spouse GPS tracker. Your heart races, questions swirling: Who put it there? Why? Can a GPS tracker be traced to its owner? The sad reality is, that these are questions many in your shoes have pondered. In this article, we’ll walk you through five essential steps to uncover the identity of the person who’s been secretly tracking you.

Inspect Your Vehicle For Hidden GPS Trackers

Trace GPS Tracker Back To Owner

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So, you’re concerned that your ex might be tracking your car without your knowledge. We understand you want answers, and want them now. First, you need to thoroughly inspect your vehicle, and hopefully locate the tracking system. Look for hidden GPS trackers in common hiding spots like the wheel wells, under the seats, or inside the bumper. The truth is, that GPS tracking devices are designed to be covert. That means they can be hidden in various spots on your vehicle. Therefore, be meticulous in your inspection!

  • Location of GPS Device. Check around the car’s frame, behind the bumper, or inside the glove compartment.
  • Use Tools for Inspection. Tools like flashlights and mirrors can help in inspection.
  • Seek Professional Help. If needed, consult a private investigator or a company specializing in counter-surveillance like BrickHouse Security.

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Use Technology To Assist In Discovery

How to remove GPS tracker from car

If you’re still having trouble, there are devices like GPS detectors and bug sweepers that can help you discover hidden cameras and tracking devices. Why? Because bug detectors can pick up GPS signals, helping you identify if a tracker is on your car. However, it is important to know that GPS detection devices are not foolproof. The reason is that live GPS trackers are designed to go into sleep mode to save battery life. This feature is usually activated when a vehicle is parked for 2 minutes. That means the tracking device won’t transmit or receive data, and therefore can’t be detected.

  • GPS Detectors. Tools to help locate hidden GPS trackers and other tracking systems.
  • Counter Surveillance. Consider hiring a professional for a full counter-surveillance sweep.

Find The Manufacturer Of The GPS Tracker

Now that you’ve found the tracker, it’s crucial to determine its manufacturer. Start this journey on Amazon. Search terms like “GPS tracker” or “GPS car tracker” can be your guide. By comparing your tracker to online listings, you’ll likely find a match. Remember, this step is vital.

Why is it so important? Each GPS tracker bears a unique serial number, linking it to a specific account. Here’s a key insight: real-time GPS trackers necessitate a subscription. This means someone pays monthly for the data service linked to the tracker on your car. Identifying the maker leads you closer to discovering who placed the tracker. Keep this fact in mind as you continue your investigation.

  • Search Amazon. 99% of all GPS trackers sold can be found on
  • Find The Manufacturer. Once you know who made the GPS device you can then learn more about who bought the device by using the serial number

Contact The GPS Manufacturer

GPS On My Car

With the tracker’s serial number and the maker identified, your next step is to contact them. Approach the manufacturer with friendliness and a straightforward request. Ask for information about the tracker, using its serial number as a reference. If they inquire, explain your situation honestly. Tell them you found the tracker on your vehicle and express concerns about potential stalking.

Remember, the manufacturer’s privacy policy might restrict them from sharing details. Despite this, don’t underestimate the power of kindness. It can sometimes open doors that seem closed. If you have suspicions about who placed the tracker, mention their name. Ask the manufacturer if they can confirm or deny any involvement.

If the manufacturer is uncooperative, don’t lose hope. Take the evidence you’ve gathered to the police. Law enforcement can obtain a subpoena, compelling the manufacturer to release the needed information. This step ensures you’re taking all necessary actions to resolve this unsettling situation.

Here is a list of the most common GPS manufacturers:

Understand Laws and Regulations

Police Officer Helping

Before taking any action, it’s essential to understand the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction concerning GPS monitoring. Especially if you’re a private citizen. Truthfully, there are some gray areas where people can legally track your car without consent. Examples include if you are operating a company work vehicle and signed a GPS tracking policy. Or maybe you are driving a vehicle registered or leased in someone else’s name. There are circumstances where someone can secretly track your vehicle, therefore you should seek legal advice.

  • Ownership and Consent. Tracking your car without the owner’s consent may be illegal in some areas.
  • Legal Recourse. If the tracker on your car is unlawful, you may be entitled to legal action.
  • Consult an Attorney. Legal professionals can guide you based on your specific situation.

Helpful Tips

Identify The Type of GPS Tracking Devices

Remove GPS Tracker From Car

Once you’ve found the device on your car, it’s crucial to determine whether it’s a live GPS tracker transmitting data in real time or a passive device storing data. This is important because it will tell you if someone is spying on you 24/7 remotely, or if all your travel history is being stored on the device itself. Also, GPS data loggers can not be traced back to the owner because they do not require a data plan. The good news? Most of these devices have been discontinued, and less than 1% of all tracking devices are classified as passive units.

  • Live GPS. These real-time GPS trackers send information instantly, often used by fleet managers or for asset tracking.
  • Passive Devices. These store information to be retrieved later and may not transmit data instantly.
  • Consult a Specialist. If unsure, specialists in GPS technologies or a private investigator can identify the device for you.

Seek Professional Assistance If Needed

GPS Tracker Installer

Finally, if the situation feels too complex for you, seek professional assistance. But, where can you get help? First, contact local law enforcement in your area. Police can help you scan your vehicle, and also know what to look for. This is because law enforcement frequently uses vehicle tracking systems for investigations. Additional options include private investigators, audio/alarm installers, or companies specializing in vehicle tracking systems.

  • Professional Investigation. Private investigators are skilled in finding hidden GPS devices and tracking devices.
  • Vehicle Track Experts. Firms specializing in vehicle tracking or fleet tracking can also assist in the process.

Following these steps will empower you to address the situation and protect your privacy. Always remember to consult with professionals in complex cases and act within the bounds of the law.

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Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, penalties do exist for tracking a car without the owner’s consent. In many jurisdictions, this can be considered a serious invasion of privacy. The exact penalties vary by location and can range from fines to even imprisonment. It’s imperative to consult local laws to understand the specific implications in your area. If you suspect that a tracker on your car has been placed without your knowledge, contact law enforcement immediately.

Yes, specific tools can assist you in finding a tracker on your vehicle. Tools like flashlights, mirrors, and GPS detectors can make the inspection easier. Some professionals also use video surveillance and counter-surveillance tools like bug sweepers. Remember, if you’re not confident in inspecting the vehicle yourself, professionals can help you locate hidden GPS tracking devices.

Finding a serial number on the device on your car can be a significant clue! Write it down, and consider contacting law enforcement or a private investigator. They may be able to trace the GPS tracking system back to the seller or user. Also, go to Amazon and search for “real-time GPS trackers“.  Maybe, you will find the exact model of GPS that you found on your vehicle. Then, you can contact the manufacturer and share the serial number with them to find out who purchased the real-time GPS.

Yes, a fleet manager can often legally place a car or truck GPS in a company vehicle. The legal standing usually depends on the employment agreement, company policy, and local laws concerning asset tracking and fleet tracking. However, ethical considerations usually demand transparency in such monitoring. Always check your employment contract or consult with HR if you have concerns or questions.

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