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GPS Tracker Under Car

Can I Put A GPS Tracker Under Car?

Can You Put A GPS Tracker Under A Car – What You Need To Know!

As a car owner, you might want a reliable way to track your vehicle’s location for various reasons, such as safety, theft protection, or even monitoring teen drivers. A hidden GPS tracker is an ideal solution to ensure peace of mind. So, can you put a GPS tracker under a car? Yes, you can! And in this article, we’ll explore how you can put a GPS tracker under a car, how GPS signals work, and how tracking devices catch GPS signals that reflect off the ground.

GPS Tracker Under Car

How A GPS Tracker Picks Up Signals Under a Car – A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Choose the right GPS tracker: Look for a GPS device specifically designed for covert vehicle tracking, with features such as a strong magnetic case and weatherproof design to ensure durability and a secure attachment to the metal surface under the car.
  2. Identify an optimal location: Find a spot under the car that allows the real time GPS tracker to have a clear line of sight to the ground, ensuring better signal reception due to signal reflection. Avoid areas with too much metal or other signal-obstructing materials.
  3. Securely attach the GPS tracker: Use the magnetic case or other mounting options provided by the manufacturer to securely attach the GPS tracker to the chosen location under the car. Make sure it’s firmly in place and not at risk of falling off during travel.
  4. Power on the GPS tracker: Turn on the GPS tracker and ensure it’s set to receive GPS signals. Some devices may require an activation process or pairing with a companion app on your cell phone.
  5. Wait for the GPS tracker to establish a connection: Once powered on, the GPS vehicle tracker will start searching for satellite signals. This process may take a few minutes, especially if the device is acquiring signals for the first time.
  6. Monitor signal reception: Check the GPS car tracker’s signal strength and connection status through its accompanying app or platform. The tracker should be able to pick up reflected GPS signals bouncing off the ground, providing accurate location data.
  7. Test the tracking capability: Drive the test vehicle for a short distance and monitor the GPS tracker’s performance. Ensure it maintains a stable connection and provides accurate location updates in real-time or at your desired intervals.
  8. Adjust if necessary: If the GPS tracking device is not receiving signals consistently, try repositioning it or adjusting its settings to optimize performance. Remember that the device’s orientation and position under the car may affect its ability to pick up reflected signals.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your GPS tracking system effectively picks up signals when placed under a car.

5 Best-Selling GPS Car Trackers on Amazon – Discover Which Ones Will Work Under A Car

In this section, we will go over the top 5 Amazon recommended products for GPS tracking vehicles. We will provide a short product description of the car GPS tracker and tell you if the realtime GPS will work under a car. Let’s begin with the highest-rated GPS trackers for cars, SpaceHawk!

1. SpaceHawk – Best Overall GPS Tracker Under Car

The SpaceHawk GPS is a versatile and discreet vehicle tracker that offers real-time location updates and a user-friendly interface. With its powerful magnetic casing and waterproof design, this GPS tracker is perfect for covertly monitoring your vehicle’s whereabouts, providing accurate tracking data and peace of mind for car owners. But can the GPS vehicle tracking device work under a car? The answer is yes! In fact, the powerful magnetic mount design of the SpaceHawk GPS is why private investigators, law enforcement, and people who suspect their partner of cheating use the device!

GPS Tracker


2. SpyTec GL300 – Affordable GPS Tracker You Can Put Under Car (Accessory Case Required)

The Spytec GPS GL300 is a highly-regarded car GPS tracker that offers real-time tracking and a long-lasting battery life, making it ideal for monitoring vehicles without needing an OBDII port connection. With its compact design and magnetic casing, the GL300 can be discreetly placed in various locations within a car, providing tracking history and data accessible through cell phones and compatible tracking apps. But does SpyTec GPS GL300 work under a car? No, but if you purchase the waterproof case accessory you can equip it under your vehicle!

3. Vyncs GPS – Amazon Top Seller For OBD2 (Inside The Vehicle Tracking)

Another great option is the Vyncs GPS Tracker, which connects directly to the OBDII port of your vehicle. This tracker not only offers real-time tracking but also monitors fuel levels and driving habits, ensuring car safety and efficiency. With a basic subscription plan covering various features, including roadside assistance and activation fees, the Vyncs GPS Tracker is a comprehensive solution for vehicle owners seeking additional security. Since Vyncs GPS is a OBD2 port tracker, it was not designed to be placed under a car.

4. Logistimatics Mobile-200

The Logistimatics Mobile-200 is a compact and portable tracker with an impressive battery life, ideal for those who prefer a more flexible car GPS solution. Featuring various power modes and compatibility with Google Maps, the Mobile-200 ensures accurate tracking and user-friendly monitoring through mobile apps, making it a highly recommended product for users seeking reliable vehicle tracking. Although not designed with waterproof housing, you can purchase a waterproof case for this fleet management tracker if you want to attach it under a car.

5. Bouncie GPS Tracker – Does Not Work Under Car But Good Value!

The Bouncie GPS tracker is a versatile device that connects via the OBDII port, providing features like 4G LTE real-time tracking, fuel level monitoring, and smart home integration. Compatible with various home automation systems and offering a user-friendly mobile app, the Bouncie GPS is a well-rounded option for those seeking additional security and convenience in their vehicle tracking solution. Bouncie is another one of the OBDii port trackers on this list and therefore can not function as a magnetic GPS tracker that can work under your car.

Honorable Mention

An honorable mention goes to the Apple AirTag. Although not specifically designed for vehicle tracking, this popular tracker can be easily hidden in a car for basic location monitoring, provided the user has a compatible iPhone or other Apple devices. While the AirTag may not have all the specialized features of dedicated GPS trackers for cars, its ease of use and wide availability make it an attractive option for some buyers.

GPS Tracker Under Car – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best GPS Tracker To Hide Under A Car?

According to the security experts at GPS Tracker Shop, the SpaceHawk is the best vehicle GPS tracker to hide under a car. Why? The special features such as the powerful magnetic mount, waterproof design, detailed tracking history, and basic plan that offers unlimited tracking every 3 minutes. In fact, with over 20,000 Amazon reviews, the SpaceHawk is one of the top-selling portable trackers on the market!

Can GPS Signals Really Reflect Off the Ground?

Yes, GPS signals can indeed reflect off the ground. Reflection happens with certain surfaces. Asphalt and concrete are two examples. So, where should you place your tracker? Under the car is an ideal spot! Think about this: signals bounce from satellites, then to the ground, then to the device. It’s this fascinating aspect of technology that ensures the tracker’s effectiveness even in a covert position.

How Do You Attach a GPS Tracker Under a Car?

Follow these steps: first, choose a GPS tracker with a strong magnetic case – or even better a tracker like Spacehawk designed with a strong magnet. Why? It ensures secure attachment. Then, find an optimal spot under the car. If you are worried about interference, avoid areas with too much metal. Next, attach the tracker firmly using the magnetic case. Last, power it on and make sure it’s active.

What Should You Worry About When Placing a GPS Tracker Under a Car?

Worry about these things: falling off, waterproofing, and legal issues. Are you using a strong magnetic case? If not, the device may fall. Is it waterproof? Water damage could be a problem. Are you complying with legal regulations? Ensure you follow the law. Your safety, legality, and device’s effectiveness are top priorities!

Will Any GPS Tracker Work Under a Car?

No, not all GPS trackers will work under a car. Look for trackers with a robust magnetic case and weatherproof design. Remeber, OBDII port trackers are not suitable for under-car placement! So avoid products such as Bouncie GPS, MotoSafety and Vyncs if you want to hide a GPS tracker under car.

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