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Can The Repo Man Track Your Car?

How Will The Repo Man Find My Car?

Don’t Let Them Repossess Your Vehicle!

One of the best feelings is walking onto a car lot and purchasing or leasing a new vehicle. There truly is nothing that makes a person feel more confident and successful. Unfortunately, life sometimes has a way of throwing curveballs at us. Maybe you lost your job, had a medical emergency, or some other unexpected expense and that resulted in car payments being missed. In fact, most people have missed a car payment at some point in their lives, but if you miss two or three in a row there is a strong chance your target could be targeted by the repo man. Sure you can try to figure out how to hide your car from the repo man, or hope that by moving to a new location you could avoid vehicle repossession. But the question you really should be asking is can the repo man track your car, and the answer is yes!

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So how will the repo man find your car if you missed a payment? The answer comes in the form of GPS tracking technology and it makes it easy for any repossession agent to reclaim a vehicle. This is because many car dealerships that offer their own financing understand the risks associated with extending loans to people with fair or poor credit. In an effort to reduce potential loss, one of the tools they utilize is GPS tracking devices. The reason is that it allows the repo man to find your car in real time regardless of where you try to hide the vehicle.

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Used Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device

By equipping a real time GPS tracker on a vehicle, used car dealerships have the ability to instantly locate that car in the case of default. This allows the repossession agent or repo companies to find your car instantly! As a matter of fact, it is now commonplace for many car dealerships to equip a GPS tracker on a financed car for that very reason. If a person fails to make payments, the car dealership is able to activate the live GPS tracker to pinpoint the location of the vehicle. Then all they have to do is wait for the appropriate time to send a repo man to repossess the vehicle. These used car dealer GPS tracking devices are typically hard-wired to the financed vehicle’s 12-volt system or connected to the OBD2 port.

Tips To Avoid Repo Man

How do I keep my repo man from getting my car?

If you are looking to avoid repossession of your vehicle the best thing to do is stay up-to-date on your car loan. With that being said, we understand life happens and losing your car can be an incredible inconvenience for anyone. If your repo agent is looking at car repossession here are some tips to help you in keeping your property:

  • Park The Vehicle In Your Garage. This is because the repo man can not legally enter private property. They can, however, repossess a vehicle parked in a driveway.
  • Communicate With The Finance Company. People miss car payments. It happens more frequently than you would think, but pretending the situation is not happening is not an intelligent decision. The best route is to call the finance company or used car dealer and explain your financial situation to see what options might be available. They would much rather negotiate with you than repossess your automobile.
  • Find GPS Tracker On Your Car. As mentioned earlier, the repo man will call upon live GPS tracking to locate your vehicle, but by locating the tracker and disabling it you can stop them from finding you.

It is important to remember that a repo company has the ability to conduct auto repossession if you have an outstanding balance or failed to pay your loan payments on time. Even if you are successful at hiding your vehicle from car repossession, you will still be liable for the remaining balance even if you sell the car. Those worried about an outstanding balance and repo company taking their vehicle should contact a debt relief business or look into debt settlement options.

Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracker From a Financed Car?

For automobile owners trying to avoid the repo man, one thing you would want to avoid is removing the GPS tracker from the financed car. The reason is that a vehicle financed from a car dealership is typically categorized as secure collateral. That means by removing the real time GPS tracking device you are essentially hindering the ability of the creditor to secure the collateral in the case of default. That would make it illegal to remove the GPS tracker. However, if you did not use the vehicle as secure collateral then it would be legal to remove the live GPS tracking system.

Legally, you cannot remove a car tracker to avoid the car repossession process because if you got an auto loan through the dealership they still technically own that vehicle until you pay off the balance on the loan. The vehicle is their property to seize if you fail to make a payment, and if this occurs you will be held liable for all the fees associated with the repossessed vehicle. This is why we would encourage you to take a personal loan out or get an auto loan from your bank, as they are more likely to work with you if you miss a payment.