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Does Carmax Put Tracking Devices On Cars

Does Carmax Use GPS Tracking Devices – CarMax Repossession

With the economy in flux and inflation skyrocketing across the country, one of the consequences will most certainly be defaults on car loans. Unfortunately, defaulting on a car loan can have negative consequences on your credit score, but also you are very likely to have the vehicle in question repossessed. Although used car dealerships such as Carmax offer affordable vehicles and low-interest rates (depending on the buyer’s credit history), nearly every car dealership that provides its own financing has to protect its assets from a potential default.  But does Carmax put tracking devices on cars? In this article, we will discuss the reason why car dealerships turn to GPS tracking devices for repo, and what you need to know about vehicle repossession. 

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Carmax Car Loan – Can A Car Dealership Track Your Car?

Once a person secures an auto loan, finds the vehicle they love, makes the purchase, and drives the car off the lot with that brand-new automobile everything should be fine. For the car dealership, however, they are not out of the woods until that buyer pays off the auto loan. The majority time that is exactly what happens, but sometimes car buyers fall into financial hardship and can’t afford to make auto loan payments. This is when a car dealer such as Carmax has to proceed with vehicle repossession. And the tool that helps them quickly locate the vehicle is a live GPS tracker.

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Real Time GPS Tracker For Car Repo

In order to quickly locate and secure a vehicle in default car dealerships use real time GPS trackers. The tracking devices are either hard-wired to the automobile or are wireless systems that can be hidden literally anywhere on the vehicle. What these security devices do is track a vehicle’s location 24/7, which allows a company such as Carmax to quickly find and repo a car if the person stops making auto loan payments.

But can CarMax track your car!?

Yes because technically until you pay off the auto loan the vehicle is not yours. The vehicle is still the property of Carmax or the car dealership you purchased the automobile from. That means they can legally equip a real time GPS tracking device to that asset.

What Happens When Carmax Repos Your Car – Timeline Of Events

So what exactly happens when Carma repos your car? The process is pretty simple:

  • Fail to make auto loan payments and you will be in default. This is not good. 
  • Once in default, Carmax can activate the real time GPS tracker to locate the vehicle. 
  • Carmax hires a repo man to use the GPS tracking data to find and repo the car.
  • The auto loan default will be reported to all credit bureaus and negatively impact your personal credit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GPS Tracking Legal For Car Repossession?

Yes, GPS tracking is legal for car repossession, as long as the dealer has a legal right to repossess the vehicle. The use of GPS tracking devices must also comply with federal and state laws regarding privacy and tracking.

Can The Dealer Disable The Car Remotely Using GPS Tracking?

Yes, car dealers can disable the car remotely using a hardwiredGPS tracking. The ability to immobilize the vehicle is a feature many car dealerships call upon if you fail to make payments. Can they legally do this? Yes, and the reason is because you don’t technically own the vehicle until you make the final payment.

What Happens To The Vehicle After it Is Repossessed?

After the vehicle is repossessed, it is typically sold at auction to recover the outstanding debt. The proceeds from the sale are used to pay off the debt, and any remaining funds are returned to the owner. If the vehicle is not sold enough to cover the debt, the owner may still be responsible for the remaining balance. You can learn more abut what happens next here:

Can You Prevent Your Automobile From Being Repossessed?

Yes, you can prevent your car from being repossessed by making timely payments on your auto loan. If you are struggling to make payments, you can contact your lender to discuss options such as deferment, forbearance, or a modified payment plan.

How Long Does It Take For A Car To Be Repossessed?

The timeline for vehicle repossession varies depending on the lender and state laws. In some cases, the lender may start the repossession process as soon as you miss a payment, while in other cases, they may wait several months before taking action. Generally, lenders must provide notice of the repossession and give you an opportunity to make payments before seizing the vehicle.

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