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GPS Tracker Starter Disable

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Real Time GPS With Kill Switch

Best Hardwired GPS Tracker With Kill Switch

The Only Live GPS Tracker With Starter Disable

GPS Tracker With Starter Disable

  • Find Out Where Your Employees Are 24/7
  • Protect Construction Equipment
  • Disable Starter Instantly To Protect Company Cars
  • Discover What Is Really Happening In Your Vehicles

Performance GPS is a real time GPS vehicle tracking device with a kill switch feature engineered to help businesses safeguard company vehicles and heavy equipment on construction sites. If you are worried employees are driving too fast or simply want to add a layer of security to your heavy equipment, there is no better real time GPS tracker on the market. Protect your mobile assets from theft while improving driver behaviors with the Performance GPS!


Hidden GPS Car Tracker

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Looking for a reliable, long-term GPS tracking solution for tethered assets? Performance GPS is weatherproof and designed to deliver. Equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, powerful engine, precise GPS technology, LTE Cat 1, and expansive I/O harness, it enables a broad array of use cases for asset management solutions. Whether you’re tracking vehicles or other assets that may sit disconnected for periods of time, Performance GPS has you covered.

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage:

  • 12/24 VDC Vehicle Systems
  • 9-30 VDC (start-up, operating)
  • 7-32 VDC (momentary)

Power Consumption:

  • Typical 400uA @ 12V (deep sleep)
  • Typical 15mA @ 12V (radio-active sleep)
  • Typical 60mA @ 12V (active tracking w/GPS and cell enabled)

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.2 x 1.6” (114 x 80 x 39mm)

Monthly Data Plan Options

GPS tracker data plans

GPS Tracker With Engine Shut Off – Protecting Exotic Cars

As a business that wants to safeguard your motor vehicle assets, remote vehicle immobilization is a critical feature. In fact, exotic car owners frequently call upon car disabling device technology. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a real-time GPS tracker with starter disable and relays for the kill switch feature.
  2. Track your vehicle 24/7 in real-time using the GPS tracker.
  3. If the automobile is stolen, disable the starter remotely and call the police.

Remember, it is best to hire a professional installation team to hardwire your tracker. Why? They know the best place to mount and hardwire any tracking device with a kill switch. This means safely connecting the device to the 12-volt power system of the vehicle without frying the car GPS tracker .With remote vehicle immobilization, you can protect your assets and quickly locate your vehicle if it is stolen. By investing in a real-time GPS tracker with starter disable, you can monitor your vehicle 24/7 and take action if necessary.

GPS Tracker With Kill Switch Cost

If you’re considering GPS tracker and immobilizer solutions, note that they require a monthly subscription plan for data. Expect to invest around $249.00-$299.00 for a tracking device that can disable a starter and roughly $16.95-$19.95 a month for the data plan. The frequency of updates will depend on your preference, ranging from as fast as every 3 seconds to about once per minute.

Real-time GPS tracking devices with kill switches are popular among companies seeking the ultimate vehicle fleet security technology. But the ability to track a vehicle anytime is also a huge advantage. This constant access enables employers to catch employees stealing company time or determine if they are driving unsafely to prevent accidents. Consider the cost and data plan options when selecting the best GPS tracker with immobilizer solutions for your business.

hardwired GPS tracker

How Does A Starter Interrupt Device Work

A starter interrupt device works by preventing the flow of electricity from the battery to the starter motor. Here’s how it works:

  • The starter interrupt device is installed between the battery and the starter motor.
  • When activated, the device interrupts the flow of electricity to the starter motor, preventing the engine from starting.
  • The starter disabler can be activated manually using a physical switch or key fob.
  • In addition to preventing engine start, the device can also disable other electrical systems, such as lights and horns.

Starter interrupt devices are commonly used in vehicle security systems to prevent theft or unauthorized use. By interrupting the flow of electricity to the starter motor, the device makes it impossible for a thief to start the engine, even if they have the keys. With the added benefit of remote activation through a GPS tracker, the device provides added security for business owners and vehicle fleets.

How Does A Car Kill Switch WorkAuto Finance Companies Asset Tracking

As a used car dealership, managing your inventory and financing can be challenging. However, you can simplify the process and improve your business operations with GPS fleet tracking solutions. Here are some benefits of a hardwired tracker for auto finance companies:

  • GPS tracking solutions can send payment reminders automatically, reducing the workload of your staff. And more importantly, ensuring timely payments from customers so they don’t default on their auto loans.
  • With the starter disable function, you can easily disable a car’s ignition remotely if the customer fails to make payments, reducing the risk of lost revenue from non-paying customers.
  • GPS tracking devices can help you locate and recover repossessed vehicles quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional repossession methods.
  • By tracking your inventory with portable GPS trackers, you can ensure that your vehicles are safe and secure, reducing the risk of theft and damage.

Incorporating portable GPS trackers with starter disable into your used car dealership operations can provide a host of benefits, including improved payment management, reduced risk of loss from non-payment, and streamlined operations. These benefits can ultimately lead to increased profitability and a more successful business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GPS trackers with starter disable features are frequently used to prevent theft. How the anti-theft solutions work is simple. If the car GPS tracker senses unauthorized movement, the starter disable function can be activated remotely to prevent the vehicle from starting. In fact, the GPS starter disrupter device technology is frequently used for vehicle repossession!

Yes, GPS vehicle tracker systems require a monthly fee to cover the cost of data. This fee will vary depending on how quickly you want real time vehicle location updates. For example, a data plan that updates every 30 seconds will be a little more expensive than a plan that updates every minute.

Starter interrupt device benefits include anti-theft security, real time GPS updates, and improved fleet management. In addition, a tracker with engine shut down can be useful for car dealerships in managing inventory and financing. For example, they can help quickly locate and recover repossessed vehicles, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional repossession methods. The starter disable function can also be used to immobilize a vehicle remotely, reducing the risk of lost revenue from non-paying customers.

Yes, this GPS asset tracker has an “Equipment Movement Alert” feature. In fact, the live GPS tracker has “IGNITION ON” or “LEAVE” alerts that you can easily set up from the online tracking platform. This will send you a notification when anyone activates your construction equipment, including excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, and more.

Do you need to make sure your equipment is not being used when the job site is shut down for the day or week? If so, you can use the Actions Menu to “Schedule Actions” like a Disable (disable starter) and/or Enable (enable starter) nightly, including weekends. This feature can help prevent theft and unauthorized use of your equipment, giving you peace of mind and added security.

Yes, this hardwired car tracker can remotely disable the ignition from any location. This can help prevent theft, but it can also be used to immobilize a vehicle in the event of an emergency.

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