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Golf Cart GPS Tracking

Golf Cart GPS Tracking

Best GPS Tracker For Golf Carts – Golfer’s Guide For 2023

Are you a golf enthusiast who loves to spend your days on the greens? Then you already know golf carts are a crucial component of the game when it comes to keeping up with the pace of play. Unfortunately, golf cart theft is a rising problem on both private and public courses. Thankfully, there is a solution – Golf Cart GPS Tracking. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about golf cart GPS tracking so you can protect your equipment from theft. Let’s start with the top-selling trackers for golf carts sold on Amazon.

Golf Cart GPS Tracking

Tracki – Cheapest Golf Cart GPS Sold On Amazon

Looking for a reliable GPS tracking solution to protect your golf cart from theft? Look no further than Tracki GPS! With its unlimited distance real-time tracking and 4G LTE + extra triband coverage, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to track your golf cart 24/7. Plus, with its small and lightweight design, it’s easy to attach to your golf cart without weighing it down.

One of the standout features of Tracki GPS is its rechargeable battery life of up to 5 days (depending on usage) when tracking in real-time every 1-5 minutes. If you don’t need real-time tracking, the battery can last up to 30-75 days when tracking 1-3 times per day (using battery save mode). This is especially important for golf carts that may sit for long periods of time between uses.

Tracki GPS also uses GPS satellites and nearby Wi-Fi routers to provide accurate location data. When outdoors, GPS is the primary tracking technology, while indoors, Wi-Fi serves as a secondary backup tracking method. You can easily track your golf cart’s location live on the map, and even receive real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a geo-fence zone you set up.

As a golf course manager or club professional, you understand the importance of protecting your assets, including your fleet of golf carts. With Tracki GPS, you can not only protect your golf carts from theft but also optimize their usage and management.


SpyTec GPS GL300 – Portable GPS For Golf Cart Security

With a battery life of up to 10 days and a SIM card built-in, the SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker is a great choice for golf security. In fact, course managers, golf professionals, or anyone looking to keep track of their carts’ location data can benefit from this tracking system. SpyTec GL300  provides data updates every 5 minutes and is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. This will allow you to track golf carts in real-time, optimize the pace of play, and improve operational efficiency.

Setting up the SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker is easy, and the device comes with unlimited data storage and a 3-year warranty. However, the monthly fee is relatively high at $30, and the tracker is not waterproof. The good news? There is an affordable waterproof case with a magnetic mount sold as an accessory for $29.95. With over 14,000 Amazon reviews as of April 2023, it is easy to see why SpyTec is a top GPS tracking for golf cart security solution.


LandAirSea 54 – Golf Cart GPS Tracking Device Built In USA

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is another great option for golf cart tracking. With a battery life of up to 10 days and a built-in SIM card, this device offers data updates every 3 minutes and is waterproof. It also has both mobile and desktop apps and provides unlimited data storage.

Setting up the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is quick and easy, with a simple barcode scan to activate the device. The sensor updates are very accurate, and the device is small and easy to attach to the equipment frame. However, the monthly fee is also relatively high at $20, and the device doesn’t provide directions or a heading on the map.


Monimoto – Golf Cart GPS With No Subscription For 3 Months

If you’re looking for an effective way to prevent golf cart theft, the Monimoto GPS tracker is an excellent option. This device allows you to monitor your golf cart’s location in real-time, set up alerts for when the cart is out of range, and improve operational efficiency.

With the Monimoto GPS tracker installed on your golf cart, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is safe and secure. If your golf cart is stolen, the tracker will detect movement and send you notifications about the theft in progress. Within a minute, the tracker will call you on your phone and send GPS coordinates to your Monimoto app, allowing you to quickly locate and recover your stolen cart. By taking steps to protect your golf cart with a Monimoto GPS tracker, you can ensure the safety and security of your valuable equipment.


Apple or Android Phone With Trakkit App

Golf Cart GPS Tracking

If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can turn it into a GPS tracker for your golf cart using the Trakkit App. The app offers location updates every 1 minute and has both mobile and desktop apps for tracking golf carts in real-time, optimizing the pace of play, and improving operational efficiency. The monthly fee is very affordable at just $7.99, and the battery life is over 2 years.

Setting up the Trakkit App is straightforward, and the accuracy of cell phone GPS is generally excellent, even in poor installation parts of the vehicle. However, a hardwire kit is recommended, and the device is not waterproof.


Top 3 Anti-Theft Solutions For Golf Cart Security

Hidden Cameras + Motion Senor Lights: One way to deter potential thieves is to install spotlights and cameras around the area where you park your golf cart. Spotlights that are triggered by motion can scare off anyone who is trying to approach your golf cart in the dark, and visible cameras can serve as a powerful deterrent. If your golf cart is stolen, the footage from the cameras can also be used to help identify the thief and recover your stolen property.

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Golf cart GPS trackers can be a powerful tool in the fight against cart theft. How? A GPS tracking solution will allow you to track your golf cart if it is stolen. Not to mention, a GPS tracking system will allow you to set up alerts so that you’re notified if your golf cart leaves a certain area or if it is moved without authorization. This can help you quickly respond to theft and recover your golf cart before it is lost forever.

Kill Switches To Disable Golf Carts: A kill switch is a simple but effective way to prevent someone from stealing your golf cart. By installing a kill switch underneath the dashboard of your golf cart, you can disable the engine and prevent it from being started even if a thief has a working key. To start the golf cart, you’ll need to flip the switch to the “on” position. This can be a powerful theft deterrent since it requires the thief to know about the kill switch and where it is located in order to steal the golf cart.

Golf Car GPS Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GPS Tracking Useful For Golf Course Managers And Club Professionals?

Yes, GPS tracking is a very useful tool for golf course managers and club professionals. GPS tracking devices can help monitor golf carts, track the location of the carts, and optimize operational efficiency.

Can GPS Tracking Help A Head Golf Professional Improve The Golf Experience For Players?

Yes, GPS tracking can help a head golf professional improve the golf experience for players. How? GPS tracking devices record the pace of play of players and that can help speed the game up for everyone.

What Are Some Key Features Of GPS Tracking Solutions For Golf Carts?

GPS tracking solutions for golf carts often include accurate GPS technology, a battery included for easy installation, and a golf cart GPS tracker that can be mounted underneath the cart. Some solutions also provide fleet tracking capabilities, allowing management to monitor multiple carts at once.

Can GPS Tracking Also Help With Food And Beverage Management On Golf Courses?

Yes, By tracking the location of carts, managers can ensure that carts are being used in areas where players might want refreshments. This can help increase sales and overall revenue.

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