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GPS Tracking Without Monlthy Fees

An affordable automotive monitoring solution, GPS data loggers offer second-by-second positional tracking, zero reliance on cellular networks and NO MONTHLY FEES for service! Users need only to download historical GPS tracking data directly from the system to a computer when they want to review driving activity!

  • Teenage Motorist Safety
  • Businesses Validating Employee Travels
  • Relationship Verification
  • Law Enforcement Covert Surveillance

What Is Passive GPS?

When it comes to GPS tracking their are two forms of classification: real-time GPS and passive GPS. Although most people are familiar with how real-time GPS tracking works, passive GPS technology can offer a wide range of benefits, but first one must understand what passive GPS means.

Passive GPS are receivers that capture radio signals transmitted from satellites floating in space orbit. Through this connection the passive GPS can determine speed, location, altitude, arrival times and an assortment of other data that can be extremely helpful in applications related to personal safety or fleet vehicle management. Since passive GPS devices are receivers they do not require an Internet connection or cellular coverage to acquire data. This means a person can use a passive GPS anywhere in the world and not run into technical issues.

Passive GPS systems are also known as GPS data loggers because they record all historical information. This is very important for a consumer or company to understand because passive GPS devices cannot under any circumstances offer live, real-time data. The user must remove the passive GPS from the target object, asset or vehicle and download the saved location data. The download is complete by using a simple USB connection to a personal computer or laptop. Once the data from the passive GPS has been downloaded the user can see how fast a car was operating, the stops it made, address information and other valuable documentation captured via satellite technology. The data is typically displayed in a text format that breaks down all activity in a clear, easy to understand fashion, or imposed over a satellite imagery program such as Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth.

Benefits Of Passive GPS

The most advantageous feature of using passive GPS is that the technology does not require any activation or monthly service fees for data usage. That means a data logger is a GPS tracker with no monthly fee!The hardware also tends to be much more affordable than real-time GPS tracking technology. Other benefits of passive GPS include refresh rates every second and longer battery life, and the ability for passive devices to work anywhere in the world without the need for cellular towers!

Passive GPS: Helping The Business World

For small companies that don’t have the budget for real-time GPS, passive GPS provides the technological solution to organizing driving records, accounting for mileage driven in company automobiles and finding out if employees are conducting work efficiently while operating in the field. Passive GPS is the cost-appropriate monitoring technology for any small business that wants to enhance automotive fleet and personnel efficiency.

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