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Buying Guide For GPS Trackers Without Monthly Fees

Surveillance devices such as WiFi cameras, cell phone spy apps, and voice recorders are all helpful in uncovering the truth. But if you really want to find out what is going on then the best thing to do is invest in an affordable GPS vehicle tracker. The problem is real time GPS trackers simply cost too much and require monthly fees. Want to track a vehicle but not pay any monthly subscription fees? If you are looking to secretly track a vehicle and find out if a spouse is cheating, an employee is missing company equipment, or any other reason, then the solution for you is a GPS data logger. Here is our list of the top 5 GPS loggers on the market for 2022!

LandAirsSea GPS Asset Tracker 

1. Best Overall Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fees

GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse
GPS Logger Features:

  • Bust A Cheating Spouse With Second-By-Second Tracking
  • Spy Gear Can Be Hidden Under Vehicle (Magnet Mount)
  • Lifetime Technical Support At No Cost
  • Counter Surveillance Bug Sweepers Can’t Locate GPS
  • Battery Powered Vehicle Locator 
  • GPS Tracker With No Subscription Fee


LandAirSea is a motion-activated, real time GPS tracking, car GPS that allows you to be your own private investigator at a fraction of the cost. Whether you want to keep track of loved ones or catch a cheating partner, this active GPS comes with a full year of real time GPS tracking service that updates vehicle location every single minute. Unlike the rexing GPS logger or Columbus v1000 GPS data logger, LandAirSea can alert if your vehicle is stolen and allow you to see where your automobile is located 24/7. 

Qstarz BT-Q1000XT Bluetooth GPS

2. Best Bluetooth GPS Data Logger

Qstarz BT-Q1000XT Bluetooth GPSBluetooth Data Logger Features:

  • 40 Day Memory Capacity 
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Bluetooth Data Logger 
  • Data Logger GPS Costs $115.00
  • Wired And Wireless GPS Receiver 

iGOTu GT 600

3. Best Sports GPS Data Logger

iGOTu GT600GPS Logger Features:

  • USB GPS Data Logger
  • Super Compact Size 46×41.5x14mm
  • Can Store Up To 262,000 Waypoints
  • Geo Tag Photos
  • Record Routes On Google Maps

iTrail GPS Tracking Device

4. Highly Rated GPS Receiver


GPS Logger Features:

  • Trail GPS Logger Offers 120 Hours Storage 
  • Very Small GPS Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Asset Tracker Has Rechargeable Battery
  • Top Rated Logging Devices
  • Portable GPS Records Driving History 

GPS Tracking Key

5. Best Selling GPS Tracker For Car

GPS Tracking KeyGPS Data Logger Features

  • Top Selling Logger On The Market
  • Surface Magnet 
  • Tracking Data Logs Every Second
  • USB GPS Makes For Easy Download 
  • Perfect Security Solution For Employee Monitoring 

GPS Receiver Data Logger

What You Need To Know About GPS Receivers

An affordable automotive monitoring solution for families and businesses, GPS data loggers offer second-by-second positional tracking, zero reliance on cellular networks, and no monthly fees for service! Users need only to download historical GPS tracking data directly from the system to a computer when they want to review driving activity!

  • Teenage Motorist Safety
  • Businesses Validating Employee Travels
  • Relationship Verification
  • Law Enforcement Covert Surveillance

What Is Passive GPS?

When it comes to GPS tracking there are two forms of classification: real-time GPS and passive GPS. Although most people are familiar with how real-time GPS tracking works, passive GPS technology can offer a wide range of benefits, but first one must understand what passive GPS means.

Passive GPS are receivers that capture radio signals transmitted from satellites floating in space orbit. Through this connection, the tracker can determine speed, location, altitude, arrival times, and an assortment of other data that can be extremely helpful in applications related to personal safety or fleet vehicle management. Since passive devices are receivers they do not require an Internet connection or cellular coverage to acquire data. This means a person can use a passive car tracker anywhere in the world and not run into technical issues.

Passive GPS systems are also known as GPS data loggers because they record all historical information. This is very important for a consumer or company to understand because passive systems cannot offer live, real-time data. The user must remove the passive GPS from the target object, asset, or vehicle and download the saved location data. The download is complete by using a simple USB connection to a personal computer or laptop. Once the data from the GPS has been downloaded the user can see how fast a car was operating, the stops it made, address information, and other valuable documentation captured via satellite technology. The data is typically displayed in a text format that breaks down all activity in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion or imposed over a satellite imagery program such as Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth.

Hidden GPS Tracker

Benefits Of Passive GPS

The most advantageous feature of using passive GPS is that technology does not require any activation or monthly service fees for data usage. That means a data logger is a GPS tracker with no monthly fee! The hardware also tends to be much more affordable than real-time GPS tracking technology. Other benefits of passive GPS include refresh rates every second and longer battery life, and the ability for passive devices to work anywhere in the world without the need for cellular towers!

Passive GPS Data Logger

Passive GPS: Helping The Business World

For small companies that don’t have the budget for real-time GPS, passive GPS provides the technological solution to organizing driving records, accounting for mileage driven in company automobiles, and finding out if employees are conducting work efficiently while operating in the field. Passive GPS is the cost-appropriate monitoring technology for any small business that wants to enhance automotive fleet and personnel efficiency.

Best GPS Data Logger 2022

While most companies seeking a fleet tracking solution for business/vehicle management typically invest in real-time GPS trackers, those non-business people requiring a GPS tracking device, such as parents in need of a tracker to oversee the driving activity of a senior or teenager, often opt instead for more cost-friendly GPS data loggers. Unlike the more commonly advertised real-time GPS trackers, data loggers provide users with the ability to manage driving activity and behaviors while not breaking the bank. Although the market is mostly saturated with real-time devices, there are still a number of different GPS data loggers for families and companies to choose from, making it difficult for prospective buyers to know which passive solution is best. After conducting thorough testing on a wide range of GPS data loggers to gauge performance and overall product efficiency, the vehicle management experts at GPS Tracker Shop are proud to announce that PlayBack GPS is the data logger that received the highest marks.

GPS Hardware Four Points Of Evaluation

Whenever a company does a test on a product they first need to determine which points of emphasis or most critical in an evaluation. After much discussion and debate, the analysts at GPS Tracker Shop decided on four major points of testing; battery life, power options, antenna sensitivity, and intangibles. Many GPS trackers that were tested scored high marks in one or maybe two of the pre-set categories, but the PlayBack GPS was the only device to rank highly in all four of the categories, giving the personal tracker title as the best no monthly fee GPS tracking device currently on the market.

1. Battery-Life The average GPS receiver records approximately 30-15 hours of wheels in motion driving time on a standard set of batteries at the highest refresh rate set (every second). However, PlayBack GPS was able to record data every second for a little over 50 hours. This battery life expanded to approximately 100 hours when a higher grade battery was used, offering significantly more power than any other GPS data logger on the market today!

2. Power Options: Although GPS data loggers are more commonly used among consumers, businesses, and police agencies as portable solutions, PlayBack GPS provides an outlet for users to connect the GPS tracker to a vehicle using a cigarette lighter adapter or hard-connect using wiring cables. Both the cigarette lighter adapter and wiring cables are accessories that do not come with the purchase of a PlayBack GPS, but it is still great to know that those looking for additional powering options have that ability.

3. Antenna Sensitivity: Antenna sensitivity is actually very important when it comes to covert GPS tracking technology because the majority of the time the GPS tracker will not have an optimum line of sight to the sky. This means that the GPS tracker will need to be able to record accurate data in less than ideal locations making antenna sensitivity very important.

4. Intangibles: The vehicle tracking market is becoming increasingly saturated making it very difficult to compare different GPS tracking devices. That is why the fourth category of evaluation, intangibles, is so critical. After PlayBack GPS tested fantastic in terms of battery life, offering users multiple powering options and providing great antenna sensitivity, our team noticed a couple of other great things about PlayBack GPS. First of all, the GPS tracker is backed by a one-year warranty by an American based company that has been working in the field of GPS tracking for over 15 years, something that very few if any companies can state, but most importantly that the PlayBack GPS is also backed with 24/7 technical support for free! Many people can get frustrated when it comes to using technological products and having access to free technical support is a great way to instill confidence in the buyer.

The best GPS data logger our experts have tested thus far has been PlayBack GPS and at a retail value of $199.00, anyone looking to monitor a car should consider this product.

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