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GPS Tracker Installation Near Me

GPS Tracker Installation Near Me

Where Do you Install a GPS Tracker On a Car?

Although many GPS tracking devices can be used as portable solutions, many businesses that invest in real-time GPS trackers instead opt for the permanent installation of GPS hardware. The reason so many businesses choose hardwired GPS tracker no monthly fees is because the installed option will result in continuous battery power, while also making it much more difficult for a driver to tamper with the equipment. Once a company has invested in vehicle tracking devices and made the executive decision to install GPS fleet tracking devices to work vehicles, the next step is finding a reliable and professional installation team to perform the hard-wiring job. Basically, someone with GPS tracker installation experience can hook up GPS systems to constant power.


GPS Tracker Wiring Diagram

Before a business can install electronic logging device equipment to work vehicles they must have two pieces of equipment: the real-time GPS tracker and a hard-wire accessory kit that allows the tracker to be properly installed in the automobile. The live GPS tracker is what provides the business real time and historical access to the automotive driver ID activity. The hard-wire accessory kit is what connects the GPS tracker to the 12-volt system of the automobile (the hard-wire kit can work with larger voltage vehicles through the use of a step). Therefore, all a car GPS installer needs to do is connect the hard-wire kit to both the tracker and the electrical voltage system of the automobile. This can usually be done by using the white wire, ground wires, and red wire to connect the 12-volt power so the GPS tracking device is installed directly to the vehicle’s power source. The GPS tracker installer will then mount the tracking system using zip ties or something else to provide stability.

OBD devices can connect directly to the diagnostic port of any work vehicle, eliminating the need for operational costs from an installation that can run between $90-$200 per GPS tracking device installed. 

How Long Should Installation Take?

Any GPS tracker installer worth his or her weight should be able to complete the 3 wire installs of a device such as the GPS 54, Bouncie, or SpyTec GL300 to a work vehicle in no longer than 30 minutes. Car GPS installers who have worked with asset tracking devices in the past should be able to perform the hard wire installation in even less time than that. The time it takes for a professional installer to complete the work could also depend on how busy they are that particular day or if they have had past experience working with GPS tracking hardware.

Can You Install A GPS In A Car?

If you have the technical expertise then yes you can easily hard wire a car GPS tracker for any personal or work vehicle. By simply connecting the white wire, ground wires, and red wire to the vehicle tracker you then only need to mount the device using something as crude as plastic zip ties. This will keep your GPS tracking device secure and allow it to never run out of battery power.

Fleet Installation Services

Finding the right fleet installation services team to connect a GPS tracker to your company vehicles is important and that is why it is critical to utilize the most popular and updated review sites that will showcase past customer experiences. Although there are a lot of different options available when it comes to the review site. One great resource for finding a GPS tracker installation near me is checking out Yelp. Yelp is a wonderful resource that breaks down a business according to a rating from 1-5 stars. People also have the option to write about their experiences using the Yelp platform. This is a great way to see if the installer you are considering is doing a good job or not. Installation is important when it comes to long-term GPS tracking use, but remember there are also other options such as GPS trackers that can connect to a diagnostic port or that can be used as portable solutions. So find what is right for you and do your homework before investing in a GPS tracker and when looking for a GPS device installer.

Install GPS Tracker On Car

Small companies running on very small profit margins need to utilize every technological solution available to increase efficiency. That is why it is so important for these small businesses that make up the backbone of the economy to take every necessary step to maximize efficiency and operations. It is also the reason why so many business enterprises are calling upon GPS tracking devices to monitor employees as a tool to enhance productivity and accountability. Many service-oriented businesses require employees to work out in the field to assist customers. These types of businesses include tow truck operations, electricians, plumbers, heating & air conditioning services, carpet cleaners, salesmen, and more. When an employee is conducting business outside of the office managers have no way of effectively applying oversight. The manager has to take the employee at their word and make a judgment. Once the decision has been made to use GPS tracking then the next step is figuring out where to install a GPS tracker on a car.

Where Do They Install Tracking Devices on Cars

GPS vehicle locator devices can give business owners and managers the most up-to-date information regarding how their employees are driving and what places they are stopping at. Here is how the process goes down:

  • Manager/business owner places a real-time GPS tracker on a company vehicle
  • An employee drives that company vehicle throughout the day
  • Manager/business owner can access all travel logs and vehicle activity through a website with a mapping program

With the assistance of GPS vehicle tracking devices a small business is able to determine if employees are taking longer than allowed breaks from work, running personal errands while on the job, driving company vehicles at excessive rates of speed, utilizing the quickest routes, and making all the stops required. The satellite and cellular-based communication devices make it easy to catch employees not working or doing their job in the most effective fashion. Some of the places businesses install tracking devices on cars include:

  1. The vehicle glove compartment
  2. Hidden near the rear bumper
  3. Beneath the vehicle
  4. Installed to the 12-volt system
  5. Under a car seat
  6. Hidden in a covert spot inside the vehicle

GPS fleet management software is helping increase driver safety, more accurately document fuel consumption, and help any fleet manager better understand what company employees are doing in work vehicles. Whether you choose to hire a car GPS tracker installer to permanently connect your asset tracking device to a vehicle, use an OBDii device, or opt for a magnetic GPS tracker to hide on an automobile, there is no denying monitoring technology powered by GPS satellites will only help you and your business!