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The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker With Battery Life of 1 Year

Best GPS Tracker With Battery Life of 1 Year – Everlast

When it comes to protecting your assets, you need a GPS tracking device that excels in one key feature: long battery life. You rely on battery-powered GPS trackers for crucial long-term monitoring applications. But what’s even more vital than portability is finding a GPS tracker with a battery life of 1 year or longer. So, if you’re in search of the ultimate solution for your business, what options do you have? Look no further! The Everlast real-time GPS tracker is here to meet all your fleet tracking needs!

The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker


Unlocking Battery-Life Confidence: Everlast Nano GPS Tracker With 1-Year Battery

When it comes to GPS tracking devices, one common question asked by companies and families is about battery life. They prefer portable trackers for convenience, so understanding battery longevity is crucial. In the past, determining battery life was guesswork. But fear not! The Everlast Nano GPS tracker solves this problem. In fact, it offers the longest battery life available!

When using the Everlast Nano GPS tracker, users can easily review historical or real-time tracking data. They access an intuitive online mapping platform with a secure, private account. By logging in on any device, they find a car icon representing the tracked vehicle(s). Hovering over it reveals real-time position, stationary status, and most importantly, the battery-life percentage of the GPS tracker. This invaluable feature provides instant power status information!

With the Everlast Nano GPS tracker, you can confidently track with peace of mind. It offers the longest battery life and real-time visibility into your device’s power status. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to reliable tracking!

GPS Locator Additional Features

  1. Improved Theft Recovery
  2. Hot Start For Quick Acquisition To GPS Satellites
  3. Motion Activated GPS Tracker For Car Or Work Trucks
  4. Personal GPS Tracker Has SIM Card Included
  5. Sleep Mode To Increase Battery Life Of Portable GPS Tracker

Setting Low Battery Alerts

The great thing about Everlast Nano GPS trackers is that they come loaded with a number of cool alerting features. These features include:

  • Virtual fencing
  • Driver speed
  • Real-time vehicle location updates
  • Low battery alerts

hidden GPS tracker

GPS Tracker Long Battery Life No Monthly Fee

Motion Activated Asset Tracking Solutions

Running a small business comes with challenges, particularly when it comes to efficiently managing employees and assets. The margin for error is slim, and the success of the company hinges on maximizing efforts and minimizing inefficiencies. To address these concerns, businesses are turning to battery-powered GPS trackers for added oversight.

GPS trackers are available in two forms: passive and active. Passive trackers, also known as GPS data loggers, record travel activity historically. Active trackers, on the other hand, provide real-time location information. While real-time trackers are more widely known, GPS data loggers offer valuable insights for improving employee management. GPS technology is revolutionizing small businesses by streamlining operations and boosting productivity. 

No Subscription GPS Vehicle Tracker Features 

  • One second refresh rate for GPS positions
  • Detailed mileage driving log
  • Low battery alarm (LED light indicator)
  • Record of every vehicle stop with the corresponding address
  • Driver time en route
  • The maximum speed traveled per daily driving
  • No need for cellular communication technology

Real-time GPS tracking devices offer an array of valuable oversight tools for your company. However, the hardware cost and monthly data plans per device can strain the finances of small businesses. But here’s where GPS data loggers come to your rescue! These passive tracker systems provide detailed and accurate information at a significantly lower hardware investment, with no monthly fees!

In many small service businesses, such as tow truck operations or home plumbing services, employees operate company cars in the field. These businesses cannot afford multiple monthly data plans, nor can they tolerate employee inefficiency. Enter GPS data loggers, the management solution that not only fits your budget but also offers comprehensive insights.

With affordable battery-powered GPS trackers, you can track your employees’ whereabouts, the duration of each location or job site, their travel speeds, and even identify any personal use of company vehicles. And the best part? These trackers often have a remarkable battery life of up to one year when not in motion, making them ideal for asset protection.

By utilizing data loggers for work trucks, small businesses gain the crucial ability to oversee employee activities while safeguarding equipment from theft. By optimizing route selection, ensuring employees are where they should be, and accurately calculating mileage, companies can eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies that hinder success. With these powerful tools at your disposal, your small business can thrive!

Low Battery Alerts: Everlast Nano GPS Tracker for Portable Tracking Solutions

While virtual fencing and speed alerts are common features in real-time GPS tracking devices, low battery alerts are rarer. However, their scarcity does not diminish their immense advantage for tracking drivers. Those who rely on their GPS tracker as a portable solution find the low battery alert critical. It provides an instant notification when the device’s battery falls below 10%, prompting the user to plan for device retrieval.

Everlast Nano GPS devices offer multiple powering options, making them versatile for all families and consumers seeking a real-time tracking solution. However, it’s the low battery life alerts that truly empower portable tracker users, ensuring they stay aware of when to recharge their devices.

The standout feature of the Everlast Nano real-time GPS vehicle management system is its ability to communicate with users. It can send alerts or text messages when a vehicle leaves a designated area or when the battery-life drops to a specified level. This low battery alert feature proves invaluable for portable tracking users, providing a heads-up when the system is likely to stop reporting data. Setting up these alerts is easy through the Everlast Nano online platform, and users can program them to notify multiple contacts.

For those seeking an even more robust portable tracking solution with extended battery life, the Everlast Nano is the answer. It surpasses competitors like the LandAirSea 54, Spy Tec GL300, and Tracki by offering approximately 7x more battery power. This remarkable longevity makes the device perfect for law enforcement surveillance and any application that requires prolonged battery life.

For more information on GPS tracking devices that do not require any charging please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Battery Last In A GPS Tracker?

When it comes to hidden GPS trackers, they typically offer approximately 25 hours of asset monitoring. In standby mode, these trackers can last around 3-4 months. However, advancements in technology have introduced top-selling 4G GPS tracker solutions with enhanced features. These trackers are now engineered with motion sensors that intelligently put the GPS into sleep mode when the vehicle is not in motion. As a result, those 25 hours of tracking can now stretch to provide 2-3 weeks’ worth of monitoring based on 1-2 hours of drive time per day. But what if you need even longer-lasting performance? That’s where a long battery life GPS tracker with an extended backup battery pack comes into play. With this solution, you can enjoy 6 months to a year of uninterrupted location-based tracking.

What Are The Technical Specifications To Consider When Choosing A GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life?

When selecting a GPS tracker with long battery life, pay attention to factors like battery capacity, standby time, and power-saving features. These specifications will determine how long the tracker can operate without needing a recharge.

Can I Find GPS Trackers With Battery Life of 1 Year or Longer For Tracking Assets?

Yes, there are GPS trackers available with battery life of 1 year or even longer specifically designed for tracking assets. One such option is the Everlast Nano GPS tracker, which offers extended battery power for long-term monitoring needs.

Are There Any Special Features To Consider When Choosing A GPS Tracker For Asset Tracking?

Absolutely! When selecting a GPS tracker for asset tracking, look for features like waterproof and magnetic mounting options for easy and discreet placement. Additionally, consider trackers that offer customizable reporting frequency and real-time updates for accurate and timely information.

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