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The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Moving Vans

GPS Tracker For Moving Truck

At some point in time, we have all gone down to visit U-Haul, Budget Rental or one of the many other moving companies who rent out moving trucks for us to transport our things in. During the fun, which is the moving process, we find ourselves packing up things we have probably never used and will never use, but still find it necessary to pack up and move to the new location. These things include cowboy hats, rollerblades, sewing machines, and God knows whatever else is in the rafters of our garages. Moving truck companies trust us enough to borrow their bulky four (4) mile-per-gallon (MPG) trucks so we can make the moving process simpler. Unfortunately for moving truck companies, these trucks are moved and shared all across the nation, making it difficult to know which truck belongs where and if any damage occurred to the vehicle. With so much uncertainty surrounding what happens to a moving truck after it leaves the company lot, wouldn’t many of these moving truck companies benefit from the use of GPS tracking devices to better manage their fleet of vehicles?

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The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

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GPS Tracker For Work Vans

GPS trackers already hold the distinction of being one of the most effective ways to better fleet management plans, improve safety and safeguard assets. With real time GPS trackers assisting moving truck companies in a variety of ways, it is surprising that a GPS vehicle tracker is not already equipped for every moving truck out in the field. First of all, through the use of vehicle tracking technology, moving truck companies can have a universal theft-recovery device. If the moving truck ever becomes lost or stolen, the company can easily go online and find the moving truck’s location.

GPS tracking devices for moving vans or trucks can also offer other valuable data that can make help them identify if a renter is using automotive assets responsibly. This data includes the speed a renter is driving a moving van, if a moving van has been taken outside of the state, and if the renter is pressing too harshly on the brakes of the moving van. This information could be critical if a liability situation were ever to arise if for say if an accident occurred. Companies need to take the necessary steps to safeguard valuable assets and no asset holds more value for a moving truck company than the moving van itself. This is the reason why moving van enterprises are calling upon GPS tracking.

Do U Haul Trucks Have GPS Trackers On Them?

Currently, it is not standard practice for U Haul to equip real time GPS tracking devices on their moving trucks, but as the monitoring technology continues to get cheaper and easier to use it would make sense for the company might employ the technology on moving trucks.

Work Van GPS Tracking

Small Businesses See Big Benefits From GPS Tracking

The business world is constantly shifting and evolving in a never-ending quest to improve efficiency and profit, and no one understands this more than the small business owner. This is because small business owners do not have the same luxuries that medium or large-sized businesses have. HVAC companies, electrical contractors, plumbers, delivery services, moving companies, and numerous other small businesses often employ 20 less than 20 people. However, that small workforce doesn’t change the fact that the small business faces the same challenges that the large business also faces. These challenges include automotive security, making sure employees are not misusing company-owned vehicles, documenting travel history for taxes, streamlining navigational data to ensure the most accurate arrival times, and numerous other details to create the highest level of customer service possible. With so much livelihood at stake, small businesses everywhere have been taking a page from the big boys and calling upon GPS vehicle tracking devices to help with a variety of fleet management related tasks.

Real-Time GPS Fleet Management For Businesses

Probably the most common form of GPS tracker used among small businesses today is a device that is connected directly into the diagnostic port (OBD) of the automobile the company wants to track. What the GPS tracker does is it pulls power from the car battery and then reports all driving data to a secure website. This driving data breaks down into multiple different categories that will allow the company to see mileage driven by state, if an employee was speeding, every place that employee drove the company work vehicle and numerous other reports and information. All of the GPS tracking data is superimposed over a satellite image program or text report so both live and historical driving records can be viewed anytime from cell phone, computer, or tablet device.

“The reason we moved forward with GPS tracking our work vans was initially based purely on the pain in the butt we experienced when one of our work vans was stolen”, exclaimed Escondido-based plumbing company. “It wasn’t about getting reimbursement from our auto insurance providers but rather the time lost replacing the stolen equipment, employees we had to temporarily lay off and jobs we lost because we didn’t have enough vans to meet the needs of our customers. The experience convinced us that auto-theft security was important, but we could have never imagined the other benefits that our GPS trackers now provide on a daily basis.”

GPS Tracking Company Work Vans

Naturally, GPS tracker devices could be used to monitor any vehicle, asset, or product that could use additional oversight or management, but work vans, in particular, could benefit from GPS tracking technology. This is because HVAC, plumbing, auto detailing, and other businesses commonly associated with using vans for work vehicles are essentially mobile businesses. These vans not only transport the employee from job site to job site to perform work tasks but the vans house all of the tools, equipment, and assets needed to perform those tasks. This makes company work vans mobile businesses capable of meeting the customer’s needs whenever and whenever those needs occur. This is also the reason why small businesses that have company work vans are now using GPS trackers in increasing.