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How Do I Find A Tracker On My Car

How to tell if your car is bugged

Sadly, not all relationships end amicably. In fact, most romantic relationships can end in absolute disaster. Hurtful words are used to cut like a knife, accusations are thrown around carelessly, and the feelings of a significant other can be completely thrown to the side. Suspicions of infidelity can often be at the center of a fractured relationship, causing many to turn to technological products to confirm or deny those thoughts. This is when a concerned husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend might invest in a real time GPS tracker that will provide concrete data about where their partner is going. This means addresses arrived, departed, length of stay at each location and more. Unfortunately, most people do not want to be tracked, and they might believe their car is bugged with a GPS. This article is designed to assist those people who believe a GPS tracking device is on their vehicle and want to educate themselves on how to scan your car for a tracking device.

What To Look For If Your Car Is Bugged

Hidden GPS tracking device for cars

A person wanting to know how to scan your car for a tracking device should first understand that a hidden GPS tracker can be in a variety of locations on an automobile. The best place to put a hidden GPS in a car can include the following spots:

  • Underneath The Passenger Seat
  • Inside The Vehicle Glovebox
  • The Center Console Of A Car
  • Hard-Wired Inside The Dashboard Of Automobile
  • Behind A Seat Cushion 

Please note that many real time GPS trackers as well as car tracking devices with no monthly fees are now manufactured with waterproof casings and magnetic surface mounts, allowing the tracking devices to be covertly placed outside of an automobile.

How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Vehicle

How to scan your car for a tracking device is simple process that requires nothing more than a quick look at the most common locations a GPS tracker is equipped to a car. Those locations include under the passenger seat, inside the glovebox, in the center console, behind a seat cushion, or even underneath the vehicle. GPS trackers that pull power from an automobile or typically connected to the OBDii port or hard-wired to the 12-volt system behind the dashboard.

Is It Illegal To Track Your Spouse?

Wife Or Husband Tracking My Car

When a person in a relationship begins to suspect infidelity or lies of any kind they often turn to GPS tracking devices to tell them the truth. Although GPS car trackers are often used by consumers suspecting unfaithfulness, one of the more common questions asked about the technology is, “Is it illegal to track your spouse“? Those concerned with the legality of GPS tracking devices should contact a local attorney, law enforcement agency, or both to make sure any surveillance products are used lawfully and responsibly. Especially, given that there are many gray areas with the law when it comes to the use of a GPS tracker.