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Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car

How To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Car In 4 Easy Steps!

Ever wondered if someone could be tracking your every move without your knowledge? It’s a chilling thought, especially when you consider the possibility of a hidden GPS tracker lurking in your car. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back! This guide on “How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car” will provide you with the essential knowledge to detect and dispose of any unwelcome GPS trackers in your vehicle. Let’s work together to safeguard your privacy and restore your peace of mind. Below is our list of the four best ways you can self-inspect your vehicle for GPS data loggers and live GPS trackers that could be monitored everywhere you go!

How To Find A GPS Device And Remove It!


Removing A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you understand the workings of car GPS systems, finding a GPS vehicle tracker becomes a breeze. Picture this: a GPS car tracker is a device that broadcasts your car’s real-time location. It might share this data when your car is moving, or at specific time intervals.

Now, some GPS trackers can be hidden in your vehicle. How? They’re hooked up to the power supply by a group of red and black wires, making them hard to spot. However, the most common types are compact, all-in-one trackers. Running on internal lithium-ion batteries, these devices can be tucked away out of sight on your car.

Here’s an interesting feature: some GPS locators start transmitting signals only when the car moves. This design extends battery life and provides an accurate real-time location. Where’s all this data stored? It’s right there in the vehicle tracker. You can access it by connecting the GPS tracker to a computer, or remotely via a smartphone.

Why might someone be tracking your location with a GPS system? There are plenty of reasons, both legal and not. The popular belief is that private investigators use tracking devices for spying, or people use them to recover their vehicles in case of theft. However, with GPS car trackers, anyone can play detective. A suspicious spouse might use a tracker to keep tabs on their partner, or a parent might want to monitor their teenager’s driving habits.

But it’s not just individuals using these devices. Companies often use real time GPS trackers to monitor their employees’ time on the road. Cargo companies use them for fleet tracking, and taxi companies use them to ensure customer safety. So, GPS trackers are more common than you might think!

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

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4 Simple Ways To Remove A Tracker On Your Car

Knowing that a tracker is placed on your car can be a scary thought, but fear not! We have come up with four simple measures that you can take to make sure that you find a GPS tracker on your vehicle if someone has maliciously placed it without your consent!

Invest in a GPS tracker detector. Also known as electric sweepers, GPS tracker detection hardware can pick up on electromagnetic waves such as radio signals being transmitted by a vehicle GPS tracking system. GPS tracker detectors are usually handheld devices that are easy to use. Basically, you will move the GPS detector around your car slowly. If the sweeper buzzes or vibrates then you have confirmed there is a GPS tracking device in your car. A GPS tracker detector is particularly useful for finding tracking devices that are intricately hidden in your car and are not easily visible.

Scan the outside of the car with a mirror and a flashlight. A good way to find an attached GPS tracker is by using a flashlight to search in the wheel wells of your car or other hidden spots. The flashlight will make any hidden GPS tracker prominent and with the help of a telescopic mirror, you can feel around places under the wheel well or under the car which may not be visible. With these two tools, start inspecting your car from the wheel wells and the underside of the car, and then move on to the engine to locate and remove GPS tracking devices.

Search inside the automobile. A GPS tracking can device can just as likely be placed inside your vehicle as to the outside. Start the inspection of the interior by looking at the data connector plug that is found under the dashboard and near the leg area of the driver. That is the most likely place for a real time GPS tracker to be connected. After checking the data connector plug (OBD2), use the mirror and flashlight method to search below the seats and dash area, inside the glove box, center console, and in all the storage compartments of your car. Lastly, look for locator devices in the trunk of your car.

Hire a professional GPS installer to scan your car. If you suspect that a car tracking device has been placed in your car but you are unable to detect it, then seek the expertise of a professional GPS installer. A professional has vast experience with car tracking devices so they will know all the possible spots for a hidden tracker. Moreover, in the case that a tracker is hardwired to your car, you can make mistakes in removing it. A professional GPS installer will know how to deal with the wires connected to a tracker and will safely detach the black and red wires of the tracker from your car’s ignition wires.

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Disabling A Car Tracking Device – Your Privacy Matters

Found a GPS tracking device in your car? It’s essential to disable it promptly to prevent unwanted eyes from tracking your location. The first step in disabling a car tracker is understanding how it operates and how it’s attached to your car.

If you discover a battery-operated GPS tracker attached with a magnet, you’re in luck. Simply yank off the tracker and remove its battery—it’s as easy as that. What if you find a tracker connected to a data connector plug? No worries, just pull it loose.

However, spotting a hardwired tracker is a different ball game. You’ll need to carefully cut the tracker off, ensuring you don’t damage any vehicle wiring. You see, it’s easy to slip up and cut the wrong wires or disconnect a car component by mistake, thinking it’s a tracker.

So, for hardwired trackers, it’s best to call in the professionals. They’ll disable the tracker without causing any electrical issues for your vehicle. You’re securing your privacy and your car’s well-being—two birds with one stone!


You may not realize it, but a GPS tracker could be hitching a ride on your car without your consent. Imagine this: a suspicious spouse, an overbearing business owner, or an overly protective parent might decide to keep tabs on your whereabouts. In today’s world, easy-to-use trackers are widely available, making it simple for them to track your car secretly.

Think someone has attached a GPS tracking device to your vehicle? Time to play detective. Grab a flashlight and a mirror, and start a meticulous inspection of your car, both inside and out.

Once you’ve successfully spotted the tracker, your next step is crucial. You need to remove this device entirely and dispose of it correctly. Why? So it stops broadcasting your location.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. If you find a battery-operated tracker, disabling it is as simple as removing the battery. But a hardwired car tracker? That’s a different beast. You’ll need to carefully sever the right wires.

Remember, finding and disabling a car tracker is usually straightforward. But don’t let challenges hold you back. If you’re facing any difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. You’re not alone in this journey to secure your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GPS Trackers Easy To Remove From Cars?

Yes, they often are. As long as you know where to look and what you’re looking for, removing a GPS tracker from your car can be quite straightforward. You’re essentially searching for hidden tracker devices, which could be located anywhere from the metallic surfaces under your car to the OBD2 port, a common spot for plug-and-play trackers. Magnetic trackers may be stuck to the underside, while hardwired GPS trackers may require you to remove wires from the device. Remember, safety first – if you’re unsure, consult a professional!

Can Someone Secretly Track My Location Using A GPS Tracker In My Car?

Unfortunately, yes. A vehicle GPS tracker, hidden inside your car, can provide real-time GPS tracking of your location. This situation might sound like a plot from a private investigator series, but it’s a genuine concern for many. If you suspect you’re being tracked without your consent—perhaps by a cheating spouse, for example—look for signs of GPS signals or unfamiliar wires and devices.

What Types Of GPS Trackers Can Be Installed In Vehicles?

There are many types of GPS trackers that can be installed in vehicles. Some common ones include portable GPS trackers, plug-in GPS trackers that plug directly into the OBD2 port, and hardwired GPS trackers that are connected directly to the car’s electrical system. Each type of tracker may be hidden in a different location, so you’ll need to check thoroughly to find and remove the GPS tracker.

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