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Best Police GPS Tracking Devices

Police GPS Tracker

5 Best Police GPS Tracker Products For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies, Sheriff’s offices, and local police departments frequently call upon hidden GPS tracking devices for internal affairs or covert surveillance investigations. The hidden GPS tracker technology has been instrumental in helping police gather evidence against arsonists, drug traffickers, terrorists, and even murderers. Unfortunately, with so many different police GPS devices on the market today, it might be difficult for your agency to determine what are the best police GPS trackers solutions. Not to worry! Our team of security experts has worked with countless police departments, government agencies, and Sheriff’s offices across the nation. According to the feedback we received from those groups, here is our list of the top 5 GPS tracking devices for police!

1. EverLast – Best Police GPS Tracker With Longest Battery

Live GPS Tracker

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Long Battery Life (138+ Hours Driving Time)
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Compact Size (5.37″ x 3″ x 1.37″)
  • User-Friendly Online Software

Police agencies who are interested in getting more info about this tracking device can CLICK HERE! 

Everlast is the police GPS tracker for any law enforcement agency that needs to track a vehicle for an extended period of time. The key feature of this device is that it can record for approximately 138 hours of wheels-in-motion drive, making it the live GPS tracker with the longest battery life on the market today. This vehicle tracking system is frequently used by police forces, as well as private investigators in need of a powerful magnetic GPS tracker with long battery life.

The Top Law Enforcement Tracking Devices For 2024

2. SpaceHawk – Best Mini Police GPS Tracker

Best GPS Tracker For Car

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Easy-To-Use
  • Simple Waterproof Design
  • Can Attach On Vehicles Or Assets 
  • Real Time Updates As Fast As 3 Seconds

Police forces who want more info on this asset and vehicle tracking device can CLICK HERE! 

In power save mode, this real time GPS tracker can record for nearly 6 months! That makes this magnetic GPS tracker perfect for police use. However, what we love about this GPS for police are the features. These include user-friendly online GPS tracking software, realtime mapping platform accessible by mobile devices, and free technical support for the life of the product. SpaceHawk GPS auto trackers are also one of the most affordable GPS tracking devices on the market at $89, making them a great tool for budget-strapped police departments.

The original police GPS tracker for protecting assets, this device is commonly used by law enforcement who want to catch people stealing political signs, air conditioning units, or any other valuables. The vehicle tracking device was also used in South Carolina to help a business with trailer theft.

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3.  StarChase Guardian HX- Best Vehicle Mounted GPS Launcher

GPS Launcher

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Mobile, flexible deployment
  • Enhanced safety, non-lethal design
  • Precision tracking with Tacticon Optics
  • Extended battery life, rechargeable

The StarChase Guardian-HX is a handheld GPS launcher designed to support law enforcement activities. This device serves as a mobile alternative to vehicle-mounted GPS launchers, offering similar features and functionalities in a handheld form. The GPS device enables law enforcement officers to tag and monitor vehicles during DUI checkpoints, assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles, and conduct covert patrol operations more safely and effectively.

One key advantage of the Guardian-HX is its compatibility with real-time mapping platforms, enhancing its utility as a tracking tool. The device is compact and comes with a carrying case and accessories, facilitating ease of transport. It is rated as non-lethal and is designed to be safe for use in situations requiring command control in close quarters.

Precision is a focal point in the design of the Guardian-HX, featuring cylindrical GPS rifling and Tacticon Optics for improved accuracy. The tracking device differentiates itself from other police GPS trackers, such as the SpaceHawk, with its multi-shift battery life. This feature supports extended use across full shift rotations and includes rechargeable battery packs.

Additionally, the Guardian-HX offers multi-range capabilities, with an effective range of 10 to 40 feet, allowing for versatility across various operational conditions and tactical scenarios. Its design is based on a modified platform for less-lethal electronic operation, aiming to provide a user-friendly experience for law enforcement personnel.

Learn more about how this tracking device can be used in police pursuits here:

4.  LandAirSea 54 – Mini GPS For Law Enforcement With Global Coverage

GPS Tracker For Car

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof Case
  • Works Anywhere In The United States With Cell Coverage
  • Surface Magnet 
  • 3-Second Refresh Rates (Upgraded Cost)
  • Small In Size 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches
  • No Subscription Fees First Year 

Police departments wanting to learn more about this device can CLICK HERE! 

LandAirSea GPS 54 is a live vehicle tracking device police can easily hide on the outside of any suspect’s vehicle. Or if they are using the police car tracker for internal affairs, can easily hide the device inside a squad car without an officer knowing! This police GPS tracker is commonly used to secretly track the vehicle of anyone who might be engaged in illegal activity. We like this device because it can manage police vehicle fleets, aid in surveillance investigations, and serve as asset trackers to monitor everything from air conditioning units on job sites to bait vehicles.

Learn how police found a LandAirSea GPS 54 used in a stalking case in Ozaukee County.

5. Most Durable Police GPS – SpyTec With M2 Weatherproof Case

Spy Tec GL300

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Durable Waterproof Case
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Extra-Strength Magnet

Police departments interested in this covert live GPS tracker can CLICK HERE! 

If your law enforcement agency wants a simple slap-and-track police GPS tracker, the SpyTec GL300 is definitely a product you should consider. Why? First of all, the vehicle monitoring system comes with a durable weatherproof magnetic case. Yes, that makes placement on a suspect’s vehicle about as easy as it gets. Secondly, the fleet tracking device has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and costs only $39.95. Why is that important? Because it shows you that the tracker device has a good rating, and it is affordable. Although this tracking solution markets itself as both a GPS teen tracking device and a GPS elderly locator for senior drivers, it also works great for police. However, it has one drawback. The battery life is much shorter than the other vehicle tracking systems on this list.

Learn how police used a GPS data logger to solve a murder case.

5 Benefits Of Police GPS Tracking Devices



Improved Officer Safety

Enables real-time tracking for faster emergency responses. Helps monitor fleeing vehicles, reducing liabilities from high-speed chases.

Increased Efficiency

Utilizes GPS to pinpoint nearest officers to crime scenes, significantly enhancing response times and potentially saving lives.

Police Accountability

Monitors officer movements, increasing accountability and transparency. When paired with body cameras, fosters community trust.

Enhanced Crime-Solving

Provides critical data on suspects' movements, aiding in crime-solving efforts. GPS tags operate 24/7, minimizing risks to officers.

Reduced Department Costs

Lowers fuel expenses and improves vehicle maintenance through efficient usage monitoring.

Building Better Community Relations:You’ve witnessed the troubling stories, like those of George Floyd and Sandra Bland. But how can GPS tracking offer a solution? First, GPS trackers increase transparency. As a result, this strengthens trust between you and the police. By revealing officers’ locations and activities in real-time, it ensures they remain accountable. Consequently, this builds a more trusting community relationship.

Police GPS Tracking Vehicles

Police GPS Frequently Asked Questions

The EverLast GPS satellite tracking system is highly favored among law enforcement agencies. Seen as one the best law enforcement GPS trackers, its popularity stems from its durable waterproof casing, extended battery life, and reliable performance across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. This device ensures police agencies can keep track of vehicles or assets around the clock, underlining its value in operational efficiency and safety measures.

Another notable option is the SpaceHawk GPS tracker. Known for its affordability, compact size, and easy attachment to assets, it’s an excellent choice for tracking without drawing attention.

Furthermore, the vehicle-mounted GPS launcher represents a significant advancement in law enforcement technology. Used globally, this device offers a safer and more effective alternative to traditional vehicle pursuits. It allows officers to track vehicles from a distance, reducing the need for high-speed chases and enhancing safety for both the officers and the public.

These tools exemplify the integration of technology in law enforcement practices, aiming to improve safety and efficiency while respecting legal and ethical standards. Whether it’s for tracking suspects or managing police resources, GPS tracking devices have become indispensable in modern policing.

Yes, police generally need a warrant to track your car using GPS. You have a right to privacy in your own vehicle, which is protected under the 4th Amendment. However, there are exceptions, such as when a vehicle is stolen. In such cases, the police can track the car without a warrant, since the thief has no privacy rights in the stolen vehicle.

This requirement for a warrant came into sharper focus following a landmark Supreme Court case in 2012, United States v. Jones. Previously, law enforcement often used GPS trackers without warrants, but the Court’s decision emphasized the necessity of obtaining a warrant to protect individuals’ privacy rights under the 4th Amendment. The ruling made it clear that police must demonstrate probable cause to a judge to secure a warrant for placing GPS tracking devices on vehicles.

This decision underscores the importance of balancing law enforcement needs with individual privacy rights. If you’re concerned about your privacy and law enforcement’s use of GPS tracking, it’s crucial to stay informed about your legal rights and the circumstances under which your vehicle can be tracked.

For more information on the United States vs Jones Case please click here.

The devices vary in form depending on their specific use. For instance, trackers installed in police cruisers are typically hard-wired or connected to the vehicle's OBD2 port, ensuring they remain powered and operational without requiring frequent attention.

In contrast, GPS trackers used for investigative purposes need to be unobtrusive, portable, and versatile. These devices are small, often fitting in the palm of your hand (roughly 1-3 inches in size), and come with waterproof casing to withstand various environments. They're usually equipped with a magnetic case for easy attachment under a vehicle, allowing officers to track a suspect's car discreetly and remotely.

Appearance-wise, a battery-powered portable tracker might be square or rectangular and is designed to be nearly undetectable when placed on a vehicle. An OBD tracker, on the other hand, resembles a plug that fits discreetly under the steering wheel. Both types are wireless, enhancing their versatility and ease of use.

Police GPS Tracker

Final Word

GPS tracking technology offers law enforcement an invaluable tool, enabling officers to efficiently monitor patrol cars and suspect vehicles, thereby bolstering community trust. Should your department be considering the adoption of GPS tracking software for either squad cars or investigative purposes, know that the security experts at GPS Tracker Shop stand ready to assist.

We must acknowledge a critical aspect as we conclude our exploration of the top 5 police GPS tracker products. Some of the products featured in this article are also part of our online inventory. We believe in transparency, which is why we’re disclosing this information to you the reader. However, the evaluations and recommendations presented are grounded in authentic feedback from police departments, detailed online reviews, and an analysis of product features. Our goal is to deliver straightforward, impartial insights. More importantly, we did not receive any compensation for listing the products highlighted in this article.

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