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Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Skid Steer GPS Tracking – Protecting Your Construction Equipment

Are you worried about your expensive construction equipment being stolen on a job site? Maybe you are concerned employees might be using your heavy machinery for side projects. If you want to protect your assets and business interests then there is no better option than a live GPS tracker designed specifically to protect skid steers and other construction equipment. In this article, we will take a look at the top-rated skid steer GPS tracking device, and offer some tips for safeguarding all your construction company assets!

Best GPS For Skid Steer

SpaceHawk Skid Steer GPS Tracker

GPS Asset Tracker


  • Recover Stolen Bobcat, John Deere, Or Skid Steer
  • 3-Year Battery Life
  • Virtual Fencing Alerts For Anti-Theft Security
  • Real Time GPS Tracking On The Job Site
  • Surface Magnet Mount To Hide GPS On Skid Steer Loaders

The first portable GPS tracker engineered specifically to help you protect your skid steers, this mini GPS is everything construction companies could want in an asset recovery solution. Rated the top asset tracking device by GPS Tracking Review, this equipment tracking system can be magnetically attached to any of your assets. That’s right! From mowers to skid-steer loaders, simply attach this battery-powered GPS asset tracker to anything you want to protect and you are all set. 

What makes this skid steer security system better than products on Amazon such as Tracki and the LandAirSea GPS 54 is battery life. With 3+ years of battery life on a single charge, this equipment tracking system will allow you to protect all your valuable assets. Never worry about theft again!

Skid Steer GPS Tracker

Real-Life Examples of Skid Steer GPS Tracking Benefits

A landscaping company in California, ABC Landscaping, experienced a series of thefts of their skid steers and other equipment from job sites. Not only did this cause significant losses in assets and money, but it also delayed work. To tackle the problem, they installed GPS tracking devices on their skid steers. One day, the company’s John Deere skid steer was stolen from a job site. The GPS tracker on the skid steer helped the company and the police locate and recover the machine within hours of the theft. The GPS tracking solution enabled ABC Landscaping to protect its assets, prevent losses, and ensure the timely completion of its projects.

Why Your Construction Company Needs A Skid Steer Security System

Using GPS to protect skid steers and other construction equipment is crucial in the construction industry. Why? Because theft of construction equipment is bigger than a simple common problem. How big is the problem? It is estimated roughly $1 billion worth of equipment is stolen each year. Crazy right? The good news is investing in a skid steer security system can help to prevent theft and improve recovery efforts if the equipment is stolen. Let us explain. 

GPS asset trackers allow you to monitor the location of your equipment in real-time 24/7. This level of security is important when you have multiple pieces of equipment spread out across job sites. You can receive alerts if your equipment is moved outside of a designated area or during non-work hours. This enables you to respond quickly to potential theft and potentially recover stolen equipment before it is lost for good.

Furthermore, live GPS trackers also provide valuable data on engine runtime, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs, which can help you to optimize equipment utilization and improve overall efficiency. In addition, real time GPS trackers can help construction businesses to protect their assets, reduce insurance costs, and minimize downtime due to equipment theft. Therefore, investing in a GPS tracking system for your equipment is a smart move to protect your assets and improve overall fleet management.

12 Easy Tips For Keeping Construction Equipment & Assets Secure 

  1. Establish clear protocols for equipment storage and security, including locking up equipment at the end of each workday and restricting access to equipment storage areas.
  2. Conduct background checks and reference checks on employees and contractors who will have access to equipment and job sites.
  3. Implement regular equipment inspections to detect any signs of tampering or damage that could indicate theft or attempted theft.
  4. Label all equipment and tools with unique identifiers, such as serial numbers or barcodes, to make them easier to identify if they are stolen.
  5. Use security cameras and lighting to deter potential thieves and capture footage of any suspicious activity on job sites.
  6. Train employees on best practices for preventing equipment theft and encourage them to report any suspicious activity or security concerns.
  7. Use physical barriers, such as fences or gates, to restrict access to job sites and equipment storage areas.
  8. Keep an inventory of all equipment and assets, including their location and condition, to make it easier to track them in case of theft.
  9. Regularly review and update your security protocols and equipment tracking technologies to ensure that they remain effective and up-to-date.
  10. Install GPS tracking devices on vehicles and heavy equipment to track their movements in real-time.
  11. Consider using personal GPS trackers for heavy equipment, including skid steer loaders, stump grinders, and other types of equipment.
  12. Implement fleet management and fleet tracking solutions to monitor all of your vehicles and equipment from a centralized location.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Tracked skid steers are not necessarily better but the construction equipment with the best machine control system and grade control systems should be protected from theft. This is why no matter what type of John Deere or bobcat you purchase it would be wise to invest in a skid steer security system for anti-theft protection.

Yes, GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location and movement of your equipment in real-time. Why is this important? Because it makes it easier to recover stolen assets. GPS tracking devices can be installed on skid steer loaders, trailers, and other equipment, allowing you to keep tabs on them at all times.

Yes, GPS trackers for heavy equipment can be very effective in preventing theft. How? GPS devices allow you to monitor the location and movement of your equipment in real-time. This makes it easier to recover any stolen assets 24/7. Also, GPS trackers can help you identify suspicious activity and take steps to prevent theft before it occurs. This is done with an alerting feature called geofencing. 

Yes, John Deere offers a range of GPS tracking and equipment management solutions for its equipment. These systems allow you to monitor equipment location, performance, and maintenance needs in real-time. This really is the best way to help you to optimize equipment utilization and prevent theft.

Yes, John Deere’s GPS tracking and equipment management solutions can be integrated with a range of third-party fleet management systems. This will allow you to monitor and manage all of your vehicles and equipment from a single platform! This integration can help you optimize fleet operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

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