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Fleet Management For Tow Truck Companies

When it comes to tow truck companies’ operations, having the ability to locate or find a Tow Truck Near Me is critical. Being able to quickly determine where a tow truck is located or if the winch is activated gives tow truck company operation managers the ability to better route tow truck drivers to people in need of assistance. This is the reason why so many tow truck companies are now calling upon tow vehicle locators for improving GPS fleet tracking. But what are the best tow truck GPS tracking devices and how can they help a tow truck business?

Best Vehicle Tracking For Towing Companies

Cutting fuel expenses, improving driving behaviors, streamlining maintenance schedules, and providing more accurate arrival times are all reasons tow truck companies invest in truck tracking device solutions. These are also only a handful of features by the popular to truck GPS tracking solution known as SpaceHawk.

Best Tow Truck Fleet Tracking System 2022

gps tracker with kill switchPerformance GPS Fleet Features 

  • Electronic Logs Of Driving History
  • Speed Alerts For Improved Driver Behavior
  • Increased Productivity Via GPS Fleet Management
  • Reduce Fuel Costs By Monitoring Driving Habits
  • Award-Winning Real Time GPS Trackers
  • Covert Equipment Tracking
  • Waterproof GPS Tracker With Magnet Mount

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One of the top-selling tow truck fleet tracking solutions on the market today, Performance GPS can assist any tow truck company in reducing fuel use, increasing theft recovery security, and providing more accurate arrival times to clients in distress. Simply equip the GPS tracker with kill switch on any tow truck then from your iPhone, Android device, or web browser to track your driver(s) 24/7! Performance real time GPS trackers can provide GPS vehicle equipment tracking as fast as every 3 seconds! The best part is the GPS systems have month-to-month data plans, or you can avoid a monthly fee altogether by purchasing data in bulk.

GPS Tracking

Tow Truck GPS Tracking

So why should a tow truck company consider investing in real time GPS tracking devices for fleet vehicle management? First of all, tow truck GPS trackers provide any towing business the ability to:

  • Instantly locate every truck in the field
  • Know how fast each tow truck is driving
  • Record every location a tow truck was parked
  • Determine the length of time each tow truck was stopped
  • Know how often the tow winch was activated

The live GPS tracking data for each tow truck can be viewed as the vehicle is actually in operation or reviewed later to determine if tow truck operators were being as efficient as possible.

Tow Truck Hydraulic Winch Monitoring

One of the most common questions towing companies have is whether or not a tow truck GPS tracking device has the ability to measure PTO so the towing winch can be monitored. By hardwiring a tow truck GPS tracker to the transport vehicle, tow truck managers can determine precisely when a tow truck’s hydraulic winch is up or down. This gives them the unique ability to know if a tow truck in the field is busy.

Tow Truck GPS Tracking

What Is The Best GPS Tracker For Tow Trucks?

The most popular tow truck GPS tracking devices tend to be plug-in GPS trackers that connect to the OBD2 port of a tow truck. The reason this type of live GPS tracker is popular for tow trucks is that the device can pull power directly from the vehicle’s battery, and of course, the device requires no professional installation. However, the best GPS tracker for tow trucks is a product known as the Hawk. Features of this tow truck GPS tracking device include live updates every 30 seconds, simple connection to 12-volt power, PTO sensor, starter disable, and of course the ability to determine if a hydraulic tow winch is up or down.

Truck GPS Tracking Device

Types Of Tow Trucks

  • Flatbed Tow Trucks
  • Hook & Chaing Tow Trucks
  • Wheel Life Tow Trucks
  • Integrated Tow Trucks

GPS Tracking Service Plans For Tow Trucks

How much does a tow truck GPS tracking device cost?

There are two options when it comes to investing in a real time tow truck GPS tracking device. The first option is the plug-in OBD2 tracker that will cost roughly $199.00 and include one year of service (3-minute updates). OBD2 trackers are great for towing operations that simply want to know where their tow truck drivers are located in the field as well as some diagnostic information such as harsh braking and vehicle idling. However, the best GPS tracker for tow trucks will connect to PTO, giving users the ability to know when a hydraulic winch is active. Not to mention, unlock the doors remotely if a tow truck driver accidentally locked their keys in the vehicle. The cost of this type of device (Hawk GPS) would be $199.00 and $14.95 per month for the subscription plan.

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