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Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Motorcycle GPS Trackers – 5 Best For Anti-Theft Security

Nothing beats the freedom of motorcycle riding. But the risk of theft can be a constant concern for riders. Unfortunately, motorcycles are often the target of thieves because bikes can easily be stolen, hidden, and scrapped for parts. Many criminals understand that motorcycles have a ton of value on the black market, but now those thieves are being stopped in their tracks thanks to portable tracking devices that can instantly locate a missing motorcycle. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 5 best motorcycle GPS trackers and address everything you need to know about anti-theft security devices! 

What Is A Motorcycle GPS Tracker?

A motorcycle GPS is a location tracker that uses GPS technology to monitor the movements of your motorcycle in real-time. The portable GPS tracker provides speed and route history, theft alerts, geofencing, and remote ignition control, which are all accessible through a smartphone app. Typically, motorcycle rides invest in tracking systems for antitheft alerts.

LandAirSea – Tracks Your Motorcycles With No Monthly Fees

GPS Tracker


Size: Depth: 2.275  inches Height 0.945 inches

  • Get Unlimited Tracking Data Every 60 Seconds 
  • Receive Alerts The Moment Your Motorcycle Is Moved 
  • Smallest GPS Tracking System For Bikes

LandAirSea is a versatile realtime tracking solution designed for monitoring cars, trucks, and motorcycles. What makes this product stand above other motorcycle trackers such as the SpyTec GL300 and Amcrest GPS, is that it has no monthly subscription! That means you get a full year of accurate and reliable realtime location tracking! Additional awesome features include a waterproof magnetic housing, user-friendly mobile app, and free technical support for life. 

Bottom Line: This is the best overall no monthly fee GPS tracker for motorcycles.

Invoxia – Cellular GPS Tracker That Tracks Your Bike



Size: 4 inches x  1 inches x  0.4 inches

Invoxia cellular GPS tracker is the ultimate sidekick for any motorcycles researching antitheft trackers. With this cutting-edge GPS device, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your motorcycle no matter where you are. How? By tracking your motorcycle’s location in real-time using your smartphone or computer. This location tracking solution stands above both AmericaLoc GL300w and TKStar TK905 GPS tracker systems because it comes with a 2-year subscription included. 

The Invoxia GPS tracker comes equipped with advanced features like theft protection, geofencing, and even remote ignition control. That means if someone tries to make off with your motorcycle, you’ll get an immediate alert and be able to track its location in real-time. With geofencing, you can set up virtual boundaries around your motorcycle and receive alerts if it crosses those boundaries. And if someone tries to hotwire your motorcycle, you can shut it down from your smartphone! Pretty cool right?

Bottom Line: Invoxia is one of the best motorcycle tracking devices for people wanting to avoid subscription fees

Rewire DB2: Hard-Wired Motorcycle GPS Trackers



Size: 5.31 x 2.68 x 0.59 inches

The Rewire DB2 GPS Tracker is a budget-friendly option that comes with plenty of features. The device is easy to install, simply connect it to your motorcycle’s battery and start tracking. You’ll be able to access real-time updates of your motorcycle’s location and view its route history. Additionally, the tracker will send you alerts via text or email if there are any changes in your motorcycle’s status.

The device is supplied preconfigured, so all you have to do is create an account and add your device. The GPSLive platform is user-friendly and offers real-time tracking with Google maps. You can also set up geofencing and receive notifications when your motorcycle enters or leaves a designated area. The device operates on a pay-as-you-go system, with a mobile data plan included for US coverage. The subscription starts at $9.95 a month, and there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

One of the best things about the Rewire DB2 GPS Tracker is how easy it is to install. Simply loosen your motorcycle’s battery terminals, connect the two wires from the tracker, and you’re all set. The tracking device even detects your motorcycle’s ignition status via voltage changes! That way you can track your motorcycle even when you’re not riding it! 

Bottom Line: This 3G GPS locator updates every 5 minutes and is a good hardwired motorcycle solution

Monimoto 7: Best Key Fob Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device 


Size: 2.36 x 0.79 x 3.94 inches

The Monimoto 7 GPS is a must-have for any motorcycle rider. Its compact and discreet design makes it easy to hide on your bike. The water-resistant casing houses a motion detector, GPS tracker, and notification system to alert you if someone is messing with your motorcycle.

The Monimoto 7 GPS system also includes a proximity Key Fob, which must be kept with you when moving your motorcycle. The accompanying app will notify you if the tracker detects movement and activate its GPS tracker if it starts moving. With the app, you’ll receive constant updates on your motorcycle’s location and be able to recover it quickly if it’s stolen.

Bottom Line: Monimoto 7 is the best motorcycle tracking device with Key Fob

Bike Trac – Motorcycle Alerts 


Bike Trac is portable GPS tracker that can do everything to alert you when you have a low battery to tracking your motorcycle. If your bike is moved without the ignition being turned on, you’ll receive an alert. The Secure Operating Centre (SOC) will be notified and will reach out to you via call, text, email, and push notification (if you have the app installed). After confirming the theft, Bike Trac will begin actively tracking your bike while you report it to the police. Pretty cool right?

In addition to keeping your bike secure, Bike Trac also offers added benefits. You can monitor your bike’s location 24/7 via the mobile app. View your journeys, which can be downloaded as GPX format. If you have an accident, a third party of your choice will be alerted. Even if your bike gets knocked over, you’ll receive a notification. Another rad feature is if the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold, you’ll receive an alert. You can temporarily disable alerts if the bike is being transported or at a dealer. The unit can be transferred from bike to bike or sold, but the subscriptions are non-transferable.

5 Theft Prevention Tips Every Motorcycle Rider Needs To Know 

  1. Lock it Up: Always secure your motorcycle with a strong, durable lock, such as a U-lock or chain lock, to deter thieves. Additionally, lock your motorcycle to a solid, immovable object such as a bike rack or pole.
  2. Park in Safe Areas: When parking your motorcycle, choose well-lit, populated areas. Avoid parking in dark, secluded areas where thieves may be more likely to target your motorcycle.
  3. Use a Cover: Invest in a high-quality motorcycle cover to protect your motorcycle from the elements and from prying eyes. A cover can also make your motorcycle less noticeable to potential thieves.
  4. Use an Alarm: Consider installing a motorcycle alarm to deter thieves and alert you if someone tries to tamper with your motorcycle. Some alarms also have an immobilizer feature that will prevent the motorcycle from starting if someone tries to steal it.
  5. Invest In A Portable GPS Tracker: Motorcycles GPS trackers provide live tracking that can give you the exact location of your bike if it is stolen. Some of the most popular ones on Amazon include Amcrest GPS GL300, Spy Tec GPS GL300, and PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker. 

Motorcycle GPS tracker

9 Interesting Facts About Motorcycle Theft

  1. The highest rate of motorcycle theft occurs in metropolitan area.
  2. California has the highest number of motorcycle thefts in the United States, with over 10,000 reported cases in 2019.
  3. Summer months see the highest rates of motorcycle theft.
  4. Sport bikes are the most commonly stolen type of motorcycle due to their resale value.
  5. Many motorcycle thieves are organized and professional. They target high-end bikes and will ship them out of the country to be sold on the black market.
  6. Motorcycles can be stolen in seconds, with thieves using bolt cutters or power tools to break any security locks. 
  7. Many motorcycle owners don’t have comprehensive theft insurance, and are not prepared to handle the financial burden of replacing a stolen motorcycle.
  8. The use of motorcycle GPS tracking devices, alarm systems, and locking devices can significantly reduce the risk of motorcycle theft. More importantly, they can help you recover stolen bikes quickly. 
  9. Police have increased efforts to combat motorcycle theft, collaborating with the motorcycle community to track down stolen bikes. 

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Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers – Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Motorcycle GPS Tracker With No Subscription?

Yes! The LandAirSea GPS 54 is a top-rated tracker for motorcycles that has no monthly subscription fee! The personal GPS was engineered with a rugged and waterproof design that can withstand harsh weather conditions and only costs $269.00. The compact size makes it perfect for theft prevention, and the GPS locator can easily be mounted anywhere on your motorcycle. With its powerful magnet mount and free year of realtime GPS, the LandAirSea 54 is the best choice for motorcycle riders looking for a reliable GPS tracking solution with no monthly fee!

How Bad Is Motorcycle Theft In The United States?

The easiest way to find the latest motorcycle theft statistic is being visiting the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website. According the NICB, over 46,000 motorcycles were reported stolen in the United States in 2019. Motorcycle theft peaked in the Summer months of July, August, and September, which also happens to be the time most motorcycle riders hit the road. However, the most alarming statistic is that when a motorcycle gets stolen the recovery rate is only 30%! This is significantly less than the 60% recovery rate when a car is stolen. Not to mention, many of the motorcycles that are recovered are often damaged or have had parts stolen from them.

Can I Use An Apple AirTag To Track My Motorbike?

The Apple AirTag was designed for use with personal items such as keys, wallets, and backpacks. The Apple AirTag was not designed for use with motorcycles. However, you technically could use an AirTag to get a real time location update on your motorbike. But you should know that the Apple AirTag was not designed to withstand the harsh conditions that motorcycles are often exposed to, such as rain, dust, and vibration. Dedicated realtime GPS tracking devices are a better option if you are looking for something that tracks your motorcycles 24/7.

What You Should Know Before Buying A GPS Tracker For Motorcycle 
  • Purpose: Why you need a GPS tracker for your motorcycle? Are you looking for real-time tracking, route planning, or theft protection? When you know the purpose for buying you can more easily choose the best GPS tracking system for you. 
  • Real GPS Tracking: Make sure the device you select has real-time tracking capabilities, and updates every  five seconds. This helps you quickly recover your bike if it is stolen. 
  • Battery Power: Look for a GPS device with a long battery life or one that can be hardwired into the motorcycle’s electrical system.
  • Water Resistance: If you frequently ride in inclement weather, make sure the device you select is water-resistant or waterproof.
  • Mounting Options: Some motorcycle GPS trackers can be attached directly to the bike, while others can be placed in a backpack or luggage.
  • Price: GPS trackers can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Determine your budget and look for a device that meets your needs within that budget.
  • Compatibility: If you have other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, make sure the motorcycle GPS tracker you select is compatible with them.
  • Subscription Plans & Fees: Some motorcycle GPS trackers require a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access their services. Make sure you are aware of any additional costs beyond the initial purchase price.
  • Customer Support: Make sure the company behind the GPS tracker provides good technical support in case you need help. 

Please note that each device mentioned in this article can provide the accurate location of your motorcycle.  GPS Tracker Shop did not receive any compensation for mentioning any products. Most importantly, this is simply a list, not a ranking of each personal GPS tracker. We encourage you to learn more about the motorcycle alarm solutions mentioned in this article before purchasing. 

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