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Can I Teach My Son To Drive In a Parking Lot

Can I Practice Driving With My Son In A Parking Lot?

Essential Skills: Teaching Your Child To Drive

Practice makes perfect with everything in life, but when it comes teen driving it is important for parents to begin teaching safe driving in a location such as an empty parking lot. The reason is that even with a solid parents guide to teaching driving and the most patient parenting, teenagers still need an environment that is low stress to practice driving. That means parents must first locate a church parking lot, or do an online search for, “Open parking lots to practice driving near me” and then make sure the environment is safe, clear, and legal to practice driving. Then it is just a matter of teens putting in the hours, parents communicating the right way to operate a motor vehicle, and time to sharpen those skills. However, once those parking lot skills have progressed it then comes time to transition to the road. This is when it is important for parents to monitor the driving lessons learned in parking lots with teen GPS trackers.

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Teenage Driving Monitoring Devices For Students

Learning To Drive: Parent Taught Drivers

Open parking lots to practice driving are step one when it comes to teaching teens to drive, but step two is when teens take those driving skills on the road. Driving on the highway involves a totally different set of advanced skills than parking lot driving environment. This is when a teen GPS tracker can be helpful in monitoring safe driving practices among students learning the rules of the road. Imagine your teenage son just got his driver’s license. He passed his driving test, always performed well on driver courses, obeys traffic laws, will check blind spots, and from every conceivable metric drives the car like an experienced motorist. However, you’re still overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling of worry. The thought of your teen driving a vehicle with music blasting, friends hanging out and phone binging away with text messages is making your hands get a little sweaty. Don’t worry because those feelings of anxiety are totally normal for any concerned parent, but those feelings of worry are also becoming alleviated considerably thanks in large part to GPS vehicle tracking devices the can provide information such as how fast a teen is driving and where they are going.

Best GPS Tracker For Teen Driving Safety 2023

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Live GPS Tracker

Test Of Essential Driving

GPS Tracking Monitors Essential Driving Skills Such As Driving At A Safe Speed

GPS trackers are small compact devices that can be attached to the vehicle of a teen driver. What these teen GPS trackers will do is calculate every speed a teen is operating their automobile at and all of the places that teen has traveled. The GPS tracking data can be used by any parent to determine if their teen is driving at dangerously high rates of speed or visiting places they should not be visiting. Depending on the type of vehicle monitoring device purchased, the driving activity can be reviewed either by taking the GPS tracker off the teen’s vehicle and downloading the data to a computer or accessed in real-time with the assistance of a web-enabled device. Most parents typically prefer the use of real-time tracking devices so they can view teen driving activity right from their smartphones.

Teaching Your Kids To Drive And Observing Driving

Teen GPS Tracking Devices For Safe Driving

Parents who choose to move forward with a vehicle management solution designed to observe teen driving will quickly discover a market saturated with different forms of GPS trackers. The most cost-effective option of the tracker is what is known as a no monthly fee GPS tracker or data logger. Since GPS data loggers do not send information the hardware is more affordable and the device requires no monthly service plans. However, the most obvious drawback to data loggers is their inability to operate in real-time. That means a person cannot see a vehicle they are monitoring while it is in motion, but rather have to remove the device after the travel to review historical activity. Real-time GPS trackers are another form of teen vehicle tracking device, but instead of the user needing to download the data to see what a teen is doing they can view the GPS tracking data as its happening!

Real-time GPS trackers are more expensive than data loggers and also require a monthly data plan for service, but for parents wanting instant access to how their teen is driving, they are the best option. However, providing parents with instant access to the driving activity of their teens is only part of what real-time GPS systems can offer. This is because when a parent equips a real-time device to the automobile their teen drives it will also provide automotive theft security, a way to alert a parent if the vehicle exceeds a pre-set safe driving speed, and more! Parents everywhere will always be provided with a little sense of additional worry the moment the state provides their teen with a driver’s license. It is completely natural for parents to feel this way about their children no matter what age they are. The good news is that with GPS tracking that parents can do something a little more to enhance teen safety.

Places To Teach Your Kid How To Drive

Open parking lots are a great place to teach your teenage son or daughter how to drive. After driving skills have been sharpened in parking lots it is important to choose easy roads with clear visibility and slow speed limits. And finally, once a teen has acquired their driver’s license and ready to drive on their own, parents should look into teen GPS trackers to continue monitoring driving activity to be certain that a teen is driving safely.