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Can You Disable a Car Tracking Device?

How Do You Disable A Car Tracker?

How To Defeat a GPS Tracking Device

Before we begin discussing in detail the different ways to disable a car tracking device it is important to know that if you believe a GPS car tracker is on your car you can get more information where it might be hidden by clicking here. Now let’s get into the topic of car GPS trackers, locating the GPS, and counter-surveillance tools that can help you disable the car tracker!

Can you disable a car tracking device? The answer is yes! But the way you go about disabling or defeating a vehicle tracking system from working totally depends on the type of tracker the device is. For example, GPS locators that are connected to a car via the OBD2 port can simply be removed from the onboard diagnostic port and the system will shut down. This reason is that OBD2 tracking devices are not designed with internal batteries so the moment they are removed from the power source they can no longer transmit real time GPS tracking positions. However, if a car dealership installed the device to the 12-volt system for the purposes of repo it could require a professional installer to scan the vehicle to locate a GPS tracking units’ placement.

Disable GPS Tracking Device

Disabling a GPS tracking device that is connected to the OBD2 port is easy, but what about other types of live GPS tracking systems? The answer is it simply depends on the style of the car tracker. For example, many GPS fleet management solutions are hard-wired by a professional installation team that can properly mount and connect the vehicle tracking system to 12-volt power. Sometimes this is done behind the car stereo, under the steering column, or maybe behind the glovebox. Another factor is whether or not the car tracking device is wireless or requires an antenna to run outside the vehicle. In these circumstances, you are really going to need to seek professional assistance to disable the GPS tracking device.

Disabling A Hidden GPS Tracker

When it comes to disabling a hidden GPS tracker the only option is to locate the car tracking device and remove it from the automobile. And that means you are probably gonna have to get a little dirty. This is because many vehicle tracking devices can be hidden in very covert placements on a truck or car, including the undercarriage, glovebox, or under a seat. If you are convinced there is a tracking device on your car and it is hidden somewhere you can not visibly see then the best option is to invest in a bug sweeper that can pick up the signals emitting from a real time GPS tracker.

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