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Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Where Is a GPS Tracking Device Installed On a Car

Where Are GPS Tracking Devices Placed On Cars?

Is There A Tracker In Your Car? Let’s Find it!

GPS trackers can be used for an assortment of functions from monitoring teen driving activity to the orchestration of massive fleet management operations. They are highly sophisticated observation tools that can increase safety, productivity, and efficiency. One of the great things about modern GPS vehicle tracking devices is that they offer users an assortment of placement options. People interested in using GPS tracking technology often have questions regarding, “How to detect a GPS tracking device on my car”. This article was created to inform people of the good, bad, and unique spots to hide a GPS tracker on a vehicle, as well as helpful tips for those who want to find a GPS tracker on their car!

Where Would you Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car?

Best Places To Hide A GPS Tracker 

GPS tracking devices are much different than navigation systems when it comes to antenna design. This is because most placement options for navigation units tend to be the front windshield where the user can easily view the GPS data, and the GPS has a clear line of sight to the sky. Although modern GPS car trackers such as the Driving Activity Reporter can be placed in a variety of locations, the front or rear dashboard are probably the two best placement options. Other placement options for a GPS device considered above satisfactory include:

  • Under the vehicle (depending on the quality of the GPS tracker)
  • Inside the glove box of a vehicle
  • Behind a seat in one of the pouch compartments
  • Inside the center console of the automobile
  • Near the spare tire

Hidden GPS Tracker

If you believe there is a car GPS tracker hidden on your automobile consider investing in an electronic sweeper that can pick up real time tracking signals transmitted from the GPS tracker installed on your vehicle. If you can’t afford a bug detector that can locate a GPS tracking system we would encourage you to seek professional help from local law enforcement or an installation team that can inspect the exterior, interior, OBDii ports, and other spots vehicle GPS tracking devices might be hidden.

Worst Place To Hide A GPS Tracker 

Although there are a number of great placement locations inside a vehicle that will provide above the satisfactory line of sight and GPS signal acquisition there are also some placement options that would be deemed less than satisfactory and can, therefore, result in poor reception and inaccurate data. One of the most common questions people investing in GPS tracking hardware ask is if they can place the tracker inside the trunk of the target vehicle. Although some makes and models of vehicles have been shown to provide satisfactory GPS signals in this location the general rule is to not place the tracker there. When a GPS tracking device is surrounded by metal or concrete it will not be able to grab onto the low-level radio signals transmitted from the satellites in the sky and that can not only provide inaccurate data but also drain the battery life of the device. When using any GPS tracker covertly the best thing to do if possible is to put it in the hidden location and then test the tracking device to make sure the data is accurate and reads clearly.

For additional details regarding the best way to secretly track a vehicle please click here.

I Found a GPS Tracker in My Car [Now What?]

Safety And Security Matters

Satellite technology provides the global community with a number of benefits that most people simply could not imagine living without. Not long ago in the not too distant past, people used to write directions on a piece of paper if they wanted to travel somewhere in an unfamiliar location. Now, people simply type in an address using a program such as Google Maps or Google Earth to navigate them to their destination of choice. They can even search hotels, gas stations, and restaurants using apps that rely on GPS tracking. Although GPS provides a wealth of benefits and positives, the technology can be used maliciously by stalkers, disgruntled lovers, and others. In an effort to promote the safe and responsible use of GPS vehicle tracking technology, here are some helpful tips for anyone who believes that there is a tracker in their car.

Typically, the question presented above is not asked without some sort of background. For example, a person would probably not think that there is a tracker on their car unless maybe a romantic relationship recently ended on bad terms, or a company manager may have hinted about a new fleet management plan that would result in driver automobiles being monitored. Regardless, once somebody has the belief that there is a GPS tracker on their vehicle, they should investigate the matter to determine if they may legally or illegally be under electronic surveillance. They should also scan their vehicle in detail to be certain that a hidden GPS tracker is not on the vehicle.

How Do I Find a Tracker on My Car?

Once a person suspects that there is a tracker on their car they need to go through the process of scanning their vehicle for an electronic tracking device. Although this may sound like a complicated procedure, searching for a GPS tracker is a relatively easy thing to do. First of all, the person suspecting there is a tracker on their vehicle should thoroughly clean their car to make the scanning process easier. Once the car is cleaned entirely, the person can begin their search by checking the vehicle in the most common places GPS trackers are usually hidden. These places include the glove box of the vehicle, on-board diagnostic port, inside the center console, under one of the drivers or passenger seats, underneath the vehicle, or hard-wire connected to the automobile in some format inside the dash. Many automobile mechanics can also perform a sweep of the vehicle to look for a potential hidden GPS tracker. Obviously, if you are a person who feels threatened in any way and believes that a past lover, former employee, or some other potential threat could be using a GPS car tracker then it is important to get assistance right away! That means informing local law enforcement and explaining your particular situation and concerns. Police are quite familiar with the use of GPS technology so they can certainly answer any questions and provide the appropriate level of assistance.

Where to Buy a GPS For a Car

Finding a GPS tracker for purchase is not as simple as going down to the local retail outlet and visiting the electronics section of the store. GPS tracking devices are specialty items, often categorized as surveillance technology (alongside keystroke loggers and hidden camera equipment), making them a little more difficult to find. Not to mention, there are so many different features of GPS trackers, with some operating in real-time and others being GPS data loggers, that it really takes a vehicle tracking specialist or fleet management expert to help consumers identify the monitoring solution best fit for their particular GPS tracking application. That is why people trying to figure out where to buy a GPS tracking device should contact the sales associates at GPS Tracker Shop.

GPS Tracker Shop has staff employed who understand the needs of concerned parents wanting to track teen driving behaviors, or companies seeking to oversee employee driving habits. They understand that each user requires a different GPS tracker for a different reason. They also have years of experience working with satellite monitoring technology and consumers requiring a reliable vehicle management solution.

“Our GPS experts have worked with companies and consumers to safeguard automotive assets and improve safety for years, and it has been our hand’s on approach to dealing with each client’s monitoring needs at the individual level that has helped our business sustain growth”, explained a GPS Tracker Shop associate. “We take pride in troubleshooting with customers to find the best possible GPS vehicle tracker or personal GPS tracker available for that person or business.”