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GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower

Protect Your John Deere – GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower Security

Are you constantly worried about the security of your expensive lawn mower? You’re not alone. With a rise in equipment theft, it’s time to arm yourself with an effective solution: a GPS tracker for lawn mower. This compact yet powerful device provides the peace of mind you’ve been seeking. It pinpoints your equipment’s exact location, anywhere, anytime. Offering real-time updates, it’s your trusty sentry, alerting you at the first sign of trouble. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about GPS tracking lawn mower equipment for your landscaping business. Let’s go!

Best GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower

GPS Tracker


  • Mini GPS Tracker With No Subscription Fees
  • Use For Bot Landscaping & Construction Equipment Tracking
  • Rated #1 For Mower Tracking 

LandAirSea is the first GPS mower tracker and vehicle tracker designed to secure all your assets. Yes, LandAirSea is a waterproof GPS that will help you safeguard every asset for your landscaping company. This real time GPS tracker has no monthly fees, a powerful magnetic mount, and is battery-powered. That means you can place the GPS mower tracker on anything from work trucks to riding mowers. If you want to make sure your assets are secure, LandAirSea is the lawn care asset tracker for you!





  • No monthly fee (1st year)

  • Powerful magnetic mount

  • Waterproof & stealthy

  • Unlimited minute-by-minute updates

  • Lifetime historical data

  • Subscription: Free for 1st year

  • Reporting: Minute-by-minute

  • Design: Waterproof, magnetic, stealthy

  • Support: Award-winning, free

  • Use Cases: Safety, surveillance

As of 3/15/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • No subscription fees for cost savings.

  • Waterproof for outdoor equipment tracking.

  • Powerful magnetic mount for secure attachment.

  • Battery requires periodic recharging or replacement.

  • May not have real-time tracking without fees.

  • Limited to no details on battery life span.

GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower

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Recovering Stolen Mowers: The Role of GPS Tracking Devices

Implementing a GPS tracking solution can greatly assist landscaping businesses in recovering stolen mowers. In this section, we will share a step-by-step breakdown on how it all works for your landscaping business:

  1. Install GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices: Equip your mowers with real time GPS trackers. This step ensures every piece of your fleet is traceable, enhancing asset tracking and fleet management.
  2. Monitor in Real-time: Use the tracking solution to monitor your equipment in real time. This allows you to be aware of your mowers’ locations at all times, improving your fleet performance.
  3. Receive Alerts: Set up the GPS tracking device to send alerts for any unauthorized movement. This feature notifies you the moment a theft occurs, allowing for swift action.
  4. Track Stolen Mower: In the event of theft, use the GPS tracking for landscaping to locate your mower. The tracker provides precise GPS vehicle tracking, pinpointing the stolen mower’s location.
  5. Contact Law Enforcement: Immediately report the theft to law enforcement, providing them with the GPS asset tracking information. This critical data enhances their chances of recovering your stolen equipment.
  6. Asset Recovery: With the help of law enforcement and your tracking system, there’s a high chance of recovering your stolen mower. This process underscores the importance of GPS tracking systems in safeguarding your business assets.

By integrating GPS vehicle tracking devices in your fleet management plan, you arm your business with a powerful tool. This aids not only in the swift recovery of stolen mowers but also in improving the overall security of your landscaping operations.


  • Global Real-Time: See anything anywhere with 4G + 3 bands (worldwide SIM included).

  • Tiny & Tough: Discreet 1.8oz device with strong magnet and waterproof case.

  • Long Battery Life: Up to 60 days, with options for even longer (sold separately).






  • Unlimited distance tracking

  • Multimodal coverage

  • Durable and compact

  • Live customer support

  • Versatile usage

  • Size: 1.8x1.6x0.7in, 1.26 oz

  • Battery Life: 2-5 days, 60 days saver

  • Subscription: Starts at $9.95/month

  • Technology: 4G LTE, 3G, 2G

  • Extras: Waterproof cover, magnet, lanyard

As of 3/14/2024

4.1 Stars | 44,827 Ratings



  • Live customer support available 24/7.

  • Offers up to 5 years of location history.

  • Small and lightweight, easy to hide or attach.

  • Subscription required: $19.95/month or lower for long-term.

  • Battery life varies, 2-5 days on standard mode.

  • Requires AT&T or T-Mobile coverage in the USA.


Positive Review Review - December 29, 2023

So, as a result of flight delays and nearly missing a flight from Charles DeGaulle Airport to Nantes, Our luggage was missing in Nantes. We had to then board a train to Angers to meet up with our fellow travelers. The luggage did not follow us in a timely manner, and it still had not arrived before we left Angers. Using Tracki, we located the luggage in storage at a shipping outlet for the airline. Our guide hired a taxi to go there and pick it up for us. It was great as Tracki gave us an exact location and did not rely upon other cell phones in the area to provide us the information (like Air Tags do). The battery also lasted about 4 days. Great experience! I won't travel without it.

James Mock

Negative Review Review -November 17, 2023

I purchased my GPS tracker through Amazon because it looked kind of cool. The biggest mistake of my life. The device was inexpensive, but you’re locked into paying “Tracking” $19.95 for life. I’ve done everything humanly possible to get “Tracking” to suspend and delete my account for a device I’ve never used once. Multiple emails and telephone calls, putting blocks on my credit card; they refuse to listen to the customer and refuse to honor your wishes. I don’t know what to do anymore, short of hiring an attorney to sue "Tracking." I just don’t have the time for this drama.

Rising Lawn Mower Theft: Securing Your Assets With GPS Tracking

Understanding lawn mower theft is crucial for any landscaping business. According to a nationwide report in the United States, the larceny-theft rate in 2020 was 1,398 per 100,000 inhabitants. Translated, this implies a 1.39% chance that any citizen will have personal property stolen.

You may wonder why lawnmowers. Their portability and high value make them appealing targets. Plus, stolen equipment often ends up in black markets, further fueling this illicit trade. It’s a grim scenario, isn’t it? But there’s a way you can protect your valuable assets.

Investing in a GPS tracker for lawn mower equipment is a smart, proactive measure. This powerful device helps you monitor your equipment’s whereabouts, safeguarding them from theft. In an era of increasing lawn mower theft, GPS trackers provide a beacon of security. Stay one step ahead and safeguard your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Investing in a GPS tracker for your lawn mower not only helps in securing your valuable equipment but also improves your fleet management. With a GPS device, you’re not only tracking a mower but effectively managing your entire fleet of landscaping equipment. This can result in increased efficiency and improved fleet performance.

Yes, indeed! GPS tracking devices are exceptionally effective in recovering stolen equipment. If your mower or any other landscaping equipment goes missing, real-time GPS tracking can lead authorities directly to its location. According to Linxup GPS, numerous customers have successfully recovered their assets thanks to their mower tracking devices.

It’s all about asset protection and efficiency. With the rising incidents of stolen equipment, having a mini GPS tracker for your lawn equipment becomes a crucial measure. Brands like SpaceHawk GPS offer realtime GPS tracking, enabling you to swiftly react in case of theft. Additionally, the GPS asset tracking systems can lead to improved job site efficiency. How? By allowing you to monitor the usage and location of each piece of equipment.

Yes, many GPS devices, such as a SpaceHawk GPS, are waterproof. This feature allows the device to function reliably even under harsh weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor equipment tracking, including lawnmowers and construction equipment tracking.

Stolen equipment is a rising concern for many job sites. The good news, GPS vehicle tracking devices can aid in mitigating this risk! They provide realtime GPS tracking, alerting you of any unexpected movement, making it an essential security tool for your assets.

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