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When most families or businesses invest in real-time GPS tracker technology they intend on using the monitoring devices for years. Whether the vehicle tracker application be anything from helping a parent identify where their teenage driver is going, to simply providing an additional layer of automotive theft security, deciding on the power source for the GPS tracker is crucial. This is because some users prefer to be covert when GPS tracking a vehicle whereas as others opt for a hard-wire solution. For businesses and consumers looking for a GPS tracker that doesn’t need charging the type of device that is best is a solution that connects to the OBD port.

OBD2 port trackers are widely recognized as one of the premier real-time GPS trackers available on the market because they provide live updates without requiring any charging. This will allow businesses to never worry about battery-life, as the GPS tracker will pull power directly from the car battery. The OBD2 GPS tracking option tends to be popular among companies seeking a fleet management surveillance solution, families worried about the driving habits of a senior citizen, or individual looking to enhance auto-theft prevention efforts. The reason is because the  simple plug and play connection does not require any wiring of any kind. This is because the GPS tracker connects directly into the OBD2 port of the target vehicle and will then pull power from the car. GPS tracking data is then accessible online and will provide users the ability to track a vehicle in real-time.

Best GPS Tracker That Doesn’t Need Charging

One of the top-selling GPS trackers that do not require charging is a product called Sync. A real-time GPS tracker designed to pull power directly from a vehicle via the on board diagnostic computer port of a automobile, the Sync GPS was created to provide companies the asset management solutions required to boost the efficiency of their workforce. Through reduction of fuel consumption, increase in oversight of mobile assets and auto-theft security protection, the Sync Tracker is tremendous in helping companies maximize their production and service efforts. Skeptics may claim the representation of product description by the distribution company may not hold much merit, but that is the reason for impartial gadget review websites. One of the most respected review sites of GPS hardware and system operation is called GPS Tracking Review, and the review site recently published a comprehensive evaluation of the Sync Tracker.

GPS Tracker Reviews

When the evaluators at GPS Tracking Review began testing the Sync GPS based upon the claims made by the manufacturer, the review site determined that the on board diagnostics fleet management system lived up to the hype surrounding the device. The review site validated that the Sync GPS would hold snug onto the on board diagnostics computer port system of an automobile, that the online interface utilizing Google Earth was extremely operator-friendly, alarm notifications triggered with accuracy and of course that the vehicle tracker data was pinpoint reliable. The conclusion made by GPS Tracking Review was that the Sync GPS was an ideal monitoring solution for businesses seeking a fleet management device that was both affordable and reliable. The review site also added that the tracking device was so user-friendly that it could easily be used by everyday consumers for a variety of personal GPS tracking applications such as teen tracking.

With a top-rating behind 5 stars, GPS Tracking Review gave Sync GPS 4.5 stars. Those who want to check out the complete and comprehensive review on the Sync tracker can click here to read a more extensive breakdown of the system features.