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gps tracking device for international travel

GPS Tracking Device For International Travel

International GPS Tracker

The global community has become more interconnected than ever before with the help of telecommunications and Internet service providers. People can now grab their smartphones and can call essentially anywhere in the world, or go online and purchase a product from China, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else an international shipping company operates. Although the world is smaller today than it has ever been in the history of mankind, traveling abroad still presents a number of dangers. This is the reason why many wanderlusts and adventure seekers are turning to GPS tracking devices for international travel in an attempt to stay connected with loved ones and record travels for personal safety.


International GPS Without Subscription

One of the primary reasons why families or anyone traveling abroad invest in GPS data loggers over real-time personal GPS tracking devices is because data loggers offer users a global footprint in terms of monitoring capabilities. Since data loggers are not engineered with cellular data modules, cellular towers are not necessary for data transfer. This is because data transfer is done manually by the end-user.

“GPS data loggers simply receive low-level radio frequencies from satellites and log the positional data, therefore they can record anywhere, even locations where Internet and cellular services are not available”, explained an international personal tracking specialist at GPS Tracker Shop. “Passive tracking devices offer more battery-life and can function anywhere in the world, making them extremely popular among consumers in locations throughout the globe”.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing to invest in a GPS data logger is the traveler does not have to pay any monthly service fees for service! Throw in the fact that a data logger also lasts longer due to the extended battery life from not needing to transmit locational data and it is easy to see why so many international travelers choose this type of tracking device when going overseas.

Personal GPS Tracker International Travel

The world is structured in a way that boundaries divide countries. In the cellular communication world, these boundaries can be hurdles for those wanting to use their mobile communication devices or personal GPS trackers internationally. Although international borders can present a number of challenges for systems operating off telematics networks, there are international real-time GPS tracking solutions that can operate in 100+ nations available for global consumers seeking a personal GPS tracker for international travel.

One of the most popular personal GPS trackers for international travel is a pocket-sized, live tracking device called SpaceHawk. Since all real-time monitoring trackers require the presence of a cellular data module to send GPS locational data, it is vital to have the tracker operate in a region where cellular coverage is available. However, many countries have different cellular companies providing telecommunications services. SpaceHawk GPS resolves this problem by working directly with the local telecommunications company in the region where the international GPS tracker is designated to operate. All the user is required to do is provide GPS Tracker Shop with what country the international GPS tracking device will be operating in, and the company will program the SpaceHawk to connect to that countries’ telematics networks!

Those seeking a GPS tracking device that works internationally need to look no further than the SpaceHawk that offers international coverage for those seeking a real-time GPS tracking solution! Please note that data plans may vary depending on what country the real-time GPS tracker will be used in. Roaming data plans are also available for those who frequently travel abroad.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Person Traveling 

Since the debut of the SpaceHawk roughly two years ago, consumers from all over the globe have been investing in the personal monitoring solution for international travel. This is because the personal GPS tracker provides real-time locational information on whoever is wearing the device, wherever they are located. Personal GPS tracking data can help parents keep tabs on their wandering children, families safely monitor elderly loved ones and more.

Personal GPS For Mexico, USA & Canada 

Engineered to promote safety or people traveling internationally, SpaceHawk allows anyone to have live access to the locational information of another. Whether it be the need to monitor a typical child, special needs child, senior citizen, or someone else, the pocket-sized personal GPS tracker will get the job done. With an assortment of safety features that includes geo-fencing, real-time tracking, and more, the SpaceHawk will instantly send out an alert if a person is in need of assistance. Personal safety is a top priority of everybody, but especially when it comes to family and other loved ones trailing overseas. That is what makes the personal tracking device such a unique technological tool, it gives families more oversight and the ability to safeguard their loved ones.