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My Boyfriend Put A Tracker On My Car

Boyfriend Put GPS On My Vehicle

What You Need To Do If You Find A Hidden GPS Tracker On Your Car

Imagine cleaning your vehicle and then stumbling across a GPS tracking device. Naturally, the feeling of anger would flood your body and of course, the question, “Who put this hidden GPS tracker in my car?”. For many women, this is a reality as paranoid boyfriends all across the country frequently GPS tracking technology to spy on their girlfriends. If you found a tracking device in your car and suspect your boyfriend might be spying on you, here are some helpful tips on what you should do next!

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Where Would My Boyrfriend Put A GPS Tracker?

If you suspect your boyfriend (or ex-partner) might be spying on you the first thing you need to do is find out if he put a tracking device on your car. That means you need to scan your vehicle for some of the popular spots most men hide GPS vehicle trackers on their girlfriend’s cars. If you asked yourself, “Where would my boyfriend put a GPS in the car?” here is where you need to check:

  • Underneath your car
  • Inside your vehicle’s glovebox 
  • Stuffed inside a seat 
  • Beneath the driver or passenger seats
  • The OBD2 port (Click here to find out where this is on your car)

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Boyfriend Is Tracking Me

If you searched in the following spots mentioned above and found a GPS tracker there is a very good chance your boyfriend is tracking you. But before you let paranoia fill your mind it is important to do a little investigative work. That means removing the tracker from the car and looking at the device to find a serial number or any identifying information that could help you determine who the manufacturer of the product is. With a serial number, you can call the manufacturer or reseller and find out who purchased the device. This information can then be relayed to local law enforcement who can determine if any laws were broken or privacy rights infringed upon.

Some of the most popular resellers of GPS tracking equipment are BrickHouse Security, LandAirSea, GPS TrackIt, Tracki, and SpyTec.

Illegal To Put A GPS Tracker On Girlfriend’s Car?

Once you have found the tracker, discovered who made the device, figure out your boyfriend was the one who purchased the tracker, and contacted law enforcement to file a complaint, you might be surprised about the GPS tracking laws. Is it illegal for a boyfriend to put a GPS tracker on his girlfriend’s car? The answer is it depends on a lot of factors. First of all, what state do you live in, who owns the vehicle, and whether or not the tracker is placed inside or outside of the vehicle? This is the reason you need to speak with the police in the area you live, as well as an attorney who has some experience in stalking and/or privacy rights cases.

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